Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second Post for the day Kasi Maldita Ako.

Sabi nila, bato bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit. I say, pag tinamaan, blog ko to, so magrereact ako.

Iha, hindi ko binabasa sa pamamagitan ng dummy account ang multiply mo. Pwede naman maglogout diba? Tulad ng ginagawa mo. Diba? Eh bakit pa ko magda-dummy account? Adik ba ko? LOL.

Second, I sooo love it, jeez, yay, super, uber, etc. Alam ko hindi ako nagimbento ng mga salitang yan, pero sa pagkakaalam ko lang, madalas ko gamitin yan sa more than a hundred blogs ko, mula pa nung college ako. So bakit ko nakikita ngayon sa mga posts mo? Para may panggaya effect? Isa pa, adik ka ulit no?

Third, wala akong pakialam sa kayabangan mo sa blog mo. O kung sabihin mo na "humble" ka. Pero nakakairita na kasi yang pagmamalaki mo sa sarili mo na perperkto ka. teka, nakalimutan mo ba na pumasok ka sa porn site? Ha? Nakalimutan mo na ba yun? Gusto mo kasi pahirapan ng buhay eh no?

Fourth, wag ka pacute. Hindi bagay. Lublob mo face mo sa drum, o kaya, try mo manalamin sa umaga. O uminom ng kape. Ang ganda ganda mo kasi eh.

Fifth, grammar mo ayusin mo. O kaya gawa ka ng sariling dictionary, tutal dun ka magaling eh, umimbento ng mga salita. Hindi lang yun, magaling ka rin manggaya ng expressions ng tao eh nu. Galing clap clap!

Alam mo isipin mo nalang na antagal tagal ko ng nagtitimpi sayo. Mate-take ko pa nung una eh, kahit papano demure ka pa. Eh tumagal, parang ako pa yung may kasalanan sayo. Ayus ka rin pala eh no. Gusto mo kasi labanan ng blog, e di sige dito ko bibigay. Gusto mo post ko pa yung mga magagandang piktyurs mo na sinend mo sa email ni Pat? Para masaya tayong lahat.

Ayus lang naman sakin yun, kasi hindi ako ang mawawalan ng respect sa sarili ko. Pero kasi narinig ko dati kay Beatriz Saw, ang respect hindi iniimpose, ine-earn yan. Ngayon, kung gusto mo pa ma-earn ang respect ng ibang tao eh tumigil tigil ka sa panggagaya. Baka nga buhay mo pa mas boring kaya pati mga binibili mo online pinopost mo. LOL. Kakatawa kasi. Pathetic. Alam mo ibig sabihin nun? Try mo sa Webster's Dictionary.

O ito wala ng spellcheck spellcheck ha, kasi mas masaya pag galing mismo sa utak ang sinasabi. As you have mentioned, wala ka rin paki kasi blog ko to. Pero alam mo magisip isip ka kasi masaya ka kasing kaaway. LOL.

Yay! Merry Christmas!

Blogging A New Look

My Multiply isn't that candy-ish anymore. And not too pink. Wala lang, I just decided to sport a new look since, well, I have the time to do so. And I found these uber cute brushes too. Jeni once said that she was getting tired of my LO. So here, Ive decided to look for a nice background by wingedgoddess, while I made the layout for the Banner. And I am so friggin' loving it eventhough its not too pink. :D Another "obra" from yours truly. hehe.


I am so loving PBB again. They brought Gaby Dela Merced back in the house. So cool. I just hope the other housemates wouldn't mob on her just because of the fact that she have been out of the house already. And I couldn't wait if rumors are true that Akon will be guesting there too. I mean, that would be extra uber coolness. :D

Anyway, just finished the Powerpoint Presentation of our Company's Christmas Party Contests and Program. Then when the Committee finalizes the list, I could layout the email invite. I can't believe that Sir Ronnie volunteered me for it. But I'm not complaining. I am actually honored to do so. Like when you feel that you are but a small individual in the company, someone could make you stand out in a snap. And that it doesn't feel bad anymore because your efforts are not wasted. I mean, being known because of your connections in the company, but you really EARNED HARD for it.


