Thursday, June 30, 2011

RCBC Savings Bank Teaches Kids to Save Early

Its back-to-school season once again. After tuition fees and school supplies were paid, there's only one thing to do now... SAVE up for the rainy day.

Today, RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) do not only teach you how to save money, but your kids as well. For just a minimum opening of Php500, you can already open a W.I.S.E. Kiddie Savings Account. A term derived from Wise Investors Save Early, the RSB W.I.S.E. Kiddie Savings Account is a standalone account for children 7 to 14 years old, but can also be held in trust under your own RSB savings account for much younger kids 0-6 years of age.

Maintaining the kiddie account requires only Php1,000, while to make it earn 0.5 percent interest, the balance must reach Php5,000. Their account comes with their own passbook while you can opt to have an ATM card or not.

W.I.S.E. Kiddie Savings Account also comes with perks and privileges from Partner Merchants nationwide where they can get discounts and freebies at selected establishments. For an initial deposit of Php1,000, a free personal accident insurance coverage worth P20,000 that is valid for one year and renewable annually, covers Accidental Death, Disablement and/or Dismemberment that may befall the account holder and his or her parent/ guardian. This feature can further enhance your child's mind the idea of being well prepared to face the future.

Share the value of investing to your kids. Opening an RSB W.I.S.E. Kiddie Savings Account is one way you could prepare them to be responsible and open their sense of financial mindset.

RCBC Savings Bank is the thrift banking subsidiary of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), the country's fourth largest commercial bank. To know more about the RSB W.I.S.E. Kiddie Savings Account, you may call tel. no. 782-5676 or visit

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Craving for Chinese Food: Kim Po Tea House

Last Sunday, after the boyfriend and I had quite and eventful day of church and his school activities, we were bustling around Banawe for our dinner. After going from one end to another,(because we were looking for something in the area that we havent been to before) we finally settled into this Chinese restaurant named Kim Po Tea House.

It was already 9:30PM and way near their closing, but they still accommodated us. I had the Asado Rice (Php105), my favorite, and it was sweet and yummy.

The boyfriend, who is loading up on carbs ordered Beef Brisket Rice (Php100) and YangChow Fried Rice (Php80). The beef brisket rice's aroma was inviting. It was even stuffed in a cute tin bowl so the beef looked really succulent and they're just so soft. I must remember have some next time we visit there.

For our side dishes, we had dimsum. The Shrimp Puff (Php70) is their newest dimsum on the menu. Wrapped in fried dimsum wrapper, the shrimp puff is best served with mayo. We also ordered Taosi Spareribs (Php70), a typical yet delicious side dish that we always try whenever were in Chinese Restaurants.

We were supposed to order Schezuan Bean Curd but it was already out since they were closing soon. Now I'm looking forward to go to Kim Po again for the yummy experience. Five stars because their prices are reasonable and give value for your money.

Kim Po Tea House is located at 706 Banawe St., Siena, Quezon City.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Unveils Superior Evolution

Everytime Samsung invites me, I make it sure to attend their events because they all have been superb. Since the Samsung Punch and Forever21 event was held, I became a regular to their shindigs and promised never to miss any of it. So when Ms. Odette Velarde, Samsung's PR Manager, emailed about the Samsung Galaxy S II release, I didn't even think twice. I just had to go!

Entering the A.Venue Hall, we had Tony Stark waiting for us in the first room to introduce his favorite toys, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, absolute performance is always on the works. And you can program both work, life and play in it. This is definitely a gadget made specifically for the busiest people in the Metro.

And because I'm quite addicted to Angry Birds, I was so ecstatic that this baby has the installed game and I can play anytime and anywhere. You know, I just had to shoot those piggies. :P

But what I'm most excited about is the Samsung Galaxy S II. It is faster with 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor, brighter because of the Super AMOLED Plus, smarter by using Voice Solution and now with a slimmer ultra sleek design. Its a revolutionized smartphone that is perfect in all aspects of your life.

After browsing through the gallery of the Samsung Galaxy Family, a program hosted by Ms. Bianca Valerio and RJ Ledesma introducing the Samsung Galaxy innovation was held at the Grand Ballroom. And we were just in awe by the magnificent interactive show that presents the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy S II.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you have better work on-the-go. For reports driven work like my job, the use of MS Excel is a must. With its office function, you can type our reports, conceptualize articles and propositions on MS Word, or create presentations with MS Powerpoint.

