Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Great Northern Sale is Back on February 1-3 at SM City North EDSA

Good news, friends from the North! This weekend benchmarks the biggest mall wide sale event in SM City North EDSA as the Great Northern Sale happens. This year, they salute to the high point of high fashion because its up to 70% off for the fashionistas and stylistas who wanted to update their wardrobe.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Show the World How Pleasant You are with Fiona Cologne and Grips Hair Products

I've always believed that beauty isn't just about looks, sometimes, its how you carry yourself in such a way that makes you unique and showing your own style. During the Skintech's Bloggers event, I came to know more about its brands, Fiona Cologne and Grips. Now let me tell you more about their super awesome products that are truly for the young and young at heart.

Being a big fan of cologne and perfumes, Fiona makes me feel young again. Its fresh, floral and fruity scents are all perfect especially in the upcoming season - SUMMER! Let me begin with the packaging - see how colorful they are? For someone as kikay as me, that alone could be the reason I'd stuff myself with these fragrances. But what's more to love is how they can keep you smelling fresh, clean and girly for 6-8 hours. Yes, these babies can outlast your usual cologne because they use the top quality fragrant oils that are used all over the world. Form local roots, Fiona Cologne can already  level to the other perfume brands. 

Here are the variants of Fiona Cologne:

Bubbly pink consists of cassis and peach. This smells powdery fresh for me. 

Ice Glacier is a mix of nectarine, green notes, and lavender. This would make you feel cool, as if you're surrounded by snow.

The Cool Burst Scent is perfect for those who are looking for colognes that are not too strong, yet still fragrant to last for hours. 

Pretty Mist is one of my favorites because of its strawberry scent. And yes, the packaging looks so young and happy, just like me!

Raspberry Drops, on the other hand is definitely for playful kids. This will definitely protect them from smelling like they played under the sun for hours. The mixture of raspberry, white flowers, and white musk is  a perfect combination.

Youthful Bliss is another fruity scent that's made from freesia, jasmine, and sandalwood. I recommend this for the teens who just love that fresh fragrance.

Last but not the least, Snow Breeze helps you revitalize your senses.

Fiona colognes are available in five sizes such as: 25ml (Php 15.00) , 50ml (Php 24.75), 75ml(Php 34.00), 100ml (Php 39.00) fliptop bottles and 50ml spray bottle (Php 35.25). This is handy especially when you are exposed outdoors. I remember using Pretty Mist before going home and even if the MRT ride was crowded, I still managed to smell fresh than my seatmates. And with its price, what's not to love? Make everyone want to be with you just by using Fiona Colognes. For more info, LIKE their Facebook Page at and Twitter at @FionaCologne.

Now if your want your boy crisp and clean, then Grips are perfect for them to use. I've always thought that Pro-Vitamin B5 are limited to shampoos alone, but when I saw the Grips Hair Wax and Clay FX, it also includes the same hair vitamins that adds nourishment to your locks. I am happy to know that what I am recommending to my boyfriend, (and he now uses is religiously) is not just there to gain more pogi points, but also helps him style his hair easily. 

For amazing matte hair style minus the stickiness, Grips Clay FX is for you. It makes your locks healthy, waterproof and can last the whole day. It's available for Php 86.90 (75g jar) and Php 4.35 (5g sachet)

Grips Hair Wax also has the FlexiStyle feature so you can use it anytime, without the hassle of wasting your precious minutes. They are available in 3 variants-- "Hard and Shiny", "Extreme Hard and Mat", and "Hard and Mat" that are both in 75g jars and 5g sachets. Grips Hair Wax Hard and Shiny retails for Php 81.75 (75g jar) and Php 3.40 (5g sachet), while Grips Hair Wax Xtreme Hard & Mat sells at Php 85.00 (75g jar) and Php 3.63 (5g sachet) and Grips Hair Wax Hard and Mat is available at Php 81.75 (75g jar) and Php 3.40 (5g sachet).

For an awesome look like Daniel Padilla, Grips' endorser, try their products now and see how it can last the whole day, without the hassle of putting on more of the product. Its cost-efficient and very effective. Now you can impress the girls in as easy as a minute. Know more about Grips in their Facebook Page at and Twitter at @GripsBrand

See how you can make yourself pleasant and fresh? Let Skintech Products help you, so you could be more confident and you can face the day with a more better you. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Star World Launches American Idol Season 12

The new American Idol Judges with Ryan Seacrest
The American Idol takes the center stage once again as it premiered last January 17 at the URBN Bar and Kitchen at the Fort Strip, BGC. To celebrate the Idol's kickoff, a exclusive viewing party was made possible by Star World, inviting the media people, Twitter idols and the hottest celebrities. The event was hosted by DJ Suzy and DJ Tracy Abad from 5PM to 12MN. As a fan of the TV program, I was super excited to see the idol hopefuls and the new judges, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seafood Island Goes to Harbor Point, Subic

Vacations are just around the corner. You can plan a day trip to Subic and go home at the end of the day, thanks to SCTEX. But what are the most memorable weekends? It's when you plan an out of town with your family and have a sumptuous feast to back up. Thanks to Blackbeard's Seafood Island at Harbor Point, Subic, a fun-filled bonding is definitely possible. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Secret of Winning Against Aging Revealed

Being forever young is impossible. And to possibly aid that dilemma, people are always in search for the solution to immortality. Because let's face it, being complimented to looking young is one of the best remarks you could ever receive. The search for the fountain of youth is never changing, not to be vain, but its actually depressing to see wrinkles and experience pains. But don't fret, because here comes the product that can help you fight aging.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Stylistas Attack at the SM City North EDSA's End of Season SALE!

Fashionistas and shopaholics rejoice! The Year-end doesn't have to be so sad because the BIG END OF SEASON SALE started last January 4 at SM City North EDSA. With selected items from fashion brands, beauty products, shoes, bags and more, you can avail of these for up to 70% off its price. 

So get your shopping bags ready for the End of Season Sale runs until January 13. I'm so excited to go there tomorrow to check out new outfits for the new year.

Know more about the sale and other updates from SM City North EDSA's Facebook Page at and Twitter at @smnorthedsa.

See you there Northern shoppers! :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My First Week of 2013 Goes Like This.

Follow your light this 2013!
Happy New Year Everybody!

Okay, so I know that this is pretty much delayed especially when every year, I write about something for the year end. But you see, the last day of 2012 didn't turn up to be one of the best. I mean, if everyone you know is celebrating the holidays, and you're nursing a really bad fever, well, sucks for you. So I just stayed at home, praying that I'd get well soon, prayed for my family and friends and greeted Happy New Year here and there. Sadly, as of press time, I'm still down with cough, so nay for parties and staying up too late for now.

Instead of recapping my 2012, I found my way to doing my 2013 dreamboard via my Belle de Jour Planner. My theme for this year is to travel more. Who knows? Out of the country trips are just around the corner. Or so I hope so.

But my most hopeful wish is to be with the boyfriend in Canada when he goes there. See, I haven't been a firm believer of LDRs and I dread for the day that he has to say goodbye, but that's the plan. There's no stopping him because he has planned this all his life. I cannot, for the life of me, hinder to what he wants, so I would just support him all the way.

... And maybe, in a couple few years, we'll make something work. :)

How about you? What are your plans this year? 


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