Let me tell you a story about a girl, which we should call "Lucky". Lucky says she doesn't brag about her at all. When in fact, she just told the world that she was supposed to study in this prestigious school, put in her blogs her family's companies and hell, her title in the company, etcetera etcetera. She hasn't learned a lesson or was put under a curse, I just want to tell how some people can be so pathetic. Hindi kasi makaramdam. Jeez. Dude, mali pa spelling mo. Ay, hindi lang pala spelling. Pati grammar mo mali. Spell-check mo, uso naman sa multiply yun. LOL.


Anyhow, I don't want my blog or day be ruined. Sai didn't say yes to our invite for Divi on Saturday. Hon Hon will be in a personality seminar with his friends. While I would be all miserable planning the exchange gift and Xzeno's Christmas Party.

Ultimate gift for greatest boyfriend will not happen anymore. Bezzie Mercie and I are planning to go to this place she was talking about to buy a gift, but since he said out loud that he wanted this jacket-slash-coat we saw at SM Makati, I'm going to give him an advanced present since he'll use it for his defense on Monday. As for me, he keeps on insisting that he'd buy the ultimate gift din. And it seems that I have a hint on what he'll give me and apparently, it is in my wishlist. And I guess I'm getting a pretty hefty present from my Dad this year. But I hope I'd get a good price for it since I don't want my him to spend that much for it. As much as I wanted a lappie this year, I wouldn't budge for it anymore. Maybe next time.

Hafta go. Am already freezing in my seat. Ciao peeps! :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disappointed Baby...

I still love that company, but I feel overqualified for the job.

Went to the most disappointing interview Ive ever had in my life. Not because that they judged every inch of me, but they haven't even tried doing that. Believe me, I have been in a LOT of job interviews before when I was still a newly grad, but this one, is awkward.

One thing I learned from our Career Speaker and then-Public and Alumni Affairs Director Cristina Cabral when we were in our senior year, is the best weapon in every interview is our resume. The Curriculum Vitae speaks for the things we could never voice out. It tells our achievements, our future goals, our education and most specially, our personality. So armed with my three-page CV and a somehow attractive graduation photo. The resume is almost blasting "I'M A BANKABLE EMPLOYEE, I COULD DO GOOD, I COULD MEET YOUR STANDARDS". But unlike my current boss, the interviewer did not even reviewed the CV first. (Maybe because she has lots to do or employees or interviewees to attend to, I 'm not so sure)

Okay so enough rambling about educational attainments and stuff, she wanted to place me first into Sales then into Customer Service. Okay, so she REALLY is determined to put me to Mall of Asia. I said okay. She then asked me if I'm willing to be on shifting schedule, I said maybe, due to the fact that I haven't tried that before. Again, the puppet that I was said, I'm willing to do it. Then she laid the one restday a week rule, and I said I'm fine with it. Then she said me the range, see, money isn't an issue for me, but I feel as if I'm back on square one if I accepted it. Though I kind of negotiated with a little higher than what I'm getting here now, wouldn't still be enough. I mean, at the current office, I have like, regular days of work, free on holidays, and getting the cake and eating it at the same time.

In consolation, she said that based on my records, and the fact that I DO READ BOOKS (God, that really sounds condescending because in fact, I do not just read books, I LOVE THEM, and if they're real people, I may even marry it for will's sake) will automatically put me into the Probationary Period and will not be under an agency. Really, that made me so sad. Although again, as another consolation, she said that she believes that I could really do well for them and be back at two.

But really, thinking about what happened, I'm not even sure if I have the face to be back at two, or tomorrow for that matter. I really am super disappointed with it. But still is my favorite bookshop. Maybe I'm just not that made for it.


After the interview, went to SM Megamall to re-think of the things I just made (leaving my oh-so-perfect job, leaving my boss, bid goodbye to my colleagues and friends in the company). Out of frustration, and maybe God even consoled me for being downright stupid for a while, I bought a blouse and splurged a bit. And it led to the dress I am looking to wear for Christmas. :D But I need the opinions of some people about it. hehehe. But I'm not gonna post it here. Kamusta naman if I would wear a dress tapos lahat na nakita na sinuot ko yun. Parang Veronica Lodge lang eh nu? LOL.

