Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movie Madness: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

"Once again, I must ask too much of you Harry"-- Albus Dumbledore

The sixth installment from the Harry Potter Series is my favorite book. When Sirius Black died, that made me sad. But as one of the characters is destined to say goodbye to Harry's life, it led me to tears.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is Harry, Hermione, and Ron's Sixth Year in Hogwarts. This is also the time to determine their future professions as wizards.

But with Sirius Black's passing, it made Harry the Chosen One to defeat the Dark Lord. And to that, Dumbledore made sure that he learned everything to protect himself to defeat Voldemort. Dumbledore also taught Harry of Voldemort's past through the pensieve.As Voldemort put his life through the Horcruxes, Harry and Dumbledore made its way to find and destroy them. As their quest continues, Dumbledore had grown weak because of the horcrux that belonged to Marvolo Gaunt. As they got the third horcrux, the pendant, they went back to Hogwarts only to find out that Draco Malfroy has already led the Death Eaters inside the school.


The weird thing about the movie is there are just so many cuts from the book. Good thing the effects are awesome (most specially if youre watching in IMAX).

I cried at the end of the movie, especially when the Hogwarts' students waved their wands at the death of their Headmaster. It was probably the most touching scene. My most hated scene? Its when they LITERALLY made Harry stand and freeze while Snape shot the last of Dumbledore. Its like Harry could have done anything. If you could remember the book, it made so much sense for him to stand there. But in the movie, its just plain dumb.

But among the HP movies, this one probably is the best in terms of the effects. The scene with the Unbreakable Vow is just how I imagined it. Bellatrix Lestrange is still my favorite villain. Snape got more boring though, especially when he told Harry who was the Half-Blood Prince without any explanation at all. Stupid Sectumsempra. :P

Five Stars, so I expect the last movie to get at least get ten. hahaha. :P

Good thing the story is still good. Luna Lovegood is so pretty, btw. Hermione too. And I couldnt even start with Fred and George. Loved their store. What are they feeding these kids that made them so drool worthy anyway? hehehe. XD

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yellow Ribbons

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round an Old Oak Tree..."-- I've always liked that song. It's old, yet giddy. And it's one of our favorite videoke hits in the family whenever it's fiesta time or someone is celebrating his/her birthday.

But today, I am very fond of seeing the yellow ribbons for the former President Cory Aquino. It feels so enlightening to see people making even a simple effort to pray for you, or in this case, tying yellow ribbons around Metro Manila. Just shows that she is well loved by many. And that my friends, is how proudly Pinay I am. That even if the country is in crisis, we still make time for the little things, but we never really know that these small things can actually attest to something great. :)


Right now, I sent my entry to win a Moleskin notebook. Do check to get a chance to win these babies. :)

I remember back then, when blogging wasn't a huge deal yet, I have these stacks of journals, and I used to scribble on them whenever I had a bad day or something exciting comes up. That's when I realized that I wanted to be a writer (Yep, just like Princess Mia). And I'm hopefully realizing that dream. :)


Have to say goodnight now. Be back tomorrow! Have a sweet dream fellas!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Belle De Jour Rendezvous Take On Its Third Stride

Recessionista Fashionista Survivor!

Belle De Jour, the hippiest and fabulous lifestyle planner celebrated its third rendezvous at The Ramp, Glorietta last July 25 and I was so proud to be part of the lucky sixty girls who attended the event.

I was part of the first BDJ Rendezvous last year. And I thought the speakers were good, but this time, Belle de Jour exceeded my expectations. And they made it so fun this time, I couldn't stop talking about it (referring to my Facebook status). Surprisingly, I managed to be part of the early birds this time. Since the auction I organized during the morning went by in a flash, I headed to the fastest route known to Metro Manila dwellers, the MRT. Anyhow, since I was there at 11:45, our bingo cards were filled easily. It was even funny because we were actually waiting for the others to arrive and swarming over them even before they could fill out the registration form. But it was clean fun, Crossings was a good sport even though we were loud and all.