For the game junkie boyfriends that we love, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the perfect tool for their gaming needs. Using the Samsung TouchWiz interface, users can enjoy the Live Panel menu to display a variety of content on the home screen including digital pictures, favorite Web sites and social network feeds.

As for the ULTIMATE SMARTPHONE, Samsung Galaxy S II is the first 4G phone to hit the country that is faster, brighter, smarter and slimmer. Presented by the Philippine All Stars, an interactive show that is TRON-like were performed. It was just like were in a computer screen all of a sudden.

What did I love most about the Samsung Galaxy S II? It is enabled by an ultra-smart voice solution feature that makes the user to call, text, email and even surf the internet hands-free. Now that's what you call AWESOME!

You can visit to reserve the first 300 units for a special price and enjoy more than P6,000 in discount values. Promo period is from June 24 to June 30, 2011 only.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Videoke Queen Strikes Her Luck

Yes, I would grab the mic at any time :P

In our house, I am such the Videoke Queen. During special occasions, my Tita Pin would wait for me to set up our Wow Videoke and we would sing until the wee hours of the morning. Yup, that's how my family is so addicted to singing. And when the bloggers held their first Karaoke Night courtesy of KWC Philippines, I signed up real quick. After the contest, I bagged second place and was so over the moon about it.

Yay! Passport to the daily trial!

And then one day, Ms. Ana Porto announced that 10 Daily Trial Passports are about to be sponsored by Wow Videoke. So I signed up again so I could try my luck at a singing contest. You see, when I were in college, I tried joining the UST - AB Singing Contest in 4th Year and was part of the Circle of 25. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to go to the Finals after that. And I guess my yearning to join singing contests ceased because of it.

But anyway, if you happen to get interested in joining KWC's Daily Trials, you can avail of the passport by buying WOW Videoke Products in music stores and malls around Metro Manila.

Just so you know, all my favorite numbers are in my trial number :P

Once there, you will get to register your details so they can identify if you are qualified to join the Karaoke World Championship. You can go over the qualifications here. Then they will let you practice in their cute Videoke booths and they'll take a photo of you too! :)

After a brief introduction of your name and what city you're representing, you can sing your chosen piece, of course, with a videoke and judges in front you. Then afterwards, they will interview you for a rundown on your KWC experience.

How would I rate myself? Well, my performance was a bit edgy since I was already sick before I even scheduled the trial. But I say kudos to myself for trying. After all, I became a blogger because I wanted to try new experiences and adventures, and KWC made it possible for me to join something this big.

Will I do it again? Hopefully, I'm praying that I get into the Weekly Trials, but if not, I can always try next year. Maybe 2012 is my lucky year. And remember, always reach for your dreams. If someone tells you that you don't sing well, just practice until you get better. Who knows, you can be the first Karaoke Champion who can represent our country all over the world.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS My Internet Experience From Watching My Favorite Series to Ultimate Entertainment!

I've been a PLDT myDSL subscriber for almost three years and I can FIRMLY say that it has never ever gave me problems like a slow connection and down times like any Internet Provider I know.

Sidereel is my best friend

So just like any other professional with a nine to five job, I need to catch up with my favorite TV series. My week isn't complete without Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen of Gossip Girl. And it would make me feel bad when I can't sing with Rachel, Finn and the New Directions at Glee.

But do you know what's more AWESOME than Barney Stinson? A FREE and UNLIMITED 5Mbps Internet Speed Boost! Yes you heard that right, PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 with a speed connection of 3Mbps will be upgraded to 5Mbps, get Watchpad with much more exclusive content and a one year of FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls. How LEGEN-wait for it-DARY is that right!?!

Before I was just a regular blogger, my posts was just about myself that I bore my readers to the vanity that my blog is. But when I became a Nuffnanger, I got myself goodies and invites to the coolest events in town. Now I can talk about the latest movies, gadgets and trends. And I even made blogger friends. Nuffnang TRANSFORMED me to feel cool and blog awesome posts that are worthwhile to read.

So do you wanna be TRANSFORMED too? Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!

June is Back to Learning with GSM BLUEniversity

The GSM Blue Bar

My close friends can attest that I'm not fond of drinking during college. So when I entered the real world and drinking alcoholic drinks or wine is (sometimes) required in an event, I was culture shocked. Not that I missed a lot, but drinking will be a part of your life once in a while. And GSM BLUE made it possible for students and young professionals "To educate, not intoxicate".