Gotta go blab more news next time. Muah! Later people :D

Friday, November 23, 2007

Awake at Three AM.

By far, this the worst night (or midnight) ever. I thought it was okay earlier. I even played the girlfriend part. But I guess it isn't enough.

I'm still confused on whether or not to show up at this job interview. I mean, I so love books, I can play things with AP, I could (and I mean a heck!) write, I have a knack for organizing book launches or events, etc. When I stepped into Powerbooks Greenbelt this Friday evening, my heart was strongly pounding and I believed to be destined for it. Sai was even certain that I could do well on it. But I feel as if I could not leave my comfort zone, the one who has sheltered me for a year and a couple of months.

But I have to decide really fast...


Went to G4 and Greenbelt because its a Friday. Just had dinner with Hon Hon's friends, Migs, Carlo and Rai, and saw an old glee co-member, Diane, who is now the present girlfriend of Hon's other friend, Migs. (We call them M1 and M2 :D) Was okay considering that this is like the first time Ive seen them all five together. Nice. :D After that, went to Park Square then to Powerbooks at Greenbelt. Saw a book launch and Hon insisted that IF I get hired there, I'd be one of the organizers of it. So fetch! I mean having to read a book before you could release it to everyone is the coolest job ever. Oh, and Ive seen Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera in paperback and I am def going back there on Thursday to get a copy. And make a mental note to watch the upcoming film of the novel. I am soooo excited. :D

Speaking of friends, was with Jen and Sai earlier. Now its making me more uncertain about showing up. My Gawd!


Renovation in our house is finally over. YAY! I'm uber uber ecstatic about having my Saturdays again. Hope I could invite one of my bezzies Jonnah or Mercie. Or maybe I could use the time to redecorate the supposed room. (Why supposed? It doesn't have walls yet. Arghness!)


Kstin already confirmed us December 22-23 and my mom kinda agreed to it. JN is unsure of a jammies party because he doesn't have pjs daw. Weirdo. Told him I'm'a buy him one as a Christmas gift. LOL. Seriously, he said he might have work that time. Awww, I really want Xzeno to be complete that day. And hopefully, Tats could come over here too, like she promised us years ago. haha. But she assured me she'll be visiting the country on her birthday next year. Cant wait for April 2008. :D

Guess I have to sleep now. I'm just confused of some things right now. Hopefully, everything will be better tomorrow. Muah guys!


I never thought PBB also experiences or rather threatened of experiencing plagiarism issues. Well at least they were never sued when an Australian Song was of the same rhythm as of now defunct Orange and Lemon's "Pinoy Ako" Song. But seriously, we are all being plagiarized almost every day. you know why? BECAUSE THERE ARE COPYCATS EVERYWHERE. Though some are subtle, but you'd still know how they COPY your EXPRESSIONS, HOW YOU WRITE, how you REACT to some things, and even HOW YOU SPEAK. I never thought I could ever create my own monster. I thought they were only applicable in Home Economics. LOL.

So PBB in a sense, is not doing good right now. 2 housemates voluntary exited yesterday. And they were the strongest contenders to win the game. So sad.


I am loving one commercial now, the one with Bianca Gonzalez and Sam Milby endorsing Lipton Milk Tea. I haven't tried one yet, but I think it'll be like Nai Cha (Milk Tea in Chinese). Or so I hope.

Dude asked me yesterday why writers love coffee. I don't really know why too, but it keeps me perky all day. I mean, my mornings are never complete without coffee. And I would probably never survive a day, or else, I'd be all irritable and could never give you a straight answer if you ask me a question. So I just answered him that writers don't actually know when ideas could strike you, so you have to stay awake and be aware. :D


Sad, I'm not gonna be able to watch Enchanted on Saturday. I wanted to see Patrick Dempsey. Sayang because I think the movie will be great in Imax 3D or something. But anyway, I know I'll be spending that Saturday in the house, and help in watching over the workers during the renovation. Haay.


Its a cold cold Friday today. I cant even feel my toes. How I wish super typhoon Mina will go to some other way so we wont get affected. Anyway..

