Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Layout for the New Season

After tinkering my multiply site, I have been a proud momma all of a sudden. Finally, I made my very own design and the first one was Blair Waldorf pa! How cool is that?

..So cool that I made a helluva girl out of her. Hahaha. I mean, I so love it. she can be bitchy at times, but you'll love she ploy with other people. And having to date two of the most pretty boys of her age. Cmon, who DOESN'T want to be her?

I actually don't. haha. Anyway, she's powerful that's why she could pull all that. Queen B.

Marky even wanted me to do him a Serena layout. hehe. Kewl.


Hectic Hectic. I know, so why am I still blogging? Nah. I just wanted to shout to the world that finally, a normal life is given to me again. My Dad's coming home tomorrow!. Now I could finally go on a date. I could go to Divi and splurge. I could bum in the house and no one would care. FINALLY.

On the other hand, things at the office are pretty perky. I have an article coming up, we have the anniversary on Friday, and my baby will have a new face. The things I could be happy about. hehe.


Last night, I went ga-ga over Wedding Dash. After Flo's Diner Dash, now I'm playing Quinn, a distressed wedding planner. Try the game, I'm sure you would enjoy it too. My brother even played with me. And we were even cheating on the choices of the bride and groom. Like everytime we commit a mistake, we would start the game over again. LOL.

And the game is all because of Sir Allan C's generosity. He even made me a predecessor of Jeni. Its for me to know and for you to find out. Hahaha.

I'm still sleepy. Gaah!

Have to go now.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok Na Ko Ngayon...

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to the people who cared.

For the people who offered their ear and jokes when I needed them the most.

And mostly, to the true friends. You know who you ARE. :D


Spent my much needed weekend break at Nova. I just literally curled up in bed and tried to re-assess how Im feeling. But after talking, I'm finally okay. Were finally OKAY.

...And I know you will never cease to LOVE me. I just knew it. hehe.


Last Friday, Jeni and I went rode the MRT when suddenly, at the front side of the women's train, an unbearable shouting happened that made it stop for at least five minutes. Apparently, theres this woman who got nabbed and was shouting nonstop to this guy who allegedly robbed her. The security just got there after a few seconds, while the train remained at the station. KAMUSTA NAMAN.

Good thing they settled their issue outside. But everyone went laughing after the train left the station. We were making nasty comments that they shouldnt rob yet because its not payday or something. But really, if you have been there, it really would be a laughingstock.


I have a hectic week coming up. Due to the Company's Anniversary, I am solemnly swearing to work real hard. I believe that there'll be too many problems in the following days. So Im praying for the

And thankfully, the storm has already passed. And the skies have cleared.

..At least there's a chance for a happy ending after all. :D

Love you HON. Muah!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Suddenly, small fights damages me, left me feeling blue.

Suddenly, words bleed like it would never stop at all.

Suddenly, the small world that we both built seems bigger, that left me to not know you. That all I could see are different strangers I never thought I would know.

..Because you promised that it'll be just you and me.

(Inspired by Sex and the City Movie, Wedding scene of Carrie and Big)


Dun palang ako eh. But I already made a simple poem for them. I felt sad for not finishing it, but I felt more sad when Big left Carrie and waited at the altar. She was assuring him that everything will be perfect because they will start their lives together, which they waited for what? ten or so years? Then Big started to have cold feet and panicked.

But stupid Big realized that Carrie is the ONE. But of course, Carrie was too mad to care that she hit Big with her wedding bouquet. And I loved Charlotte to drive Big away from Carrie.

I mean, men are stupid because they just think you nag them, but they dont realize that you care about them. And the worst part of that, you would keep on waiting for them, you wasted your time caring about them, and instead of showing a teeny gratitude, they would even diss you and wont care if you slept late and got late because of them. AND YES, THAT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

I'm just upset. I know, I shouldnt work up myself with stress, but it feels bad to be unappreciated. And I know I should understand the situation, but it freaking happens almost all of the time. Hindi ko nga alam kung nananadya ka na eh.

Anyhow, make up for it or whatever, come Friday, you wont see me too. Maybe its time that I shouldnt do anything about it. After all, you always mention that there are no accidents. And evidently, whatever MAY happen, is both our faults right?

Sad post. Sad life. Papalitan ko nalang kaya ng Sad and name ko?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chipper and Perky!

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

Got this one from Elizel's Blog. So cool kasi. Plus its about coffee. Teehee.

Okay, SRSLY now, Grey's Anatomy Season 4 is ending already. Sad because I have to wait for another season and good because I can finally buy the complete season without the missing episodes. Since IMO not making Hon download it like I made him with the Gossip Girl episodes, I am really looking forward to see it. Yay!

