Tuesday, November 09, 2004

OMG! so cool...

ok...first things first...so psyched that gilmore girls was shown last saturday..i really love it! i love the fact that i dont have to listen to senti music every saturday because there's nothing decent on tv.. my life is so back!

last night i watched 2 musical specials-the Ryan Cayabyab feature and jasmin trias' concert.. the jasmine trias' concert was good but i guess its a bit lame dahil she isnt that good singer? but i like her a lot..dunno why..
The Ryan Cayabyab was superb.. we really have a lot of good artists here.. and i was blown away by the chorale.. i miss my glee club back in high school.. and i really wish i could sing on stage again..

our first period prof didnt show up..feels like im wasting my time going to school when in fact,wala silang balak pumasok.. it really sucks...haay....so im here at the library today..and i dunno what to do..and what to expect later on the 3pm class that i doubt whether the prof would show up or not..

have to go now...catch ya later...

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