Have to go. Muah! TGIF. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wish List Mania

Due to the sudden stress about Christmas, godchildren, party planning and the gifts I should give, I made up my Christmas Wishlist last night. Or rather, I would have to use it for our Exchange Gift in our office too. :D

1. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks- I saw one in hardbound. Sadly, the price is still way too high. I was hoping to see a paperback on this one since I'll be reading it once or twice. I don't know, someone once told me that books are great investments.

2. A Dress for Xmas- I don't want anything fluffy or grand. I actually am looking for something simple for the 25th so I could wear it when we go to Hon Hon's house again and for our family's party.

3. A new scrapbook- Mine's almost full already. I need a new one, no reason as the one stated here. LOL.

4. Shoes- Out of habit, I need new shoes for the holidays. I dunno. I just wanted a new whole wardrobe for it. haha.

5. One Week vacation- SO badly need it! Ive been working my ass off for the past year that I needed to unwind. I was wishing for a week, but that would be too impossible.

6. Still SE z610 Hot Pink- I'm still drooling whenever I see it, but I don't really need a new phone. haha. I just love seeing one. LOL.

7. A new lappie or PC even- PC at home is terribly slow. That's why Net connection sucks. And from now on, I AM NOT BUYING RED FOX ANYMORE. I just liked the Deskpod design, but now, I'm not sure why we even bought it. Argh.

8. A year's COSMO subscription- Hon said its cheaper to subscribe for a year, that way, I wouldn't have to scour every magazine stand every month. Haha.

9. A Hot Pink or Electric Blue BW Beetle 2004 Edition- Just DREAMING. LOL. As if its possible.

10. WORLD PEACE- Hey, at least its not just for myself ayt?


Ive read my past diaries last night. Well, in a way, the old paranoid Ria was already gone. I mean, who in the world couldn't get a clue when your ex boyfriend tells you that you were controlling him? Only moi. But thankfully, Ive somewhat grown into it. I just hope it'll continue to change. :D

Haay, so many happenings, so little time. I couldn't even think of my schedule already. I have like, 5 parties to go to, shopping sprees for family and friends, buying the Ultimate Gift for Hon Hon (which I wouldn't tell, REALLY! because its much better kung surprise diba?), and I need to control my diet since I know I would really binge this December. Huhuhuhu. Tapos when we go to Hon Hon's house pa, I know that his family will really prepare lots of yummy foods. Kamusta naman yun.

Gotta go. I still have an exchange gift to plan. :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eighteenth Monthsary!


I know that we are facing tad many problems right now, and the last thing we should do is to fight, but in all the trials that we have encountered, I believe that it will always make us stronger. But in all of the, you know that I am very happy with you. Though at times, I wanted to give our love up, you know I couldn't bear to do it. Not because I'm scared to be alone, but to waste everything we've built up for the past year couldn't ever replace another you. Not that I am afraid never to see another person who would love me like you do, but because I know I could never find someone who could make my heart skip a beat or relinquish the sparks Ive been feeling for the past year and a half. Hopefully, this would last a lifetime. I so love you a gazillion times. :D


Hon and I went to Greenbelt Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf yesterday to get the Belle De Jour 2008 Power Planner. At the last minute, I thought about the BDJ team going to Greenbelt, though unsure of it. So I told Hon about it and he dragged me there. Waited after dinner for the team to arrive. Am actually unsure if I would buy this early because I'm still waiting for the bonus and stuff. Once there, we had to fall in line pa. And Hon paid for it, I should think of it as a Pre-Xmas gift daw. But thankfully, I finally got it. Yay! Three cheers for moi. hehe.


According to Dude, I was the one assigned to do the Online Invite for our Company's Christmas Party. I was so psyched because I get to design again. Its has been too long since I used Photoshop and Graphic Design. (yeah, like I'm prone to it. LOL) But I am honored to do it. I mean, I never thought I had a future in it. But yeah, I'm gonna do it anyway. :D

Anyway, I have to go. I'm really famished already. Muah peeps.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Boys will definitely always be Boys...

