Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I super love Sun Cellular's new commercial where the little girl texts his dad funny jokes then she sent a "LOL" to her dad. When her Dad received the message, he was dumbfounded on what the text meant and immediately called her daughter and she said that LOL means "Laughing out Loud". Sometimes, I wish that my Dad and I are like that.

I wish that he could be more closer to her unica hija. That he should have never left his kids to provide us a better life. That he could have just worked here so we could all be together every holidays and all. But I'm not complaining. I am trained never to complain. When I was younger, my only escape was when he would bring me huge gifts when he comes home. And my only memory of him is having to wave goodbye at the airport.

Thankfully, my Dad has a lighter work abroad now. Because of his post, he now has to be gone for 3 to 4 months instead of a year. And maybe, we could be the daughter-father team now that I'm all grown up. Or maybe not. But I love my Dad. And I wish for him to be always safe. After all, he's doing this for the whole family, and we were never deprived of anything because he provided us well.


CCD Team went to Tiendesitas last Friday. We had sea foods, clams, tuna belly, etcetera, etcetera care of Maam Kit. She says its a way to know each other better. And truly, it was never a dull moment being with them. Juan Pablo Dream sang nice songs there too. Sad lang because we couldn't shop at that time. After the dinner, we had to walk so far because we missed the shuttles. Alex, Clem and I had to cross the "Walang Tawiran, Nakamamatay" Sign just to get a cab or bus. Thankfully, we didn't get hit or something. haha.


Yesterday, went to Hon's place to join his sister's Halloween Party and Trick or Treat at the school she owns. Uber plenty of kids went there and had two streets for Trick or Treating. Sophie was dressed as a clown while Mico was in a pirate costume. So cute. Brought my Tiger ears since I didn't want to put a costume. haha.

Then met his niece, Irish. She's nice and she doesn't look like 17. hehe. Just like moi. nyahaha.


I feel bad that I didn't vote. I don't know, but I feel guilty that I didn't practice that right. Oh well, there's another election anyway.

I have to go already. Muah! Later peeps. :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

Love You Love You...

The CCD Team will have a dinner tonight. Yay! Its been too long since we had a get-together. And since it is Nix's last day in the company at Tuesday, this is our chance to be together before she re-takes her board exams. huhuhu. So sad to think that one friend will leave again.

...We will miss you gurl!

Hopefully, she'll be back again after she has passed her test with uber flying colors! hehehe.


Anyway, we were pressured this morning with the deadline to the publishing company. Pardon the spiteful words to Estrada's freedom. Its just that I feel cheated again. Or the country. Whatever.

So this morning, Hon asked me to download this particular song, Hate to Love You by Rihanna and Neyo from his sharing folder. But since I was too busy, I just hooked it up to my phone so I could listen to it during lunch. Sai said it was one of her favorite songs. I was so touched by the message and because Hon said it is his song for me. Awww. (^_^) BTW, this is my favorite line:

One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me
And your kiss won’t make me weak
But no one in this world knows me the way you know me
So you’ll probably always have a spell on me..

You know why? See Hon Hon has this way of always making me melt everytime were together. Even his touch affect me THAT MUCH. I absolutely have no idea why. So sweet and I lurve him so much. I just hope he'd give up and spill the surprise he's been hiding from me. I know he couldn't live without telling. Hahaha!


Its gonna be a super long weekend (and weekday) this and next week. And I have made my vacation all planned up. :D

Saturday will be an all-me day. Meaning I will be bumming around the house, watch dvds, and absolutely do nothing. Yay! Sunday will be clean-up day since my stuffs caught all the dusts during the renovation of our house. But I am not complaining since my room will nearly finish and my books will be all in place after that. And I have to clean my babies since they have been infested speckles for so many months already. On Monday, I will be going to Hon's place since sister will be having a Halloween Party and Trick or Treat for the kids. Lastly, on All Saints Day, we will be going to North Cemetery to visit my Grandma and Grandpa's resting place.

So there, I am so looking forward to it. Gotta go now. Muah! :D

The Heck With the Executive Clemency...

Although a lot of Erap supporters are happy with the government's decision of letting him out of jail, I feel as if what most Filipinos fought for has became worthless and put into trash. First of all, it is a rather stupid move to bail him out without consulting the million Filipinos who tried their very best to oust him years ago. Remember EDSA II?

When Erap got evicted for a lifetime imprisonment, most Filipinos feel that the judicial system in the Philippines finally worked, that they proved everyone wrong of politicking and most of all, politics.

