Tuesday, December 07, 2004

i forgot...nanalo si melissa sa "the Assistant"..la lang..share ko lang... tanggal na rin ung sisters sa the amazing race...my life is an hell of a reality show...hahaha!

supposed to post this in friendster..but this is much convenient..

wishlist for december 2004

1. nokia 3650 or 7650..astig!
2. new laptop and DSL!
3. iPod mini--pink
4. sony digicam with 5 mega pixels
5. OJT sa Candymag
6. house full of teddy bears
7.star named after me (ala walk to remember)
8.Php 500,000 shopping spree
9. vios or eclipse
10. a library (parang c belle sa beauty and the beast)
11. condo unit sa alabang
12. 5-year recording contract
13. travel all over the world

i have indeed, small dreams..di naman masama mangarap ayt? question is, kailan!!! so gawa na din ng possible, almost possible and impossible wishlists..hehehe=)

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