What is is with cars and skin-showing women anyway? I just don't get the point of having a kick-ass car modelling, with a woman wearing a skimpy swimsuit. I mean, isn't looking at a really hot car enough? I'm not complaining, or maybe it adds to the "hotness" factor of a car. hehe.

Yesterday, Hon and I went to Divi and MOA. Divi to buy gifts for our godsons and goddaughters this Christmas. It was so fun going to this toyshop because you could not only buy toys for the kids, but also for the kids at heart. Sadly, were not yet done with the shopping yet. It still is a long way to go. And I want to buy a dress to wear on the holidays.


After Divi, went to MOA to watch 'One More Chance" and see the Auto Salon 2007 for the second time. Hon went grunting while watching the movie because he hates Filipino movies. But I'm still glad he went with me. I was crying buckets of tears again because I was THAT moved by the movie. Probably because Ive seen myself years ago in John Lloyd's role. How the agony of breaking up with someone you whole-heartedly gave up your everything to. But in the end, it is nice to know that true love prevails.

After the movie, went to the church near MOA and the proceeded to the car show at SMX and saw Sai and Norman. hahaha. Hon and I went ogling with the super hot cars again. And the more I see it, the more I thrive to have the BW Beetle Ive been eyeing for years. See ever since college, I have been adoring that car. And Ive seen one in pink already. Anyway, Ive also seen a Hello Kitty Car, which made me even more jealous. Someday Ria, just focus. hahaha. :D


BREAKING NEWS: Its a tragic Monday today. A security guard in our building died today. He was supposed to ride in an elevator. When he got in, he hadn't noticed that there is no elevator car in it, so he fell and well, died. Let us pray for him.

Have to go. Bye you guys. :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loser Mode

*Nakipagaway ka na ba sa boyfriend mo dahil sa isang tagalog flick na ayaw niya panuorin? *Eh nakipagaway ka na rin ba sa boyfriend mo dahil pareho kayong ayaw magdecide kung saan pupunta?

*PINAKA-LOSER MODE: Makikipagbreak sa bf dahil ayaw magdecide for the two of you!!!

Funny as it may seem, I just hope its just PMS or something. Lately, I have been making rash decisions for the stupidest reasons. Okay, so I admit I'm childish. Maam CDC even called me "bouncing baby girl" because I look and act young. But people should accept me for what I am. Well, hopefully sometimes. LOL.

Kidding aside, I know I should already be mature enough to do the right and wrong things. But sometimes, I need a break from work, from articles, from paperworks and I wanna see things on the dumbest situations I wouldn't even dare make. Eventually, I have to loop my own way to get out of the crazy stuff.

Note to self: Give yourself a rest. Don't complicate the things that are already complicated.

Note to Hon: Sorry for being THAT hasty in throwing out decisions. I know the problem is within me, but I know its not paranoia or being like ex-bestfriend. Maybe just that I am tired with the complicated life that I never want to bear anything anymore. I literally wanted to be free from expectations and pressures. I love you and I hope you could still take me in this confusing state. :D


Sad news: HOR was devastated yesterday due to explosion. Luckily, the Session Hall wasn't damaged. But 2 people, one representative and a driver, were already dead. And even lucky that our representative for HOR (Congress is one of our accounts in the company) already left their office that time. Whew!

But thinking about it, the people who allegedly planted bomb might have a lot of guts to do so. I mean, it is one of the branches of the government after all. So who might have done it? Keeps us thinking in enigma I guess.


I'm on leave tomorrow. Yay! Because I have 4 VLs since I turned a year in the company and haven't used one since, Maam Kit let me take the day-off. Well, I'd probably work on some personal papers and look for the best Christmas gifts to the World's Greatest Boyfriend, Mom, Family and Godkids. :D

I gotta go. Muah!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I love the Bartender....

I couldn't help but sing it, and I heard from Wave yesterday that Akon's gonna be having a concert at Araneta at the 29th. Too bad the prices are higher than of Beyonce's Concert. Drag.

Anyhow, went to Glorietta last Friday. Where I saw one of the most beautiful thing alive. The planner I have been looking and scouring every bookstore for months, the Paolo Coelho 2008 Journal. I could've brought it already, but I am still deciding on three planners as of this time.

