Friday, January 28, 2005

my sassy girl
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finished our photojourn in a snap..haay, im so relieved..all we have to do is that stupid film review, our TMAs and eventually try to go to nova this life is so hectic, but im happy that we got high scores on our thesis draft and not rewrite it over again..

i also got a sun cellular sim already..giselle's been bugging me to buy one and i was so excited to use it..and even forced brent to buy one too coz its 2 simpacks per person..good thing that his honey's already a sun subscriber..

and anyway, lovers in paris ended i dont have to shut my mouth anymore by giving them spoilers..c mama kasi ung nag-spill sa kin ng ending noh!

i miss someone right now..i just wish he'd realize that im the girl for him..haay, lovelife sucks talaga..

bye bye!

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