Sunday, January 30, 2005 going to nova today

'nuff said

i have so many things to do..but seems like it isnt really enough brain's not functioning well. i have difficulties writing a haiku. And my xzeno friends are affected by all these changes.

yeah, i really miss my high school friends because i couldn't find enough time for them. good thing shang dragged me yesterday to go to sm and bolt out in the KTV..

i had fun actually, but what pissed me was when the people from the other rooms tried copying our list of songs. hello? there are like thousands out there..geez, this is the only "me" time these days but i ended up being angry. what the ****!

but i cant really blame them, our songs were good, and for the finale, TELL HIM by Celine Dion and Mrs. Focker herself- Barbara Streisand..and im proud to say na hindi na nila kinaya yun, they looked for another songs na!wahahaha!

all's well that ends well

have to go catch up my next class..and go to nova with ate obry...soon, she'll be back to iloilo again..= (

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