Sunday, January 16, 2005

sometimes...i feel like i dont know myself..

ive been relying to my friends' reaction about me..but im not being to submissive yet..i just feel frustrated of the tons of work to do..and it isnt work yet..just an intro to the mind-boggling world of THESIS MAKING...

and i found out this afternoon in candymag that i just won a shirt from a contest i entered last november..too bad i couldn't take it coz the deadline of claiming is today..which by the way, really sucks coz its the first time that ive won something from my favorite mag...

and ive been missing someone lately..i wish he'd call...and im glad that its not starfish anymore.. ;)

and i know i shouldnt turn him into "MY WORLD" too..coz if he doesnt feel the same way, i'd be too crushed..

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