Sunday, November 26, 2006

is there such thing as few mistakes?

I have a tip I just learned recently. When you feel the need to cry, just close your eyes so you don't know that it actually falls. Nah, it's a stupid trick but I get to do that. And pretended everything's okay just to shut my mind up.

New Products are to be lauched this Wednesday. And i made this huge mistake of putting the wrong hotline number to every brochure in the product. Just great. Although my boss says I shouldn't just blame myself, I still feel I should have been more responsible and all. I have proofread it a lot of times but still, this happened. SO stupid.

And I have to write a full-blown article while at it. I feel so incompetent anymore. And Im wallowing with self-pity and guilt. I just hope I could really get through this phase.

Haven't finalized Christmas plans yet. or Im not sure if it'll ever happen. the giddy feeling seems gone right now. I don't know who could turn back my Holiday spirit. Oh well, crap.

I just finally realized I shouldn't blog when I don't feel good. But this is me. I'm not blaming anyone. I just want to feel good again. That I'm needed and not stuck up to the thin air where I'm not supposed to be..

And with all the drama, I have to go to the curtain call...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town.....

Blogger is sorta weird. Having tied up with Google and all. Nah, I'll make a pass while at it. It's messing up my brain anyway.

Small Small world. Hon has this friend whose girlfriend is a fellow glee club of mine. just weird having in common people in our lives when we already have a lot of people in common, who knows each other and vice-versa. Or just having so much people in common.

Work is putting a stab on my chest right now. Been swamped with so many things to do. The two new products will gonna be the end of me.. Not that I'm complaining, but its just that I could work really fast if Im not squattering at Chay's PC. Well, just that mine's coming next week (or so the MIS said), but they bkeep on giving me hopes. Hopes that you should not give a twentyone -year-old person, by the way.

But hopefully, when these two products are out by December, its gonna be fun fun fun for me again. And going to actually stop leaving the office at quarter to seven and go out with my boyfriend at least. But then again, the website should be out by January, and I have like two articles due, so my death is continuous. Thank you very much.

Its really Christmas in Manila. Well, I'm actually hoping to see UST as night. Just that I've been used to seeing an awful number of Christmas lights actually blinding anyone who walks across the Benavides Statue and the Arch of the Centuries. I miss the days when we were going home from our 9pm class and when boredome gets the heck out of us, the lighted Lover's Lane would be this great pick-me-upper or something. When I think of school, I get so nostalgic and all, but having friends with you really makes it more magical. And I desperately am missing it...

Chay asked me to be her wedding coordinator, saying will all my creativity and taste.I personally think she asked me because she can't ask anyone. hehe. just kidding. Just that I'm not big on these stuff so I'm doing a lot of researching and all. Its good actually, because one day, when its like, my turn to get married, I could actually pick up some pointers there right? So it wouldn't be the traditional I do's and all. But really, I think I have to work on the planning skills because I lack some of them. So, still internet browsing so I could give justice to her because she's such a nice friend and I don't wanna let her down. =)


I am through Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. Hon made me have a me-time today. And apparently, were both broke so we took a break from seeing each other haha! But then again, it was my idea for us to miss each other more and see what'll happen when we meet again. haha. But I miss him already and for the love of God, I can't even remember how he looks like anymore. Uh, yeah, that was me, overreacting again. But I had a date today with my brother and it involves an mp4 player, that I too, would want to buy in a few days, when I get my paycheck. Wait Tuesday, and I'm gonna get my hands on one too. HA!

I have to go now. another big day tomorrow. muah!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

happy happy ria..=)

I have been swooning over my gilmore girls dvd for the past weeks. And now Im on season 4. Yay!

Went to Nova yesterday because my Dad's home again. And my hon went to our house too..Wala lang. Kakatuwa lang for him to be there and all. Like the whole family was awkward but supportive. Nice.. Very..Haha..

Work is still work.. Lots to do before the end of the year. I just hope I could really make it that far. But I'm having fun and all.

Oh well, short post again. Wait til im not busy anymore.haha!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Im really convincing myself that I'm happy for you. Guess that is where you should really belong.

Im happy with Hon, and so do you with someone else. That I'm thankful of.

yun lang, just not feeling well.

and im really out.


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