Sunday, April 03, 2005

so sorry for being too vain.. i did got carried away..

my life sucks right now..i got confident with my political dynamics that i got really disappointed with myself.. and i have to take it over again, problem is, how am i gonna be able to explain that to my mom, who by the way, is still in deep shock..about my lola's death..

by the way, yup, my gran's dead.. while hoping that all this is just a dream, my world and reality come crashing right through my very own eyes.. dead granma, failed poldy,no ojt yet.. and this year's supposed to be lucky for me? who am i kidding!

suck..suck suck..that's all i could think of..i have to (just what patrick mentioned)...REFORMAT my life.. i have to be uber serious about everything from now on..i dont care if i become dull, all that matters is that i could graduate in time..

i hate my bad that i wanna die together with my granma..arrgh! i just hope i could have my ojt as soon as possible..anyway, pls help you think i should take summer classes or just take poldy on my 2nd sem of 4th year? i still have my ojt, if i would attend summer class, it would be difficult for me to focus on both..but if i take it on 2nd sem, i would have lots of load.. im really confused.. i dont wanna disappoint my mom and my family, but its over..

my only problem's how im gonna be able to spill it to them...

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