Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Gorgeous with Ani Marie Spa and Salon

My deal sites addiction is getting out of hand. But on second thought, it lets me save on my purchases. Just like my Ani Marie Spa and Salon purchase, my transaction to a five Radio Frequency Therapy session was worth my time and money. 

Located at Metrowalk, Pasig City, Ani Marie Spa and Salon is a quaint, yet chic shop that offers hair, face and body treatments that are friendly to the budget and guaranteed effective. Their services include hair care such as rebonding, coloring and repair. They also have spa massages to surely soothe your body and senses. 

Upstairs, their body and face treatments are performed such as Diamond Peel and Facials. They also held their RF Treatments (such the one I bought) there. What I love most about Ani Marie Spa and Salon is their accommodating staff. During my RF sessions, Ann (my favorite among them) would ask me how my day was, or even lets me relax while she's doing her job.

Too bad I only bought five sessions for my arms, because Ann said, that to see great results, you must at least have ten sessions of RF. But its really effective, that in one session, you can already shed 2-3 centimeters. Not bad right?

For the beauty that you deserve, visit Ani Marie Spa and Salon at 2nd Floor Metro Walk, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City. They also have a Cebu Branch at 2nd Floor Zeraus Building, 90 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. You may also visit their website for rates at or LIKE them at the Facebook PAGE.


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Sorry, but their service is not as good as it should be, considering the price their asking. Most especially since their staff lacks professionalism (they're super noisy and they are very aggressive with your hair/head) and the ambiance of the place (not to mention the cleanliness) is almost the same with that of a "kanto parlor".

    I had my hair cut last saturday (it was short, above the shoulder) and then went to Ani Marie Spa and Salon at 2nd Floor Metro Walk today, because i wanted to have my hair colored, and to accompany my sister because she has a voucher. I asked for their professional advice on what color would complement my skin and the lady said: "kahit ano na lng, bagay nmn sa inyo lahat..." fine. i checked the price and saw that for short hair, its Php800.

    while i was choosing the color that i wanted, she said she's just going to grab a cup of coffee. she made me wait for more than 30 minutes.

    while applying the dye, some of it went to my sleeve, front of my shirt, my elbow, arm and face. (their body cover was like a bib with a long back - protecting only the back of their chair).

    after the treatment, Dulce, their receptionist, asked for P1400 from me. i asked WHY???!! Then the lady who did the treatment (forgot her name, but she had colored, long hair and was one of the older staff there...) said that my hair falls in the medium (length of hair) category. i said "really? ndi sa short ang hair ko?" she then pointed to one of the staff there who has a half an inch shorter hair than i have and said "ganun ung short". i did not complain anymore, just wanted to get out of there..

    lesson learned. will NEVER go back there.
    just wanted to share my experience so that other people knows what going on with that so-called-salon.

    btw, my sister's hair did not improve in any way. some of her white hairs are still white and it looked as if they just washed and dried her hair. (she had the voucher for Schwarzkopf hair color, hot oil, hair cut, massage, wash and blow dry)

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      same experience..I WILL NEVER NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THEIR u said, tama ka sa lahat. lack of professionalism at noisy. i waited for 2 1/2 hours din khit my apointment time.tapus sasabihin sayo first cum first serve, ung ibang huli, sila pa nauuna.kasi my vip sila. tapus after nabanlawan, i waited again for 1 hour. tas nagreklamo ako y gnun, tinawanan nila ako laht kasi dw ngrereklamo ako. tapus lahat ng masasamang coment, i coment nila sa hair mo. AND WHAT'S WORST?? HINDI REBOND ANG GMIT NILA. MASAKIT SA SCALP, KYA I THINK RELAX LANG YUN FOR THE AMOUNT OF 1K. MADAYA SILA TLGA.

  2. Hi Anonymous, Im sorry you had a bad experience with them. Its been a while since I availed their services, and maybe during that time, the staff was really willing to give out their best, despite our discounted coupons. As for their treatment, I don't have any first hand experience when it comes to hair treatments.

