Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mean Girl

.. I couldn't believe that (adult) bullies still exist.

Here goes:

I am currently not in good terms with an [idontgiveadamn] manager from the other department. First of all, I was very upset that she didn't even value the things that we've shown her from the start. And second, I was mad at this another staff because he didn't even explained why this incident happened.

It feels sad that everything has to be different. And my cheerful ways have to lessen and all. All in one day. All in this not-so-great June month. A few more days and I have to face another month.

But the yay part of this season is when EVP and GM wants to let me handle the newsletter. Higher pay, but then, it would be a big responsibility for me. Aside from being the youngest (or something) employee, my experience in handling a full-length, corporate newsletter isn't that vague for the moment. My boss has already asked me if I would want to take the EIC position. So right now, I am pressured and confused at the same time. But still, it is indefinite at the moment. But maybe, I don't know.

Tomorrow will be the 22nd Anniversary of the company. As of this time, there are gazillions of balloons at the lobby. I heard that there would be a feast or some sort. Then on Monday is a free day because of Pasig Day! hehe. coolness. :D

Will be at Tiendesitas tomorrow. Am so excited. At least, at the last day of the month, I became a bit happy.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Headache Galore

I feel sOooooo sick today. Hate it Hate it Hate it. I don't want this colds. It makes me feel weak and all. This headache isn't making my living any better too. Argh.


Watched Shrek 3 yesterday at Megamall with Hon hon. Was cute and all. And it was a blast as expected. I loved Gingy and Sleeping Beauty when she would doze off even at the heat of a fight scene. Super aliw talaga.

Hon hon gave me another baby. His name's Kirby. Wala lang. I just wanted that name for a long time. He was a black bear. Well, I actually wanted a real dog, but I don't know how in heaven's name I could ever take care of it. Considering how busy I am at work and other things.

Anyhow, I spent the day home. I couldn't even remember when I stayed home on a Saturday. It would always be a day out with friends or Hon. But this time, since my mom couldn't travel to Nova yet, she stayed home with the rest of us. It actually feels bad that her surgery cut is hurting every now and then. It kills to see your mother feeling weak and you cannot do anything about it. See, I always perceived her as this strong person who could overcome almost anything, even the loneliness that the father of her children isn't always around. But seeing her feeling weak is a different perspective. Well, I hope she'll be fine in a few days.

I finally finished "The Perfect Day" book. The story was so nice too. Imagine how you thought you're gonna die in a few days, but end up that it was a joke in the first place. Well, it was more of a realization of trying to do what's right. Maybe everyone should know when they would die, so that everyone could change. Well, it's up to you whether it would be for good or bad.

Have to go focus on my stupid sickness.


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