Friday, February 27, 2009

This tickled me pink...

Hon21 says: Ingat kyo mmya ha
wag nmn sana mapanu kayo sa bus

Me says: Gusto ko nga magkita tayo eh.

Hon21 says: Pagbalik mo na
Para alm mo na may babalikan ka


Aww, sometimes, I dont know how Hon gets all his sweetness from. As my friend says, when we fight, its always intense, but when we care about each other, its as if we never had any problems.

Im still confused over the heart and mind situations. But Im going there to know the final verdict. I mean, if I would agree or not. I told Maam Kit about it too and the day felt so sad. She kinda noticed how it means for me to leave and change career paths. She also felt that it would be best for me there. I felt bad tuloy, but life has to go on.

..pero its still changeable. I just dont know how would that be possible. :P

Brought chickie in my bag for Baguio. Jeni persuaded me to take her. haha.

Have to go try to fix my other things. Think I'll bring to cameras, just in case. hehehe.

Have fun you all this weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panagbenga na!

I used to attend the Panagbengal Festival way back in high school. I even remembered one time where we took a picture of Regine Velasquez and (a portion, seiously! because all I took was his back.haha) of Aga Muhlach for their movie that was shot in Baguio (Pangako, Ikaw Lang).

Last year, Mom, my brother, and her friends also went there. They saw Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson daw. Last 2007, she and Dad also went there, taking pictures of Judy Ann Santos, all the way. LOL.

And because they have been unfair to their only daughter *winks*, Mom and Dad dragged me to go with them to the Float Parade this year. Yay! They thought that since I haven't been to Baguio in a long time, and since my brother couldn't come, they will once again bond with their daughter who haven't been in trips with them. hahaha. For Christ's sake, they even wanted to go to Davao with me. I knew it, that my Mom didn't want me to go there at first because she was jealous that she haven't been there. LOL.

So anyhow, Ive been in Baguio since, well, forever. Mom says I have been made there. Eww. Not the information I needed, but since they had their honeymoon there, I guess now I'm one of the produce of Baguio, (and somehow) proud of it. hehehehe.


I'm not sure where we'll go (again). Tita Fely always invite Mom and Dad to Asinan, where they have this hot spring of some sorts, but we definitely wont have time for that. Maybe to PMA instead (Yay! Tayong Dalawa? hehehe) I wanna see the military exhibitions again. And the cute tree houses there. Thinking about it, that was the overthrow of Erap when we last went to PMA. And we were with Ate Obry too. Aww, I miss her na.

Gone are the days when the only mall in Baguio is that small one that I cant even remember because we used to go the the market instead to buy our food. Now they have SM already. Sometimes, I do feel old. Pero wish ko lang naman wag gawin nung nanay ko yung ginawa niya sa Iloilo diba? I mean, just going to SM. hahaha.

Jeni and I talked that we SHOULD meet there on Sunday, at least. Maybe we'll hang at Session Road coz that's where the action is. And sadly, numerous people. harhar.

I wish I could see celebrities at the parade itself. It would be a nice thought. haha. Piolo! or John Lloyd! Fangurl. tsk tsk.


Speaking of JL (no not my brother), Miss Cherry, Mark and I are going to watch "You Change My Life" tonight. Ms. Che said that it is exciting because its the first showing date. Her thrill of the number of people watching. hahaha. I'm there naman for the movie. Hello? Give us some action naman. Pag hi-nug lang ni Sarah si John Lloyd ulit, kamusta naman at parang magpaparefund nalang ako. LOL.

But nevertheless, I'm excited too. And I wanna watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and He's Just Not That Into You. Sana naman wag lang on DVD. Because I'm trying to watch Revolutionary Road. Maybe next week on DVD. No choice eh, can't wait for the Leo-Kate teamup again. :P


Have to go. Ang daldal daldal ko na naman.

Muah! to all! XOXO.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zero Internet Access in the office is like this...




*Ria sits at her desk*

Asks, "wala pa rin bang access?" seatmate says: Wala pa rin eh.

"Ah, okay".


So why am I here again? Ah, may ieemail pa ko na clients. Damn. walang net. *Sits again*


That the most frustrating part of our one and a half day hiatus from the net. How, as Sir Melan says, "Patay ang mundo ni Ria ngayon". I started my two weeks more-due report so I wouldnt cram next week. I rearranged my files, if ever my plans of leaving my current job push through. But I stupidly forgot to do my Performance Appraisal. So I have to finish it tomorrow, or at least try. Im never good at judging my work, or myself for that matter. And I have troubles critiquing my inputs. Like Im so biased when it comes to my babies. hahaha.

I wont be in Manila this weekend. See, my parents are Panagbenga fans and they do catch up to the festival whenever they could. And they dragged me to go with them. Lucky for me, because I havent been in Baguio for years already, and Jeni will be going this weekend with her sister because their boyfriends work there. :D Tita Fely allowed us to stay with them so were all set! I just wish we could be there longer, but we'll see. haha. As if work will let me take a leave. :P

So till here for now. I have to sleep now.. or take care of my pet Tiffany at FB. hehe. :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

33rd Month...

