Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Maybe it was I you were looking! It is I James Nepomuceno your past suitor that is supertanga at torpe! Maybe the reasons were my youngness and sensitiveness that kept me away! But if you will give me another chance, I will make sure that I won't let you escape from my heart's net.I know it won't be easy, but pls inform me if you would let me enter at your precious_garden_heart thx and God Bless!!!"
---byron james..
o di ba? ang haba ng hair ko nito..ei,sorry for not asking permission to post this, but it just made me feel nice right now..maybe because i feel stupid and feel as if i could never be able to love or experience it again..but anyway, i guess that's just life is.. and the problem is, "LAHAT NA LANG SILA NAGKAKA-GiRLFRIEND ngayon!" lamo yun? i cant believe this..yung feeling mo na may edge ka na sa kanila dahil friends kayo, then suddenly you would hear from your friends na iba na pala nililigawan nila?
well, i think its my fault too.. but i cant tell them how i feel because its not right.. siguro the only person na nasasabihan ko lang talaga ng feelings ko eh si PAT..panu ba naman, sobrang kilala na nya ko, so why should i still lie diba?
pero still, i feel so stupid, sobrang umulan na naman kanina..see, everytime na gusto kong umiyak, the sky do that for me...
bday na ng mga friends ko next week!
13-bubut and shang
15- brentskie
acquaintance on saturday, but were not really going.. have other plans with mela and brent..tsaka nga daming ginagawa..articles and stuff.. kaya talagang pag grumaduate ako, mag-eenjoy ako after nun..hehehe

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