PGMA's decision to let him out of jail (which we couldn't consider jail anyway for it is still HIS rest-house) is by far one of the biggest mistakes in Filipino history. Yes, we should respect former Estrada because he WAS once our President, but still, all the plunder and the cheating he made in his own country cannot just be like that. How many mansions he has built, that we could not have known, but the fact that this country has been swamped with so much disgrace is enough to throw him out of his seat.

With his executive clemency privilege, the former president could not run for ANY positions in the government anymore. Bull as it may sound, how about his cronies that he could control to run for him? How about the poor people in the country whom he have stolen money to while running the presidency seat? How about the working men and women who have paid their taxes right, only for the government to spend millions during his hearing, learning that they got the victory of Erap's lifetime imprisonment then finally got dismayed with the fact that the administration went to loopholes just to release him?

...I know its annoying, but do really have to live with it? Why don't we just all eat dust for the fun of it, then maybe we could all learn to put our minds where it should be.

Good luck to the Filipino Citizen. We, ladies and gentlemen, are living in a comical country.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Circle of Wellness

Okay, so working in an HMO has its perks sometimes. See, after one year in the company and all, I have the privilege of the APE already and was scheduled this afternoon to have the xray,u/a, cbc and checkup. And as the results said, I am perfectly normal and healthy despite having a small crack in the mind (haha, just kidding!).

..it doesn't hurt to to have a cute nurse to take your blood pressure and height and weight.LOL


Ive been so busy with work lately. Again, website was commenced by Management. I am so happy with it. Its not everyday that you get praised by your boss and other superiors in the company. I feel uber nice. And so blessed.

Speaking of PBB, I saw Corrs' name on the credits. She's still working at ABSCBN pala. hehehe. The scene last night brought me to tears. The sensitive side of Mcoy Fundales was so touching as he made that sacrifice to make his daughter's birthday happy. Aww..

Have to gp finish the day. Muah!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gutsy Monthsary

Its a do-or-die thing yesterday for our monthsary. See, we went to Trinoma to celebrate our 17th month and the bomb threat didn't so much scare us. Speculations over the internet and text messages said that Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala might be having problems that targets his businesses. Hence, the Trinoma Mall.

But anyway, despite the fact that there's this bomb scare, we still pushed through the celebration because I know that it might not be that bad of a day to do so. So there, Trinoma is a combination of Glorietta and Greenbelt. The dome-like inside of the mall resembles that of Glorietta while the solemn green outsides of it are just like Greenbelt. Pardon the feature writing terms of a mall review. LOL.

After the tour of the mall, went to Krispy Kreme to have doughnuts. Ive been like meaning to get one since I have only been seeing it at American shows or read it at Sweet Valley when I was a kid. And I wanted to share one with Hon Hon. So cute, we even had the cap, which I will be posting at our scrapbook. yey. Sad because they don't have the UAAP Final Four doughnuts anymore.

Too bad we couldn't watch a movie since there's nothing interesting on. Next time maybe.


Maam Kit told us that Company President congratulated our web for a job well done. That he is in a bad mood that day, but then when he saw the web, he commenced the team for having informative output and all. And I am uber proud because our web is like my baby here in the company. I am so psyched right now. :D

..maybe in my childhood, I must have done something good. hahaha. kidding. :D


Just this morning, Ive seen in a newspaper that a resto in G4 caught fire. Double trouble for Glorietta. So sad. I wish it'll stop now. Its kinda making me depressed.

I so lurve Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition now. They make this funny antics that make me laugh so hard, I couldn't even forget it. I so adore Will and how cute he is with the hand-held mic. Sayang he already got his lapel mic. hehehe.

Gtg. Will leave soon. muah!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy 17th Monthsary!!!!

Stole a few minutes before getting ready for our date, anyway, just posted here to greet my Hon Hon..


I could not, for the life of me, ever fathom that we could make it this far. I even thought I was this huge jinx for having relationships that are either dysfunctional or long distances. But I know that this time, I got it right with you. I may be psycho for a lot of times, and I mean it, but you know how much I try to be so true to my feelings for you. And you know very well that my love for you would never ever change, just like the first time Ive seen you again, four years ago.

Okay, so were gonna meet at Gilmore later so we could go to Trinoma at the same time. Though I'm kinda scared to go there considering what happened to G2 last Friday, i wouldn't let my spirits down because I know that this is just a phase we should get over with. I mean, we should really be uber careful but it doesn't hurt to unwind either. And we are calling a calebration for pete's sake. :D

So yesterday was an UBER BUM day. I have stayed in the sack and watched Gilmore Girls the WHOLE DAY. And yeah, PBB Celebrity Edition 2. I mean, Will is so funny, the way he holds the mic throughout the house. And hated Maegan for not eating "tuyo". I mean, that is so superficial and downright stupid. Even though you're rich (or something) doesn't mean that you have to be whining about it. Geez.