BDJ Girls signed away to complete their bingo cards

There were three speakers for the day, Ms. Frances Amper-Sales(EIC, OK! Magazine), Ms. Jean Madrid (Brand Manager, Selecta, Unilever) and Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita (Fashion Stylist and Writer, Phil. Star)

OK! Magazine's EIC talks about money making possibilities by blogging

As we have defended during our thesis in college, blogs are an alternative form of communicating. But today, technology has gone beyond our wildest dreams, thus, earning from a push on our keyboards. Ms. Frances Amper-Sales introduced the BDJ Girls to effective ways to earn from our blogs, and I definitely learned a lot from it. Before, my multiply and blogger blogs are just an outlet, and do I rant a million of times here. Now, her recommended moolah making sites just made sense for me to earn from freelancing or posting ads.

Yes, she looks young to be a manager right? An inspiring Ms. Jean Madrid :)

On the other hand, Jennifer "Jean" Madrid discussed about "Creating Your Unique Value at Work". Her out of the box ideals and her passion about her job motivated her listeners to make WORK worthwhile. And mind you, it was never a dull moment during her talk. I am personally moved when she told us to "make a mark in our jobs, that when you resign from your job, everyone in that company should feel like you're a big loss". I mean, this just happened to me recently and it just proves that I'm in the right path.

Ms. Donna continues to amaze her audience with her fashion flair, the thrifty way

Last but not the least, Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita did not fail to show her audience to be fashionable and fab on a scrimping manner. On my first BDJ Rendezvous, she was also the speaker about fashion and she got me laughing so hard while learning something. Today, I even got better. And she said that I could use the fact that I look young in later years, say, I'd look twenty in my forties. hahaha. I wish!

The best part of the event? I made a whole lot of friends. Met Tchel (for the second time!), Rhia, Tin, Ms. Cza and Ms. Rowena.

With fellow BDJ Girls, Tin, Tchel and Rhia

Goodies were also up for grabs. And again, let me say that I am not lucky in raffles and all that stuff, but I won something for a change. Hair Protein Treatment at Azta Salon. My only problem now is when to go. Ms. Kat said I could even get a new haircut while I'm there.

And the seatmates won the same goodie! With pretty mommies, Rowena and Cza

An afternoon filled with so much fun, excitement and goodies, only from the best planner in the world. More to come BDJ! Kudos to the third time success. And I hope to see you BDJ girls again. If I only look my age, I'll say you make me feel (young) over and over again.

Much Love!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way to go Arch! :P

Okay, so nung una, nagpropose. Tapos kinasal...Now they have twins already? hahaha. Ronnie got fat. :P...Hello? Can I buy na these? :P

An excuse to finally blog.

Okay, so please dont hate me if Im not bloggng much these past few days, its just that I have been too addicted with Tumblr, my new semi-home and Facebook. I can't help but play with my pet Tiffany at Pet Society, decorate my place at Restaurant City and plow and garden at Barn Buddy. In short, I don't have a life. :P

But seriously now, the past week has been exciting, and then some. Finally saw the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince that I have like waited for two years. And it was an impromptu thing because we were supposed to see it last Saturday, but since a blur of events (his sister and cousin, visiting the Philippines) happened, he scheduled the sureseats on the exact opening day. So I had to (literally) fly from Tektite to Market Market! just so I could be there on time for the 6:20 showing.

..Boy, did I make the taxi driver tensed. hahaha. :P

For my review about the movie, I have a different page for that. But for a more personal view, it was a fifty fifty love and hate. Yates could have done better. And the bad thing? He will be directing the last two movies as well, so good luck with that. hahaha. It's gonna be dark and all. :(


Auction time again this Saturday!

I'm always excited for auctions at the office. Not because of the fact that I have to go to work at least one Saturday a month, but the joys of having the people bid on their dream homes. I'm so nostalgic about those stuff. hehehe.