    Anyhow, thanks for telling this. At least we could now have other views regarding their shortcomings. But I guess its always a trial and error in every establishment, if this works for you, maybe there's one that will and you'd stick with them for a long time.

    Happy friendly salon searching. :)

    1. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Hello Ria! Had been to Ani Marie Spa. I would like to ask if you have nos. I scheduled kasi di other day but I wasnt able to come. I'm rescheduling sana. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    hi, did the RF treatment worked?

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Hi, My wife went there for a rebond worth 750. I left her there because they said it was a 4 hour work. When i went to see my wife at the mall 5 hours later, see have a nice rebond look but after a while it was changing to a wet look only , she said the coupon was only for the rebond and the treatment was a separate payment , which she didnt know of course. She agreed with everything that anonymous above told about the kanto parlor and lack of professionalism, on how the senior would do the first coating only and left her to a trainee, etc. Three days later her hair looked the same without the rebond and is also frizzy. That Saturday she went again to the same salon to have her hair Cellophane (as the treatment) she asked for brown highlights to went with it, but it came out red violet, i hate it. She didnt complain which she should have or I should have , but i guess its not worth the effort , they would probably still do the same thing. I just want to warn others regarding this salon , never to try this one.

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Alam nyo po kung bakit bumalik? they didnt use rebond na gamot. they use gamot na pang relax lang.mahapdi sa scalp. yung rebond, wla kang mafefeel na hapdi..eto sakin 1 day palng super dry na at frizzy na.

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    i agree with AnonymousJan 10, 2012 06:19 AM. I availed the same voucher (color, hotoil, hair cut, blowdry and scalp massage worth 750php)They 're very UNPROFESSIONAL and the process is very SUB-STANDARD.i hate this salon!

    last Feb 28,2012 i went to their salon around 4pm. the interior was very busy, floors were dirty. Everybody is attending to their guests who happened to avail the rebond voucher. That time im still in their waiting list. I saw how they rebond the hair of the girl. and it freaks me out. They apply the treatment like "barubal" some of the chemicals went to my bag and she didnt even bother to say sorry. Right then and there she washed the hair of the girl with the tabo and the basin pangsalo ng tubig. imagine that!!

    Gosh! I was like, "should i still continue or not"... but i took the risk. what happend is like "barubal tlga"

    First they let me choose the color i want. i chose auburn gold 765. but what she colored to my hair was gold 750. argh!

    She applied it to my hair, she didnt even cover my ears. ako pa ng cover ng tissue!! then the color its not enough so she needs to make another mixture. (diba supposed to be dapat isang mixture lang coz my tendency na maiba ang ang color)

    then after 15 mins she applied another color to my hair focusing only above my head. after 5mins applying the second chemical. i felt mahapdi. i told her " ilan mins. pa to kasi mahapdi siya e baka pde naman na banlawan" guess what she told me?? " nako mam 10mins pa po yun po kasi standard na oras ng color. tiisin nyo nalang po" i got pissed off and i told the receptinist DULCE to wash my hair. she applied the hoitoil which is old school yung amoy. i asked anong brand yan? she said loreal. well i dont believe her.

    After they towel dried my hair i saw the color. i want to punch her face. " the lower portion of my hair - nothing changed. the UPPER portion of my hair - is gold brown!! just the upper portion, to make it worst.. hndi pantay ang paglalagay nya ng color! patch patch parang dalmatian. some are super gold. some are brown others are black.gosh.

    I just wanted to go home to ease the anger. i didnt even bother to get the hair cut and massage (which is kasama sa voucher) because of their unprofessional manner.

    i hate this salon. i will not recommend this!.. ever!

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      I ALSO HATE THIS SALON!!! NA HIHIBLOOD AKO DUN GUSTO KONG UMALIS. UNG BABAENG MUKHANG KAMBING NAPAKA MALDITA!! HINDI NILA ALAM GNGWA NILA. Mga madadaya sila.rebond ang binili mo, relax ang ibibigay nila. i really hate this salon too

  6. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Hi everyone!

