Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to us, Baby! :)

They said we'll never make it, but here we are, stronger than ever! :D

OMG, Pyramid, Fight for This Love, I Love You, Because of You, and the list goes on and on. When two singers fall in love, they make good music (and relationship better). We don't have a theme song, but we have all the songs in the world to sing.

Rewind to April 18, 2010: Jeff was wooing me for a month. And after my Ilocandia trip with Mench, I knew I was already falling for the guy who goes all the way just so he could fetch me from work and send me home safely. He was my "constant" date and also a knight in shining armor. When I was about to see him on the eve on April 18,he chickened out on me that afternoon because he made plans to be with his family for his sister Jen, will be going to Canada already. As much as I was pissed, I just couldn't. So we went out instead on the afternoon of April 18, he played basketball with his former classmates, went out to see the Date Night and then and there at the Bay Area, he asked, "Kailan mo ba ko sasagutin?" (When will you be my girlfriend?). Then I answered, "Gusto mo ngayon na eh"(If you want, we can be an item now). It might sound very cheesy, but that moment was infinite. Like I never cared if I have questions in my mind and all that bothers me. I just had to fall deeply in love and everything will run smoothly.

Jeff and I do not have a perfect relationship. We have been tested for a lot of times. I had to know things about his past, the painful way, or get jealous of the people that are close to him, or his friends get envious of the awful lot of time he's willing to spend for me. We irritate each other sometimes, but its as if we never fought the next time we see each other again. We have loads of differences. Starting from religion, to personalities and even to friends. But we never let our differences drive us apart. We just had to learn that our lives are already the way they are before we met each other. And the only thing that matters is NOW. :)

Whenever we look back, we feel as if we've already been together for more than a year. Our experiences and trials makes a day feel like a whole year. And that makes us special.

Our trials are not yet over. But they all made us much stronger. And yes, I do it for LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. :)

Happy First Year Anniversary By! Thank you for always making me H-A-P-P-Y! I love you so much!


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    "he asked, "Kailan mo ba ko sasagutin?" (When will you be my girlfriend?). Then I answered, "Gusto mo ngayon na eh"(If you want, we can be an item now)." KADIRI!!!!!!!!

    Ang dami mong dangling modifiers sa mga blog posts mo, sana alam mo yun. Pero infairness to you, pwede ka manalong Palanca Award for this, este, Palaka awards pala. Korak!

  2. Ay alam ko po yun Mr. or Ms. Perfect. But why dont you write your own blog and why are you focusing on mine? If you dont want my style of writing, then read other blogs instead. I don't need haters on my site. Oh and thanks for the Palaka Award, but I hate slimy people, and youre kind of one of them :)

  3. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Google ba name nya?dami nyang alam eh.pero thanks pa din sa pagread ng blog ng friend ko ha. Grabe!naisip mo pa yun.hahaha..palaka awards?ndi ba dapat pra sau un?echuserang frog!hahaha!kawawa ka naman..isipin mo,binasa mo ung blog ng friend ko para icriticize mo..gsto. Mo bang mag apply as editor in chief?kaso walang opening dito eh.. Dun ka sa inquirer mag gganyan ha.


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