Saturday, July 02, 2005

i think i could also be a sports writer..

ewan ko but i guess im always eager to be in Mam Mamawal's class.. parang now, im really taking journalism seriously and im proud to be in it..damn proud! after all, ilang months na lang naman, malapit na kaming mag-graduate, why not take things seriously diba? so yun, i guess this course is really destined for me..nyahahaha!

so anyway, i never really liked sports because i think its somewhat a complete waste of time, but now, feeling the adrenaline and all, i think im gonna like sports writing na.. and get the chance..again..ahem, to TRAVEL is really rewarding..kaya im gonna take these subjects for real..

so yun, and im really glad that Mela, Brent and I are okay now..this is gonna be a blast, going with the thesis and all..ayun..masaya lang ako..

and were planning not to go to the acquaintance party..i know, last year na to, but then, we still have lots of movies to watch then plan to go to baywalk..and hopefully, my fone would be alright at that time..

JOURNALESE na pala kami ni brenti..features sya..galing galing..i passed!hehehehe

sad..not going to Iloilo na..i guess we'll just have to catch Kuya Arnel and his family when he goes back to Manila..sigh...

gotta go..have class pa..

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