1. Starbucks Planner, where you have to complete like 24 stickers. And which I think would be too impossible because I don't drink coffee there unless necessary. I mean, I love coffee, but having to drink 24 coffee that costs much more than my daily budget for food is a little extravagant for me. *kuripot mode*

2. Paolo Coelho 2008 Journal, which is a thing of beauty and there are like, quotes from his books and all. It is most likely the one to get and the layouts were very inspiring too but...

3. Belle De Jour Power Planner has discount coupons of every nice stores in Manila, birthday lister, vacation planner, journal, etcetera, etcetera.for only 548php. Plus you could help their chosen charity, well, like the Starbucks Planner :D

...So I think I would probably get the last one. Although, I have to wait because I could win one too. I joined Moschino Funny All Out Fun Contest wherein you have to send pictures of you and your friends while having the best time of your lives. And I think the Galera Trip would win. Hopefully I mean. hehehe.


Its gonna be a long weekend on the 30th again. But I'm not sure whether to or not to go out. Or maybe we'll start the Christmas Shopping already since it'll be a payday that time. And I also have to plan a Christmas Party for the Xzeno since K-stin will be having a vacation from New Jersey. She buzzed me earlier last week to gather up the 'kada and talk about our schedules because she'll be here for two weeks. Since its a holiday, we might as well have a party. Yay! Too bad Tats couldn't come with her.

Anyhow, we've kinda planned a pajama party at one of the hotels in Manila. She wanted to do it at Sofitel because we could have overnight swimming and then go to MOA. Hey, give the kid a break, she only goes to the Philippines like what, once every I cannot remember years and she wanted to see the biggest mall in Asia. And I'm sure that this will be so much fun since we'll bond together, just like we were in High School. Awww.

Thankfully, some of the people Ive texted already agreed like Shang, Frances, Kaye, Yan, Jhile and Jheng. The other less than twenty people are still undecided. My gawd. But I know it'll push through. I am so praying for it. And were doing it for one of our bestfriends so pag nag-inarte pa naman sila, goodluck if youre gonna see Tin again. LOL.


Gotta go now. Have to figure out if I have a career in writing a radio script. Muah! :D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ria Shoots and then Scores! :D

I believe that if life (or our bundy) is a basketball game, I might have won a few hoops already..

Just this morning, I was buzzer beating our office clock because I'm gonna be late again, for an offense I did not even made. You see, if I were to be late, I would want it to be my own fault (i.e. waking up late, dressing up slowly, getting back into the house because I forgot my fone, etc,) but this time, I woke up early, I dressed up ahead of my time. And then this stupid jeepney moved slower than a turtle could ever walk. Glancing at my watch, I'm still at JRU Area and traffic was waaay too bad because classes have resumed already.

Good thing, Shaw area wasn't that congested so the jeepney made through smoothly, and then there was Crossing that was half-badly slow in the morning. Thankfully again, it cleared after a while and arrived at the office exactly 8am showing at the bundy clock. Imagine that I was still panting at that time because I ran towards the door up to the 3rd Floor Stairs. But I am not late. Yay! hahaha.


I am having way too many illness right now. I am having period cramps, colds and cough. But still, I don't want to take a leave or something because they might miss me. Kidding. Seriously now, I couldn't take a break due to our number. See, we are missing two staffs already and in my post, who doesn't have a reliever might have a slightly huge problem with the projects and stuff. So if I'm gone, its going to be a big of a deal.



Our company has a new product for the Househelps. Yes, we are not an just HMO catering for families and corporate accounts, but also to helpers who wanted to have a health card for a low price. And since the government will release a law for househelps to have different kinds of benefits (health, higher pay, etc.) we have launched for employers to give them a healthplan so that they would not experience the hassles of shelling out a huge sum of money if in case their helpers needed a consultation or hospitalization.

So please visit for more details about the program. Thanks. :D


So why am I plugging it? Because it is one of my baby projects here in the company. And now, I am so determined in making it known all over the country. LOL.

Hafta go now. Muah!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Long Weekend, The Final Stretch

No colds nor cough could prevent me from going out of the house and maximize the long weekend. Since my mom and brother went to Nova last Saturday, Hon and I met each other yesterday. An eventful day happened because we were able to visit 4 places during the limited time.