Derick De Borja talks about GSM Blue and Flair Idol 2011

Last Friday, bloggers and guests went back to school with GSM Blueniversity at Capones Bistro, A. Venue, Makati City. And just the students that are in the food and beverage industry, we got the chance to learn about mixing and blending drinks, the GSM Blue way.

A short background, GSM Blueniversity, a hands-on and fun-filled workshop, is held every year to teach how to mix drinks and flair tend. It was also created for HRM students, future bartenders, and the bartenders at heart to become confident, knowledgeable and capable in their craft.

Erwyn strutting his talent in mixing drinks

Derick De Borja and Erwyn Unigo spoke about GSM Blue's products and the different concoctions that were famously made under the brand. They also taught us how to mix our own drinks and exhibited flair tending in a bar setting. I was amazed when Sir Erwyn juggled the bottles and everyone kept their eyes on him the whole time.

Yes, we get to mix our own concoctions!

As for bloggers, a contest was held to mix their drinks and had a triple tie! Yay! I named my drink, Purple Mania because it has the color purple, made of grape juice, grenadine and GSM Blue. Sir Derick said it is perfect as ladies drink. And I couldn't agree more!

The Toma Cum Laude Candidates

To cap off the night, Mommy Lariza won the "Toma Cum Laude" award as she was the fastest blogger to drink different mixes of GSM Blue using a straw. A fun night indeed and we even get our own certificates like a graduation day.

Know more about GSM Blueniversity and Flair Idol 2011 by visiting their Facebook FanPage. You can also add GSM Blue's Facebook Page at Let us go back to school once more and drink responsibly everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Faster, Smarter, Brighter, Slimmer!

Fast is about to get Faster.

Smart is about to get Smarter.

Bright is about to get Brighter.


Slim is about to get Slimmer.

Wonder what these statements mean? All these point to one evolutionary smartphone that’s about to hit the country. On July 2, 2011 , experience the new definition of a smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Witness how fast the user interface is and how easy multi-tasking can be with its built-in 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor…which, by the way, is even faster than some processors found in netbooks these days.

Experience how bright and vivid colors and images are with its state-of-the-art Super AMOLED Plus, the latest display screen stemming from Samsung’s leadership in both LCD and LED TV technology.

Enjoy how smart the new Samsung Galaxy S II is with its voice solution technology that allows for hands-free texting, calling, and even web browsing. Activate this feature simply by uttering the words “Hi Galaxy”. The Galaxy S II automatically asks you what you would like it to do. If you want to send a text message, just dictate your message and this voice solution translates it into text and sends to your desired recipient.

Indulge in how slim and light this phone is. With only 8.49mm thickness, the Samsung Galaxy S II exudes the kind of sleekness that matches your discerning lifestyle.

Be one of the first to get your hands on the faster, smarter, brighter and slimmer smartphone. For a very limited time only, catch the Galaxy S II at a remarkable launching offer and enjoy more than P6,000 in discount values. Log on to to reserve one of the 300 units up for grabs.

Promo period is from June 24 to June 30, 2011 only. Detailed mechanics available online. Reserve one now!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Modern Day Women Deserves an A-Life

A step closer to an A!life

The women of today does not only live inside their homes, feeding their family and attend to household chores anymore. They now have lives outside the four corners to build their own career, mingle with friends and even stay at the top. They are empowered and sometimes, restless, that they need the right tools to remain fit and healthy.

PascualLab, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country launched not just one, but six health supplements with different goals to ensure that the women now do not just have a good life, but an A!Life.

A!Life consists of six different product line such as A!Life Energy, A!Life Protect, A!Life Posture, A!Life Restore, A!Life Control and A!Life Trim.

Why do we women need the A!Life? Read below to see their different benefits:

Lorraine Lapus keeps getting fit and energized by A!life Energy

A!Life Energy is packed with vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that contains natural Malunggay leaves, giving women that extra boost of energy for optimum physical performance. This product is for the women on the go and and need superior energy for the whole day.

Lexi Schulze radiates with A!life Protect

Meanwhile, A!life Protect with Pycnogenol®, is a super anti-oxidant that helps the immune system defend against free radicals, so health radiates through fairer skin. It prevents breakouts brought pollution, stress and other harmful elements that is caused by oxidation. A!life Protect generates your body and skin, presenting a more beautiful glow.