Happy 33rd Monthsary Hon Hon!

Three more months to go and were nearing our Third Year! Yay! I mean, how often do you find your soulmate, your best friend, your partner, your childhood sweetheart and your true love in one person? And we never thought we could still be together. :P Though there are times that we seem so competitive towards our beliefs, WE.STAYED.TOGETHER.

..and until forever and ever. :D

I love you so much. Always have, always will :)


Im excited to go out tomorrow. I dont know, maybe I am that frustrated on how things are going so far about work and other stuff. I need to recharge. Or shop. Whichever comes first. :P

Im looking for ways to go to Cebu and Bohol. Im so envious of the people going there. Hon Hon said that we should have at least two trips a year, but I dont want him spending too much money for airfares and stuff. So Im doing everything to research about promo fares, decent hotels and places to go to. Especially now that when were nearing our third year.

And Im looking for ways to get my old self back. I wanna slave myself going to Ultra or Starmall just so I could get good results. But I binge, everytime. I sooo need an inspiration.


Speaking of Congratulations, three of my friends passed the Nursing Board Exams. Great job to Aprelle, Bernard and Sanjay! Galing galing! You three deserve it. Libre naman jan! hehehe.

Panagbenga next week. The topnotcher came from Baguio. :D Hope they would have a grand celebration. At least for the flower parade na rin.

Layas na naman ako. harhar. Im tired, but happy at the same time. Well at least its keeping me distracted from the things that's been bothering me. And Im thankful that amidst all these, I still am grounded. And Im so thankful for now.

Gotta go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Of Valentines, Hon's Birthday and How Badly I Wanna be Salma Hayek

The first time Hon compared me with a movie star, I thought he would say something horrible. We were in college then, and the film Frida was about to be shown in the Philippines. If I may recall, we werent an item anymore at that time but he pestered my already trying-to-move-on life just to tell me that I looked like Salma Hayek in the aforementioned film.

And now, I so badly wanted to be like her because of the news above:

PARIS – Salma Hayek picked a romance-lover's ideal time and place for her wedding: Valentine's Day in Paris.

The Mexican-born actress wed French magnate Francois-Henri Pinault in a civil ceremony Saturday at the City Hall in Paris' chic 6th arrondissement, according to an official there.

The wedding was a small affair, said the official, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, in accordance with policy.

The nuptials followed a rocky romance. The two met in Italy in 2006, announced their engagement and had a baby, Valentina Paloma, in September 2007. Last year they broke off their engagement but made up a few months later.

Hayek, 42, was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for the film "Frida," the biography of the painter Frida Kahlo, which she produced and starred in. She is one of the executive producers of the hit series "Ugly Betty" and is also the chief executive of Ventanazul, a production company she formed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Pinault, 46, is chief executive of the French luxury and retail group PPR SA, which owns high-end labels such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Puma.


Okay, so not only did she get her dream wedding, but she bagged herself a rich man. Um, well, she was a bankable actress at least. Though, Im not really sure if I wanna get married the Parisian way. Hate it. And it will probably take me a very long time to accept the name, the country and the person who tagged it and associated my boyfriend with. Bitterness is such a b*tch. hahaha :P

But Im really happy for Salma. I may not know her personally, but love still exists somehow.


Our Valentine's Day was subtle. There were no frills, but some fuss. :P I somehow managed to be overdramatic about the fact that it wasnt special unlike our previous heart's day celebrations and all. Of course, I WAS MELODRAMATIC. And Im quite aware of that fact. In addition to that, it was the first time for me to get so frustrated on not having it my way, and envying girls who are holding roses and bouquets and bears. I cant believe that I tried to ruin my relationship for all the commercialized hullabaloo that the occasion is trying to feed us girls. It was only when my partner told me "Bakit, lahat ba ng may hawak na bulaklak na nakita mo, nakapunta sa Davao?", made me shut up and forget about being so selfish and insensitive.

And what matters most is after almost three years, Patrick and Ria is still living happily ever after. (^___^)

As Usher said, " It's the simple things in life we forget, You hear her talkin' but don't hear what she said, Why do you make something so easy so complicated. Searching for what's right in front of your face...But you can't see it"

...But of course, there's always next year. hahaha. :P


Yesterday naman, we celebrated his birthday at his house. Had a simple get-together with his family, some of his friends and of course, his nieces and nephew na super lovable. :D

Was a fun day until we heard the mass. No, its not the mass itself, but this obnoxious priest who thinks that people who settle to sit outside the church doesnt hear his sermon and just fiddling with friends. I mean, its okay to reprimand those people, but humiliating them is such a turn off. I mean, being a priest and a holy man.

