Sunday, September 04, 2005

In a few hours, I'll be turning TWENTY already. I'm a bit excited and all but I'm neither frightened of anything nor conscious of my age, unlike Brent whom at his last birthday made a fuss on how he's going to turn 20 already or something like that.

So anyway, I still feel that its a big deal to finally count what Ive earned, lessons that Ive encountered for the past 19 years. Let's just see how much I could afford to scribble.


*Ive been blessed with an almost perfect family. Since the day I was born, I was never ever deprived of my childhood. My dad would buy me gifts and although he couldn't always be there for me, I finally learned that he did all that for us. And sometimes, I would get mad at my mom for being strict but then she still show us how she cares for us.

*I made a whole lot of friends during elementary, high school and especially now that I'm in college. And luckily, the ones from my childhood are still there for me.

*I've been able to experience the feeling of love and be loved. I had good and not-so-good boyfriends, I had dates (although shempre patago!) and never did I pay once for a date. I dont know if I'm just lucky or something but at least I didn't look like desperate for a date or something.

*Everytime something bad would happen, my instincts would tell me the right things to do. And I never underestimate my power towards that feeling.

*I've been to a lot of places already, attended plays, visited lots of museums, watched movies, and made music a big part of my life.

*I've been blessed with a voice that is fair enough for me to call a talent. And it amazed a lot of people already.

*My parents let me take the course and school I'm attending now. They have been supportive although we all know that writing is a tough profession to be in.

*Although there are tough times, I was still able to make up for it.

*I've been able to read a lot of books since I was young. And my mom encourages me to do so. From fairy tales to Sweet Valley, Archie comics and now, novels

*The feeling that I could always count on my friends and would stay with me in good or bad times.

*That even though I had this addiction on Candymags, my mom never burned a single copy of it.

*When I refuse or wanted to cry but feel as if I cannot, the sky would always cry for me.

*Even if there are a lot of pressures in this world, I could be able to relax watching movies with friends or with my family.

*That I finally believed in the phrase "TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS"

*I've been able to meet popular personalities, people who are not famous but has a lot to offer, and ordinary people who would forever change my life and my perspective.

*Although I have been turned down by a lot of people or have been accused of things that I'm not really capable of doing, I would always stay strong and believe in myself.

*God gave me lots of confidence to be what I really want.

*I was never hated by anyone unless its necessary. Anyway, I don't have anything to hide or they couldn't expose something from me naman.

*I was never forced to do anything I oppose to.

*And lastly, for the years that Ive been loved, though of, cared. Because that made me the person I am now.

To my childhood friends -- Alydee, Vangie, Madel, Abi, Pen, Myla, Raymond, Mel, Jack, Jovie, Mitos, Anne, Joy, Juvi, Shasha, Margaret

To my elementary friends--Ninya, Iye, Tessa, Sason, Kim, Vanessa, Rica, Mike, Reyland, JP, Dyan, Pauline, Stefan (happy birthday din!), Eldie, Karina, Edrei, etc.

To my high school friends --Sis, Malyn, April, Jackie, Andrea, Lovely Joy, Maro, Jeptha, Pre, Rona, Bevs, Ina, Michelle,

Ang mga love na love kong Xzenophillia Quixotics -- Shang, Eden, Jen, Wy, Jhile, Jheng, Bien, Yan, Riza, Kaye, Ann, Chet, Vaneng, Tats, Tin, Jeisen, Jayson, Julborn, JN,etc.

Shempre, the people that I'm with right now -- Karmela, Jops, Brent, Nina, Schuy, Jam, Badet, Erin, Princess Michi, Twin Kaiz (Happy Birthday!), Daisy, Earlie,and the rest of 4JOURN1 and other college friends, NSTP Friends, etc. We rock!!!

Sa mga nagpaiyak sakin na mga hinayupak na lalaki, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

My elementary Bes Jonnah

My bezzie BUBUT
And to all the people that have been a part of my life.

Oh diba? Thank you to the max ito. Birthday ko naman, pagbigyan na ko.

I still cant believe I'm turning 20. Sorry, hindi naman po kasi halata eh.

BTW, I sang for KABOG- AB SONGFEST today. I can't believe I sucked. I mean, Im used to debuts and weddings but I never saw this coming. Not for at least a few months. My knees went shaking the whole time I was singing. I let my 4Journ1 down. And now I feel as if im not born for it anymore..=(

But I'll be okay i guess..

Gracias y'all! =)

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