Shawn Yao stands tall with A!life Posture

A!life Posture not only contains Calcium but Ostivone®, which helps increase bone density to keep bones strong for better posture. During menopause, women loses estrogen and accelerates the bone loss, developing Osteoporosis. A!life Posture aims to increase bone mineral density to provide proper posture for women to stand tall and proud in the years to come.

Patti Betita looks young at her forties with A!life Restore

A!life Restore consists of Injuv™, a Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes from within to help erase the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Without having to undergo surgery, A!life Restore makes you look younger and rejuvenates your skin, even in your middle age.

Lucy Torres-Gomez now enjoys simple indulgences like white rice with
A!life Control

For women who desire a slimmer figure like myself, A!life Control is a wonderful supplement made from all-natural white bean extract. Now, you won't have to feel guilty eating rice because it blocks carbohydrates absorption that controls weight and blood sugar levels.

Lastly, A!life Trim which contains Ampalaya combined with Banaba to aid in managing the blood sugar levels of those at risk of diabetes, even helping to maintain a trim figure. So what are you waiting for? Don't just settle for a good life, demand for an A!life and discover the wonders it will bring your body and health.

A!life Ambassador Lucy Torres-Gomez talks about the benefits of the product

As a treat, A!life, together with Yehey! conducted a pampering day to us ladies last June 9 at the Tian Di Heaven and Earth Urban Spa, Greenhills. After the press conference, attended by the A!life ambassadors Shawn Yao, Lorraine Lapus, Lexi Schulze, Patti Betita and Lucy Torres-Gomez, we were led into our choice of activity.

At the exfoliating session with Ms. Karen, Michelle and Mommy Lariza

Ms. Karen Jean Santos, professional makeup artist, taught us the proper skin care and the role of the Hyaluronic acid in delaying skin aging. This helped me a lot because she talked about the right ways to cleanse your face, the proper tools for the right skin type. As an example, because I have oily skin, I should avoid, cream cleansers and use gel cleansers or exfoliant instead. What an interesting afternoon indeed. :)

Thanks to A!life and Yehey! for such an eventful day. I learned a lot, and even get to feel younger, stronger and better. Reach for an A!life now in leading stores near you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Enter Becky Bloomwood and Her Love for Shoes

Whenever I feel fat and the clothes that I like doesn't fit me, I resort to a pair that loves my body the most: SHOES!

Yes, I am just like Becky Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic when it comes to that perfect pair. Maybe because shoes are a constant friend whether you wanna walk at the streets of a friendly city or run at a track oval to sweat your worries away. That's how I love shoes and this June 25, all the more reason to love them.

The biggest SHOE SALE event in the Metro is happening this June 25-26 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. I'm SHOE IN LOVE is open to EastWest Bank Credit Card holders, (like myself) free of entrance, while non-EWB credit card holders can pay a minimal fee of Php50.

Participating brands are:
• Flatshop by VNC
• So Fab
• Barbie by Shubiz
• Figlia
• Vibram Five Fingers
• Ipanema
• Grendha
• Swatch Seasiders
• Cushe
• Hush Puppies
• Sebago
• Adidas
• Converse
• The Ramp
• Suelas
• Marengo
• Cole Vintage
• Trunkshow
• Terra & Agua
• Sole Sister
• Keep
• Frollic
• Suki
• Republic
• Marc Ecko
• Zoo York
• Skechers
• And1
• Gola
• Shoes to Kill
• Everybody Needs A Pair
• Cole Haan
• Katie Shoes
• S&H
• Gold Dot
• Blushing Geisha

Avail of up to 50% off on shoes that's fancy to your feet. If you can't get the perfect boyfriend, at least you'll have the perfect pair of shoes, TO LOVE AND TO WEAR. :)

For more details, you can LIKE The LiST Group at

Count Yourself In with World Vision Philippines

Count Me In Event at Trinoma Activity Center

Every child has the right to proper education, nutrition and healthy living. I for one can attest the hard work of my parents to send me off to a proper school until I graduate and have a job that pays me well.

World Vision Gallery

Wall of Commitment

With World Vision Philippines, their advocacy aims to send a child in need to a proper school and take care of their health together with his/her family. Last June 8, Trinoma Activity Center was filled with stars, fun and music during the “COUNT ME IN” event that commits to reach 11,000 beneficiaries for the year 2011.