Oh well, I have to go. Spent the day with Hon today. Fun and tiring din at the same time. But I really enjoyed the day. :D

Tomorrow will be another day for work. And still undecided about something in my future.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Davao: Your Not-So-Ordinary Destination :D

Last week, the farthest place Ive been to is Visayas. Caticlan to be exact. And Im still psyched because some people didnt have the chance to travel like I do. But last Friday, I have conquered Davao, sights, sounds and smell. And how I wish I could have stayed longer. :D

Day One:

Our early flight isnt the best moment of my life. I hate waking up in the morning and waking up everyone in our house just so I could get ready and be at the airport at least before 7AM. Good thing my brother volunteered to get me to meet Hon at least somewhere safe since its still dark outside.

After the plane landed to Davao International Airport, you could already feel that it is an exciting place. There are fruit stalls of pomelo and durian everywhere and the people are very warm, considering that you have only met them that day. Tito Mon and Tita Nena (Hon's Family's Friends) were like Mom and Dad to the three of us. After lunch, Tito Mon made us go with Kuya Junjun, Ate Lucyl and Fiona to tour the Eagle Center and Crocodile Park.

The Davao Eagle Center is paradise. No dull moment anywhere. Even if you could only see birds of same height or colors, the place is breathtaking, it is almost paradise. Kuya Junjun even said that a pair of eagles has the same mate for the rest of their lives. How cool is that. :D And even though it is raining cats and dogs, we still went through our visit

After the Eagle Center, we went to the Davao Crocodile Park. As expected, the large reptiles were so intimidating, my hands were shaking everytime I try to take some photos. Im scared that they might break their cages or something. Pangil was also there, their biggest and scariest crocodile. There are also snakes and other animals in the area, but Jon and I loved taking pictures at the statues of the animals. So grade school. ahaha.

After that, went to Belly's Grill to have dinner. We met Ate Weng there and introduced us to the super yummy foods of the place. Fried hito, Kilawin, Buttered Scallops and the infamous Chicken Barbeque. Well, of course, we have some of that in Manila, but tasting a part of the Davao delicacy is different from fastfoods and all.

Lastly, when we all though that were gonna call it a day, Kuya Jun Jun and Ate Weng invited us to go on a night out. She said that "minsan lang kayo pupunta dito, so dapat imaximize niyo yung stay niyo." We went first to the Grand Regal Hotel where one of their jewelry store was situated. After that, we went downtown and they tried that thing where you smoke out of the bottle that originated in India or something. I forgot what it is called, but anyway, they did use it. Jon also made a friend, Kuya Junjun's barkada named Mark.

When they all thought we were getting bored with our drinks, Ate Lucyl dragged us to go on this videoke place. They also saw the Mayor's son pa. hehehe.

Day Two:

Since we got home at two AM already, they let us sleep some more until 8. LOL. But seriously now, we are heading to Samal Island. But before any of the swimming stuff, we went out first to buy gifts for our family back in Manila. Aldevinco Shopping Center is an amazing site where colorful shawls and bracelets were located. And they are all cheap too! I personally loved the shawls because in Manila, you could get one for like a hundred and fifty pesos, but in Aldevinco, you could get it at their cheapest price.

Then we went to People's Park. Too bad we cant get in because its cleaning time and wont be open until twelve noon. So we just took pictures outside, for the heck of it. hahaha. And then, to Magsaysay Fruit Stalls to buy durian! Okay, so I never thought it wouldnt be that bad. I mean, based on accounts of people, durian smells like hell and tastes like heaven, but it didnt annoy me at all. Even the crocodile stuffed toy Hon bought for me at Crocodile farm smelled with durian because I left it in its plastic for like 5 minutes, but I still hugged it when I slept last night. hahaha. :P

After shopping, went to the pier so we could get to the ro-ro to get to Samal Island. Trivia: Samal Island boasts of clean water and white sand. White, because the sands are made of limestones.

So reaching the Isidro family's resthouse, we thought it was heaven. Their house is huge (and one of the most beautiful beachfronts Ive seen) and they have this spacious garden. And that house is also in memory of their son who met a fateful accident near the area. Lucky enough, the weather is calm and not so sunny that we enjoyed dipping in the beach for so many hours. Hon and Kuya Junjun saw this blue starfish and made this kid get it for me. Now its dead, and I brought it home. Bad. :P

Videoke-fest were also the theme for the night. Jon got drunk that he started talking like a man. But I got so annoyed I asked him to shut up several times. Though, he didnt. He just did when I slept already. haha.

Day Three:

Again, an early wake-up call from the Isidro's because we couldnt miss the boat to the city and we couldnt miss our plane. :P Went first to bid our goodbyes to Trichelle and Ate Weng then off to buy pomelos! Sadly, they were not in season (actually, almost all fruits are! Sad) but we bought some anyway. Good thing they still taste good so we all bought one boxes each.


So that highlighted my Three day Davao Trip. And still (and forever) will be thankful to the Isidro Family for the warm accommodation, transpo and foods, Jon for somehow taking care of me when I feel bad and taking so many pictures I could never imagine I'd get for a three day trip and to Hon, for introducing me to the Isidro's, the plane, and for being exactly who you are. Love you so much. :D

Next trip... well, I havent planned one yet. But Cebu's on my mind. hahaha. :P


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