I hope Mother Nature wont rain on me later. IMO going to UST to pick up the Blair Headbands that I bought. And its an excuse to maybe see Nina and Jam. But I have to call them pala. They might have a class or something. Its just that law school is tough din. But I know you guys rock. :D


Starting this weekend, I have to say goodbye to my former life. No more weekend dates with Hon or hanging out with my friends. IMO pissed at my brother's stupid schedule. I know, its overly dramatic, but that's just the way it has to be.


"Good Morning RIA"**

--yun lang. masaya na ko. LOL

**Sir Jun, our President greeted me on a first-name basis. Dami naman ng employees eh. Kilig Kilig. (^___^)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay lang ako. Damn.

Okay, so I was still fine this afternoon. I was still having my Kung Fu Panda hungovers until I got this message from my email:

"Congratulations Ria Hazel C. Lumandog!

You have won for yourself two (2) movie tickets to the advance screening of MADE OF HONOR on Monday, June 16, 2008 at The Podium Cinemas 1 & 2 (7:30pm) and a gift certificate (P250 worth of service) and 5-10% discount coupon from Urban Spa.

Please claim your prize from June 13 to 16, 2008 during these hours:
Friday, June 13 (until 10:00pm)
Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15 (3:00pm to 10:00pm) Monday, June 16 (7:00am to 5:00pm)"

SO WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY? June 16! What time is it already? 5:00 PM. Sayang talaga. Actually, it would be okay for me if I wasn't looking forward to see it, but Ive been waiting for it to shown. AND ITS PATRICK DEMPSEY, for pete's sake! Kamusta naman yun? Pwede bang magwala? LOL.

Wanna know why Im frustrated? Because Ive finally won in something I really really like, but then I didnt even got the chance to enjoy it. Hon consoled me by telling that we would watch it together, but its not the same. I mean, I waited for the results and all. TAPOS BIGLANG GANUN?!? Waaah!

Anyhoo, there's nothing I could do anymore. Other than sulking, I have to live my life and let go. Sayang lang talaga yung effort. Maybe its not really for me. But when you think about it, luck is finally getting to me. I mean, I never won contests before, or I got lousy giveaways, but now, I feel like I was picked anywhere, like the Belle De Jour raffle and the Indiana Jones movie where I answered a question and won a shirt and all. It just feels soooo sad. SRSLY!


Moving on, I watched Sex and the City last night through the wonders of piracy. Because we didnt have the chance to see it on the big screen, I just opted for the cheap copy. I LURVED their dresses, and Carrie's SHOES!!! But it was sad because Big left her at the altar. Stupid. After all these years! Bleep. But I haven't finished the movie pa talaga. I was too tired because Hon and I went mall hopping just to see Kung Fu Panda. From MOA to Greenbelt, we finally settled in G4. Loser mode. :D

Tonight, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and I have a date. Will continue watching it na talaga. Too bad I was too tired so I just slept without finishing it. I dunno, it might even surprise me in the end. Hopefully.


The rain is falling hard right now. I know it sympathizes with me. Hehehehe.

Bye bye na. Wala na ko sa mood. Later! :D

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Luck to you Bad luck..

Its Friday the 13th today. And thankfully, bad luck hasnt crossed with me yet. Know why? Because it usually takes its toll on me whenever superstitious days like these happen.

This morning, I have this jeepney driver I almost whack his head off. You see, I kind of woke up early just so I wouldnt be late anymore. And because I only have one left, I figured that I should really hurry.

So coming at the station before 7AM, I was already sitting at the usual back of the driver seat. I should have known before I even tried to ride that turtle! I have been throwing dagger looks at him so he would speed up. Thankfully, I wasnt late. So I guess that makes up for not being unlucky today.

...Plus I will be having the appraisal starting today. Nice!


Oh, and I wanna greet my good friend Sai a MERRY, HAPPY and LUCKY birthday. I hope you read this, but you know that youre one of the closest friend I ever had in FC. And I wish we could be friends until our future children grows up. MwaaaAhuggZ my Pweti Sai!

Miss na miss ka na namin ni Jeni! Manlibre ka naman! LOL.


Anyhow, that's my Friday, nothing new. Just dropped by and talked nonsense. Haha.

Gotta go! XOXO.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dreaming of You...

I love my Tuck. Soooper! But then, I saw something divine out of my mail.

Introducing iPhone 3G. OO! 3G! Its a phone, Ipod, Digicam, Video Player, Internet, Touch Screen and Mobile Conference rolled into one. Whew!

And its coming in the Philippines, but only exclusively for Globe. Hahaha! Too bad its so much prettier than me. Joke.