Righty, I have to go now. Muah! Love y'all. :D

Friday, October 19, 2007

Now the Real Thing

As of this afternoon, reports on the Makati Explosion aired on the news. Just last week, there was a bomb scare oat our office, who would have thought that it would happen in Makati, where 47 are injured and 6 lost their lives.

Its so sad that bystanders and innocent people were part of the tragedy, or whatever it was. Some said it was because of the LPG while speculations said someone had planted a bomb. Whatever it may be, let us pray for the departed ones and hope that the injured be finally okay.


Hon and I went to SM San Lazaro yesterday and had dinner. The thing is, they were playing horror music and eerie sounds. I hated that. I hope Halloween and All Saints Day will be over so I could hear Jingle Bells all around. hehe.

Speaking of Christmas, Sir GVF insisted to have a HAT Party. I'm not sure if it'll be final, but anyway, parties here at the office are usually a blast, so I know I will enjoy it. :D Hope we'd win prizes again. Heard there will be a KTV Contest and modesty aside, who sings better here than me? lol. Just kidding. But really, I am convinced that if it will happen, I would definitely wind up being a candidate or something. I mean, who sings louder than the choirs here at the office? hahaha.


Am going to Trinoma on Sunday to celebrate our 17th monthsary. Loser, because it'll be my first time to go there. Well, the first time I saw Trinoma, the stores aren't open yet, so I kinda waited this long hoping that they might have completed it by now. Fun, fun, fun. :D

I'm bored. Facebook na nga. muah! :D

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Friendster and I Broke Up

Gone are the days when I was so excited to look at my Friendster profile and getting excited to see messages and testimonials from my buddies. At first, Multiply distracted me from the site, but then recently, I discovered Facebook. Special mention to Camz because she has posted an album in her Multiply about Facebook, and I wanted to tribute my own Site din. hehe.
(Ayan ha, nauna na naman ako sa Facebook, nag-check ako, wala pang account yung pangit. Kapag naman may Facebook na sha after this post, ewan ko nalang ha, sobrang copycat na talaga.)

Anyway, here's why its so fun and why I switched. :D

Okay, so why do I enjoy it THAAAAT much? You could add up your friends, you could doodle-ize your friends, they have book icons, they have movie-flixter tie-ins, they have a CD rack, you could not only send a smile to your friends but you could poke them or even kill them (not that its advisable to kill your friends, lol), you could design your own room, you could have your own pet, etcetera and etcetera. I think it could help you when you feel bored because there are endless possibilities to do with your facebook. And its uber kawaii. :D


I'm reading the book Jen and I bought last week, "Its Called a Breakup because Its Broken" by Greg Behrendt. Okay, so Greg wrote his first book, "He's Just Not That Into You" as an eye-opener to relationships that are not made to last, or the no-nos in relationships, or even in dating. It also details guy behaviours and their weird notions whether he really likes you or you should do the dumping ASAP. So this installment, Its Called a Breakup..., is a nice book to deal with a breakup. Jeni said I didn't have read it because I'm not in that kind of stage right now. But reading the book makes me realize that WE could do better. It empowers every Superfox that breakups and not-so-nice relationships is not enough for now and we deserve better. :D

..I just hope I wouldn't read the book in the future. hehe.

I'm making a book review later. :D


One mystery friend of mine checked our company's website and noticed that most of the write-ups are my own. He said "kawawa ka naman" because I was tasked to do all of it. I just replied that "Dont you know that its an journalist's dream to get published or have her own book? Well in this case, our website is my turf and hey, I don't have to fight for any story I want, I get my own beat" And then he said that it great and all. Well maybe, I have a knack for making small things feel better than the way they are. Or should I say, BURN! I'm just so lucky. hehe

Gtg. Muah!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anxiety Over An Application

Hon's Office is looking for a Communications Assistant. My current work is the same. But of course, his office pays more than mine. So I emailed my resume and was asked to apply for the post. But then again, too many things are holding me back to take it:

1. My peers at work- They actually make my day better. I mean when lunchtime comes and we all gather around, you could feel like home. There's Mommy Che, Nix, Clem, Sai and Lex. On the other departments, there's Jen, Norreen, Stan, Marky, Michi, Vhan, Noriel and the list goes on. They rock my world and I feel as if it would be kinda impossible to leave.

2. My job - Although sometimes, peticks lang, I love starting the day, sitting at my desk, thinking of many things to do the whole day and feels nice when I get praised for the job well done.