Chris Tiu says he's sponsoring 12 kids :)

COUNT ME IN paves way to sponsor a child for Php600 a month or Php20 a day. (Php7,200 annually). Instead of spending our money to our indulgences, why not pool your money to the monthly pledge and give a child the future he/she deserves? With World Vision, every peso is spent well and will even make a difference for a child that you will sponsor.

Jan Marini and Gerald Pizarraz's Family supports 2 kids

During the event, stars like Christine Bersola-Babao, Julius Babao, Danica Sotto, Marc Pingris, Cristalle Belo, Jan Marini, Gerald Pizarras, Krissy and Erica, Chris Tiu and World Vision Ambassador, Nikki Gil graced the occasion. Their encouragement means to gather 11,000 sponsors to give these children a better life.

World Vision Ambassador Nikki Gil rendered a song for the guests

Donate now and change a kid’s life by giving the future he/she deserves. You may contact World Vision Philippines at 389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 Philippines. With tel. nos: (02) 3747618 to 28 and you may visit their website at

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Go for Green: Krispy Kreme Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut Now Available

Its GREEN and its yummy! The Krispy Kreme Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut is finally here! Its Jelly-cious, you wouldn't want any other doughnut again. :)

It was a challenging Saturday for me when I asked the boyfriend to buy me the Green Lantern Kreme doughnut that I saw from Chloe's plurk post last Friday. When we went to Trinoma, they advised us that it was unavailable and to come back in a few hours. But of course, I couldn't wait anymore. I decided that we should check out Krispy Kreme in SM City North EDSA and found it! And that time, they only had two of these babies left. So lucky, lucky me!

The Green Lantern Kreme doughnut consists of rich chocolate dough iced and made with Hershey's Milk Chocolate. It is powdered with sugar and filled with green jelly at the center, just like The Green Lantern. I've never tasted one before that I just had to get it, no matter what the cost :P

Enjoy your Green Lantern Kreme doughnut at your nearest Krispy Kreme branch. Its the closest thing to Green Lantern as the movie opens on cinemas June 16, 2011.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

X-streme Xcitement: X-Men First Class

I grew up watching X-Men cartoons. With three boys in the house, (my cousins EJ and Edrian and brother Lester), it couldnt be helped if I was outvoted on what to watch in the boob tube. But at that time, I was not that interested in action series so all I could identify is Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Beast. As for the rest, it is all foreign to me or I might have forgotten them altogether.

Last Friday, Nuffnang and Hapee treated the bloggers for a first class experience that is X-Men First Class. Why did they chose the movie? Both companies provide FIRST CLASS service to its clients. With Nuffnang, being the number one blog advertiser, we all felt as first class s we can get in terms of the ads that were placed in our blogs, the contests that they held and the many events that they provide.

As for Hapee, nothing beats FIRST CLASS Maximum Flouride Protection with their new FRESH and COOL White with Cool Tech 10. Now you can flash your "Ngiting First Class" with confidence.

Now on to the movie, X-Men First Class portrays the beginnings of the mutants we all loved. Professor X was once Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto was Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender), taking their time to discover their powers and even avenging their childhood. While both of them are trying to stop Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) with Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Emma Frost (January Jones) and Riptide (Álex González) in his team. Because of his evil plan of putting out the greatest threat the world has ever known, Xavier and Lensherr tried to track down their own kind. Hence Xavier trained his team, consisting of Mystique/Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), Angel Salvadore (Zoë Kravitz), Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Armando Muñoz/Darwin (Edi Gathegi), Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till) and Sean Cassidy / Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones).

As their journey to being special creatures were recognized, others were blinded by power and a stronger company. But will their newly found abilities be enough for a professional scientist that is Shaw? Watch X-Men First Class and witness the moment that changed the world.

X-Men First Class was superb! The storyline, the action scenes, the special effects and the suspense it gives its viewers were all perfect. I just wish that I knew the whole X-Men history, but I'm glad the boyfriend got some of them covered. I loved the beginning of the story, because it was touching. This movie is best enjoyed by X-Men fans and even kids (Well except for the Emma Frost bed scene with the old guy :P). X-Men First Class is directed by Matthew Vaughn under 20th Century Fox.

Thanks Nuffnang and Hapee for the invite to this special screening.


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