    I opened my metrodeal account, saw this hair coloring offer from Ani Marie and was really considering of trying them out. Then I decided to search for some reviews of the salon first, as my hair is short - because if they botch things up I wouldn't have any other option but to shave my head. :) But thanks to the reviews I read here, I have decided not to avail of the voucher. I have my haircut regularly at David's Salon along Valero street, at the back of Paseo Center. Their salon is not as posh as the branches in the malls, but they're pretty good and they charge cheaper.

  7. Anonymous3:17 PM

    hi, i bought 3 voucher for RF slimming treatment and i have not use it yet. when I called them to set an appointment. I mentioned that I want to get rid of my saggy tummy area due to pregnancy, I also mentioned that i just gave birth sept 2011, the lady on the phone then told me that they can not perform such treatment as I just gave birth (w/c was 4months ago). I said I have normal delivery and it is not stated on the website that it is not recommended for moms like me. I advised them too that I am not breastfeeding anymore. I dont know if its true or they are just making 'palusot'. they advised me to wait another more months..

    @ ria? how was it? did you loose inches on 1 session? i am still excited to try

    1. Hi! Sayang naman if you can't use it, but during our session, we couldnt avail them if were having our period. Medyo hot kasi yung treatment and radiofrequency waves might affect your body. On one session, I think I lost 3cms. :)

  8. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I bought a voucher then i read this after sad story.. wel anyway I just bough a heir keratin treatment.. has anyone experienced it with the salon?? kinabahan po ako sa mga reviews niyo =|

  9. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Planning to avail of the metro deal P750 Ani Spa Salon Voucher but after reading all your reviews had a second thought na, Thank you girls for the infos.

  10. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Good day! I just bought the 750 worth of Ani Marie's rebond treatment from metrodeal two (2) days ago. And as I'm reading your comments, I'm thinking of backing out..

  11. Anonymous4:05 PM

    is RF worth it? i'm planning to avail it to slim my legs & arm.

  12. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Does anyone here knows how i can report this salon for not refunding my money back? I did not buy gc online but i paid cash to their cashier for 10 sessions of rf. there was no agreement that i must completet the 10 sessions. The agreement is, it is, 250 per session. Now, since i cannot go to their salon, i wanted my money back but they refuse it. They are not picking up my call. Can someone recommend me on what to do?

    1. Anonymous1:21 AM

      hi.. do you still have the vouchers? I can buy it to you if you will no longer use it

  13. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Caro here: IN REPLY TO THE GIRL WHO AVAILED METRODEAL KERATIN TREATMENT: If you have availed it.. let us know how it turned out! Thanks! bute nag hanap ako ng review!! minsan nakakaloko kasi yung price. Pag nakita mong cheap ang offer sa supposedly expensive treatment eh ang initial tendency is purchase!

  14. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Aww. This is bad. :( I was planning to avail their eyebrow tinting and shaping in grupon but after seeing the reviews and comments, nakaka-highblood! Ang alam ko pwede i-report sa mga deal buying sites na pinagbilhan pag di maganda or maayos ang service.Pwede sila i-reklamo. Dapat maturuan ng mga leksyon yan!

  15. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Well, this was helpful. i was thinking back and forth whether to avail of their Radio Frequency and Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation Combo and though the author says its effective sa salon na toh, i'm still not encouraged with all the negative comments.

    Thanks for the feedbacks!

  16. good thing I have read this before availing t he voucher! :(

  17. Anonymous11:11 PM

    OMG! i bought their voucher for a hair rebond treatment even before i read these comments :(. are they still unprofessional? totoo ba na pangrelax pa din ung ginagamit nila instead of rebond until now?

  18. I did a wise decision of reading these reviews as well first before actually availing the voucher. thanks guys!

  19. Anonymous6:44 AM

    OMG good thing i read this. Not going there then. Thanks ladies for the detailed feedback.


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