Friday, January 07, 2005


siguro before, it was cool but the second was purely torture..our "Senora" wanted us to translate every article she sees about spanish..and hello? 2005 na, who would still speak spanish, eh matagal ng wala ung spanish colony sa philippines..well, i'm not against it or anything but im tired siguro dahil sa prof namin na tuwing mag-sspanish na lang eh minamigraine ako..loads...i mean loads pa ang assignments na binibigay niya sa'min..grrh..

pero its actually cool to learn a new language..lalo na kung maiintindihan ko ung movies ni diego luna..heehee...

or maybe im just frustrated coz i have to study POLDY for later..hello? journ kaya course ko..i feel tired..but i have to move on..=)

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