Anyhow, I don't know bucketful of pesos this would cost, though S told me that this is the newest iPhone and it only costs more than 8k. Plus I saw it this afternoon at the paper. Now I have to wait till July 11 to find out if this would really cost me JUST $199. Yay!


The awarding of Project Smile successfully happened yesterday. Though there has been little mishaps on the presentation, it was still a successful event. And the winners are completely deserving to win. Good thing that we have responsible, yet extra-milers in the company, not just because of the prize, but because it is their task.

And really, we don't see that very often ayt?


Gotta go. Ive a pending article due today. Though finishing touches nalang naman. Later! Muah! :D

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crappy Crappy Moi..

I feel crappy.

But I'm happy at the same time..

I feel crappy that I didn't get the chance to watch Sex and the City Movie. Ive been waiting for it for months, but then again, I'm too busy to watch it. Sad...

I'm happy because Hon Hon went here. And now I could finally blog at lappie. Yay!
And yeah, Ejay Falcon won PBB Teen Edition. Nice. :D

Another boytoy. hahaha.

And then there's David Cook also. He's so driving me nuts. I love his voice. I wanna steal it so I could put it in my room. hehehe. Kidding.


Next week will be my doomsday. Because my brother has a stupid schedule at school, I am obligated to come with my Mom. And that is why I am enjoying my life right now, in this house, because come weekend, my social life is over.

And there's no work tomorrow. Finally! Another vacation. On Tuesday, the awarding of Project Smile will take place. And I have another article coming up. But I'm happy to report that I am still in one piece and sane. :D

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants will be shown later at ETC. I wanna see Alexis Bledel! Actually, I dont really like her character there. I'm just happy that SHE's THERE. And I thought I saw Blake Lively there. I dont know her pa kasi that time, so I'm not sure.

Though news have fled that there will be a sequel to the movie. *grins*

Anyhoo, I have to go. Will go to my laundry and iron them pa. Wehehe. Yaya mode na naman ako. LOL.

See yah all! :D

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


These are the kind of days when you feel you have so much to blog, but you suddenly forgot what they are. Waah.

Anyhow, if I were third year college again, I would still be in Manila Times, looking for something to re-write, being handed a press conference but still have the time to surf the net and barge in the MIS department to download songs. That sounds bad. hehe. I'm kidding. You see, there's this former employee were friends with. And he lets us do anything during lean times. I just kinda missed that.

This day isn't that different. I still am thinking what to do right now, while working of course. Just that I mastered the art of multitasking, when REALLY REALLY needed.


Anyhow, let me tell you about my Belle De Jour Rendezvous experience. I know it has long been overdue, but it was fun. It actually is my first time to go on a lifestyle seminar because most of the ones Ive attended to are about personality or career. So anyway, Jeni and I meet at Glorietta so we could go to Rustan's together. I didnt make a lot of friends, but the speakers are very interesting. I personally loved how Ms. Dona talked about clothes. And I thought it would be shallow or very by the book. And she's not even pa-sosyal even though she has already worked for so many brands. I envy those people talaga.

Plus, we received lots of freebies. Jeni is even telling me that I should take care of the NARS blush I got. Haha. So expensive kasi. :P

After that, Brent and I also hooked up and talked about the recent events. In fairness to Brent, he always remained objective. Nice one. So after burning my pocket in shopping for books. (Which is a steal because I got what I was looking for in SALE! Yay!) After Glorietta, went straight to Greenbelt to look for Temple Bar. Then I went home because its his company's party and I wouldn't want to trail with him anymore. hehe.


I feel sad for my friend. When I thought everything was perfect in her life with her hubby, she let out last Saturday that they were thinking of separating. And they have a baby together. And they are married, legally. She even told me that she tried so hard to keep the marriage, but they just "fell out of love".


I wish they shouldnt have gotten married nalang. You know, just to get out of the hassles of annulment. I feel sorry for my goddaughter too. But most specially, I got scared that even when you think you have the most perfect couple to boot, they are still capable and sadly, did not overcome their problem that led them to separate. Really, it is so devastating because they promised to leave each other by marriage. And a whole lot will be hurt, especially God. Its depressing when you think about it.


Hehe, maybe not. Anyway, every relationship is different from another right? And I know our is for keeps. Locked is more like it. LOL


Last Sunday naman, Hon Hon let me go shopping at Divi. Well, actually, its SM Manila first to buy my Cosmo Mag, Quiapo for It Started With a Kiss II DVD, 168 to look for nifty stuffs and Tutuban to buy the green shoes Ive been eyeing on. Plus he took me shopping because he's now certified at work. Yay again!

May has been good to me. For some moments, hehehe. No seriously, it has its ups and down, but I'm glad I made it through. Gaah.

Have to go! Muah! :D


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