Okay, so for the nth time, we went to the best tiangge in the Philippines. Actually, because we live nearby. hahaha. Kidding aside, Hon bought home stuffs, gifts for his nieces, That 70's show season 7 (yay! we've finally completed it by now.) and Heroes Season 2. On the other hand, I finally had the jelly shoes Ive been eyeing since its first release. I don't know, its just so cute. :D


We were supposed to go to mass but its still early that time, so we just prayed and lit a candle outside. I am actually craving for Eng Bee Tin Hopia now. Grrrh.

Third Stop: MALL OF ASIA

So again, for the nth time, went to the biggest mall in Asia. Wanted to see Global Fun and he invited me for a heavenly Tiramisu. And surprisingly, I am still wanting right now. Grrrh. We could even bring our hotdogs at Cafe Meditteranean, so cool. And since I am re-constructing my clay art, I have to buy additional colors for Blossom. hehehe.

I wanted to go to Global Fun Carnival, but I am not sure if I would enjoy it. See, the huge ferris wheel might have too much wind in it. And I'm damn scared at EK last Saturday. GFC's beside Manila Bay so when you're up there, I don't think I could take the strong sea air or something.

Fourth Stop: QUIAPO

Quiapo is so divine at night, especially the DVDs. I know its piracy but its hard to find DVDs I am looking for. Anyway, I have just brought an IL MARE Movie. Yes, the one Lake House was adapted from. Its a Korean Movie that stars Jeon Ji-Hyun (My Sassy Girl) and Park Shin-Yang(Lovers in Paris). Uber uber coolness. :D Hon Hon even saw a Hiphop Abs Volume 2, which normally sells 500php. how cool is that huh? :D

And for a sidetrip, one stall in Avenida sells Archie comics for a hundred bucks. So Honhon bought me two. Hahaha. its another addition to my overflowing bookshelf.

Have to go. Muah! Later guys :D

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Enchanted Kingdom's Magic

I'm so tired and sick right now, but it ain't stopping me to blog. LOL.

Just got from our Enchanted Kingdom Trip today. Met a new friend, tried sorts of rides I never dared ever and had a SUPER fun day with friends and lurve.

See, this is one of the impromptu gimiks I had, Jen and I decided over the 2-day break to invite other friends who would want to have something to do with the long weekend. Tex ted friends and the original Galera buddies were so game with it. :D

The four of us got there first, then after a few pilits, Norman, Jeni and Sai's friend finally met with us. Take note that he just got from Mindoro. haha. The irresistible charms of Sai. Anyway, I'm just sad about the fact that I had pictures of Merlin and the Victorian girl but got erased because the stupid memory card occurred an error. Grrh.

So to make it up, Hon Hon gave me his replica through a stuffed toy, Yay! hehe I so feel like a kid again.

Anyway, going back, I believe I have tried every attraction except the 4D theatre (sad), the swan lake (which I have tried when i was younger anyway), the bumper boats and the kiddie rides. LOSER MODE: This is actually my first time at the Log jam, Wheel of Fate and Flying Fiesta. Sadly, Hon hon still did not agree after a few nudges about riding the Space Shuttle so Sai, Norman and Moi just went together. Jeni is scared too so she just watched us from afar. Log jam was uber nice. Thankfully, I dodnt get that much soaked. Wheel of Fate is scary because of the strong winds blown from above. I had to convince myself that I wouldn't fall. Argh. This is actually my second time to ride the Rio Grandee rapids, and we were super wet (especially hon hon) after the ride. I have a new slogan pala for a shirt. If ever one EK staff might see it, they could credit me for the theme hehe. Here goes:


Haha, I know its too text-y, but its worth a try huh? I bought kasi a shirt the last time we went there, pero this time, my shirt didn't got wet. I just hated what it did to my pants. Hon got the most wet part among all of us. he was the favorite of the ride. BURN. hehehe.

Now I don't have a voice anymore, but Hon and I have to meet tomorrow and go to mass pa. I'm not complaining, and it goes by saying i need sleep, so peace out, and I am SO OUT! muah!


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