3. My boss(es) - Okay, so where in the world could you find a boss who is willing to stand by you when you are in a rut? Maam Kit is the loveliest and I couldn't break her heart if I would (ever) leave here. She says she'll tell me if I'm ready to leave. And frankly, I'm not sure if I am ready to. And there's Sir Ronnie who is like the greatest and nicest SVP anyone could have.

Now isn't it hard to decide? Come to think of it, this wouldn't be the first time I'd be backing off to a good job offer. I don't know. I still have to think real hard. This is something major and I couldn't wager right now.


On a lighter post, caught PBB last night when I got home. UST Taekwondo Champion Donnie Geisler is with his brother, Baron inside the house. Okay, see when Baron gets kicked out, Donnie might probably kick his butt too since they will be treated as one person. So to this UST people, let us vote for Donnie. hahaha. Riza Santos, the girl from FHM this month is inside the house too. I think they're trying to pair her with Will or something.

Now I'm not sure if Corrs is still connected with PBB, but during the last season, she was working with them, giving us the highlight of the Season 2 housemates and Toni Gonzaga's antics and all. Sayang. hehehe. But anyway, this one is different because they are celebrities in this show. Like the other year, when PBB Celebrity Edition was launched, Gian, one of our classmates is writing for ABS-CBN and revealed us the celebrity housemates earlier than the TV station. Sad. Now I don't have classmates like them. hehehe.

Okay this is funny, so PBB is also using one of my favorite words for their show. UBER! Nice. :D

Hon and I went to Quiapo last night and bought a Heroes DVD. Ninya said that Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) of Gilmore Girls is part of the cast. I didn't like him as Jess and Rory's boyfriend, so it only proves that his character is a believable portrayal.

So anyway, its:

And I am uber excited for it. :D Its the second Christmas that Hon and I are celebrating together and hopefully, it'll be better than next year. hahaha.

Gotta go again. Catch y'all later :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

Post Galera Bliss

Few Pictures out of a hundred Galera Moments:

Okay, so were back from Puerto Galera last Saturday but I was actually uber tired to post here since I was doing chores and all yesterday. The whole trip was great. We had too much sun that made us all tan. (It rhymes?). The man from the house even told us that a typhoon went to Puerto last week and we were so lucky that the beach was okay now. So the camwhores that we are took pictures right from the start of the trip.
Meet up at 7am at G. Puyat station. Jen and I were kinda late because we woke up later that we were supposed to. So there, rode the bus to Batangas and then a ferry to Puerto Galera, White Beach. Got there at around 11:30 AM, had lunch, had henna tattoos for fun and faced the sea and the sands.lol.
So at sunset, I love this shot taken by Hon. It was like I am in a painting. :D
At nighttime, there were the hotspots though I didn't indulge much because I don't drink and I definitely am not much of a partygirl. And we also played UNO cards, Hon and Jen talked about hangups in relationships and known each other well because of the trip. And there's the glorious hammocks at the house so we just swing by most of the night.
Then come Saturday, Hon and I went already and left Jen and Sai at Puerto because they met this guy and all. And since we have this tight budget to go through too, we have to leave already.
When I got home, I was SOOOOO tired that I hog the bed then and there. So there, after Puerto, our goal is either Bora or Bohol. He says Davao. I'm not sure where. hehe.
I missed Mcdo. hahaha. Due to the uber high prices of the foods there, I wanted to chomp at the fastfoods. That's what you get for being a Manila baby. Muah! Gtg. :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weekend Escape to Galera and Future Plans

So cute!

I got this from Hello Kitty Blog and I am still in awe by its cuteness and pink-ness. :D Wish I could afford one in my room, since I'd be having my own in our house in Tondo. Or I could bring it to Guada when I visit there. Waah. *hehe*

You know I love anything pink, so don't be surprised even though its Hello Kitty. Though I love Tweety than her, Id still like this one because of its color and its packed with Vista already. :D


Anyhow, I'm all packed for our Galera Trip tomorrow. We'll be meeting at G.Puyat to take the bus and all. After work, we'd still have to go to SL to buy food or something else we need. Nice Bag huh? Bought it last Sunday at Royal Subic just for the trip. Its nice, and its a Disney bag. :D

I am uber excited. One night to go and I'm so giddy. Sai also confirmed that she will be coming with us too. And that will probably make me perky all day long. haha *wink* Now Galera, next year, Boracay! Yay!

Haay, its awkward to take a vacation without my family. Just that I'm used to going to trips with them than with friends. But I'm not complaining, as they said, I'm old enough already and I ought to enjoy life independently. But I'm used to my Mom buying stuff for us and Dad providing what we need and all. Yeah, I'm pampered, so I think I have to move on with that kind of life.

