Tuesday, January 25, 2005

because of sir javier's docu-film, i saw how Christiane amanpour looks like..

its not that i always suck at names but you have to understand that in my planet, there isnt any CNN in it, so its my first time to look at her...on TV

all ive heard is that she's a journalist, which Rory Gilmore- my ultimate Gilmore girls character- idolizes and looks up to since she was a kid..and because of her, she took journalism classes in yale.. but anyway, Ms.Amanpour thought that being a journalists involves too much fun, adventure, chances to travel around the world and all that glamorous stuffs but afterwards, she discovered that it wasnt glamorous at all,and it isnt fun to begin with..well, sir cuartero also told that before to our class.. and i guess, now that were still the "lowly" students, it really isnt that fun..

but im still happy to be here in journ..i really am!!=)

*yesterday, we went to see "Meet The Fockers" coz its nina's birthday..well, BArbara Streisand doesnt feel like her at all there..instead of a singer, she was a sex therapist..and i loved little jack..he was so cute!


and we have another plate for sir javier's photojourn class where we'll look for themes with the 7 capital sins..and still have to review for POL DY prelims, hopefully meet jonnah lou tomorrow (desperate times call for desperate measures!) and go to nova with ate obry after her board exams..hope she'll pass

and hopefully, i could get over this week!ciao!

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