But this Saturday will not be a dull one because I will be attending the BDJ Rendezvous this Saturday will Tchelski. :) And were both so excited. I wish I could win a nice gift. Not the lame ones. I suck at raffles kasi. hahaha.


This week will be a good week. I just know. Psychic much? hahaha. Good night peeps! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Because I Always Go Back to My First Love...

Well Hello Multiply. I missed you. I'm sorry if I havent blogged much like the old times. but you see, my request for access in the office isnt out yet. Yes, that is very pathetic, if you might ask me, but a lot of things are going on.

I am finally settled on doing numerous things in the office. Well, not as much as a stack, but it definitely helps me to punch in and out of the cubicle feeling tired. But not in a bad way. Like my former boss said, we should maximize our time in the office. Look for ways to improve the business. So far, I think I'm contributing fair enough. :)


Sophie and Mico are back! Yay!

But only for a few days. Nay :( That really makes me sad. You see, they are my favorite among numerous pamangkins of Hon. I also love Andi and Carmela, but they are the ones I always hang out with back then. And theyre so cuddly and all. They both changed over the months that we havent seen them. But definitely still sweet. :P I hope they won't go back to India anymore. :(

Speaking of India, whenever Ate Grace(Hon's Sister) talks about it, I cant help but get so distracted with Jai Ho playing in my mind. I am such a weirdo sometimes. :P


Last Saturday, I went to Perjoy's Baptism, my 9th goddaughter. Ayan ha, I didnt lost count anymore. Meanwhile, its Gabby's Baptism, Maro's son, the following day. So I now have 10 goddaughters and godsons in all. hahaha. :P I so love babies. But that's it for me now. Definitely not having my own sometime soon. Maybe in a couple of years, or so.

After the baptism, went to MOA to watch Transformers in IMAX. The catch? Weve already seen it last week. So bummer. Good thing were with Mico and Sophie.

Then yesterday, went to Eastwood (I just so love saying that) to have dinner with Hon's cousins. I loved their dancing fountains. Ate Ana has clearer pictures. You see, everytime I go there, I forget to bring my camera, which is so surprising. I guess it doesnt want me to enjoy much? hahahaha

Fountain Show at Eastwood taken by my trusty Nokia

That's all for now. I promise to update you more often. Let's cross our fingers together. hehehehe. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Is this the end of Archie?

Last time I heard, they were engaged. Now they're married? For real?

....Loved this couple. YAY! hehehe. :P

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'em Sooo Bored..

Pasig Day is awesome, I know, but being inside the house on what supposed to be on of my free days is so not cool. Seriously. These things only happen during my weekends. Not on Thursdays. :P

I so wanna go out. But I wanna quarantine myself first until this sore throat stops. :P


Yesterday, RSB Marketing (and the whole company) launched its newest baby.

credits to Dimple who made the image. :)

So anyhow, TWO WAY GIVEAWAY is RCBC Savings Bank's newest promo where you could win a home appliance showcase and a brand new car just be saving your money or getting its loan products. It is a fair deal because you do not only get to benefit from the products, but its a win to get the amazing prizes.

.. So yeah, I'm just psyched to get to promote this one. :)

I just hope that many could participate in this. Sobrang cool deal right?


Yesterday, Hon and I went to SM MOA because we havent been on a date for a long time. Were supposed to see a movie but since it was too late already and Transformers lasts for like two plus hours, I declined. Plus I was sick to even try to digest any movie. But no H1N1 for me. hehehe.

Thankfully for Mitzi, Hon was able to drive me home, or I would be sent off catching the train and killing my ass off just to get to the station. Especially with my feet bitching on me. :P


I love Philippine Stock Exchange Bazaars! Yay!

I just wish I'm super rich because I want an impulsive buy yesterday. I only bought a jacket. But its a win buy. :)

Gotta go for now. Still no internet for me at the office. The only chance I'll get that for sure is when Ms. Donna's back from her leave. GL to me. :P


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