Speaking of moving on, Hon's considering of moving to another company. Hopefully, it'll open and he'd get in. Last week, we've been practicing speaking British like "Where is Harry Potter?, Howdy, Bollocks! (whe're eez Ha'wy Pottar? Howdy, Bollocks!) hehehehe. Its so cute like when were walking around the mall, people who hear us would give us like a really weird look or something.

So there, I'm'a post lots of pictures next week. And I'm on a blog leave starting tomorrow. Hope you will have nice trips too since its a Long Weekend. Ciao! :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Irony of Ironies

In a middle of chaos and bomb threat at 3PM:

Me: 'Lika Mark, tingnan natin yung mga tao sa bintana kung madami nga
Mark: Dun tayo kay Miss Nora
Me: Marky, andame!
Mark: Uy Ate Liza may gwapo dali

Kamusta naman sa office. Even though the situation's at worst, they never fail to laugh it all up.


So anyway, at of 3PM, one officer went running within the halls of our office. Then he told us not to panic, but there is a bomb threat at the 16th floor of the Citystate Center Building and some have evacuated already. Being a big panic person, I was kinda scared that it might be true and they allegedly said that it'll tick off at 3:30 PM.

...uber panicking still in my veins.

Then a few minutes later, bomb squads have arrived and brought K-9 dogs to see if they might sniff out something. and still, our floor wasn't called to evacuate. So i kinda packed my things, turned my PC off and waited. Still no advise but "DON'T PANIC". Media men have also gathered outside the building and all. So I'm the first one to blog here about it. hahahaha

Now its all over and the whole building is safe. Thankfully, its all over. So this is how it feels like in the movies, the fear and the confusion of a certain incident might bring.

And I am worried because I haven't done much yet, being alive, I meant. hehehe

So there, just spared a minute to report. My journalistic side is still kicking in. :D

Ciao! One day more and were off to Galera. *winks*

Monday, October 08, 2007

Not Talking To Her Doesn't Mean I Couldn't Blog It Right?

Okay. This, is my personal space, and I can say an effing lot of big deal I could say here. No one could ever fight me in this one and no one, could prevent me to talk about this.

So WHO in the right mind would ASK her ex-boyfriend who happens to be the best friend of her current boyfriend to a vacation out of town? Would you want me to repeat it or are you having a clue already?

Number one: YOU CANNOT ask him that. Know why? Because he isn't coming. He could go to Galera with us but not at Bora with you. You know why? Because we have an effing own lives. And YOU cannot butt in whenever you want to.

Number two: DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? No? I guess not. Well keep that to yourself because read my lips, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND ALREADY. He isn't pining on you anymore nor wishing to see you. So back off missy!

Number three: We can go to effing anywhere we want to be. We don't need any bimbo inviting him to any vacation ANYWHERE. Especially with you around. We are uber happy and We don't need for you to include him to your little games.

And last but not the least, I HAVE STAYED SILENT FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS. This is the first time that Im gonna be saying this:


Now if your little brain couldn't understand the part of NO I just said, I think you need a huge polishing to do.

Don't ever drag him again into your "nice-girl plans". Or this will be the end of your schemes. I could be a friend, but I could be your biggest nightmare

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Waiting for the Sun...

Just got home from Subic. Doctor Cousin got envious of my Dad's Pajero that he also went to buy one there. Saw lots of cars today that made me wish I have a car to avoid being late for work or I could go somewhere without thinking of having to commute. I so wish I could have wheels, maybe I could settle for second hand or something now.

..but of course, I have to learn how to use it first. hahahah


After going at EMS, went to SBMA to look around. Went to the Botanical Gardens, Airport, saw Tita Elcy's relatives at the fishing area and tried to fish, but to no avail, went past Camayan Resort, Zoobic Safari and Jest. Though we haven't had the chance to visit inside those places because stupid rain didn't permit us to.

So to my frustration, just asked them to go to Royal Subic and had my pick-me-upper by buying a really huge Disney bag which was an uber bargain that I could bring to Galera this Friday. And I was thinking of Havs since there was a huge store there, but backed out right then and there when I saw the price tag. So I think I would just have to settle to Bananapeel for now. :D

After shopping, went to Tita Elcy's house to visit my godson, Benedict, whom I haven't seen for two years now. My gawd! I feel so old already. And also I have to settle seeing "ex", though it wasn't a big deal because I have been past longing seeing him. hehehehe. I just hope he's gotten over me already. I don't know, just that sometimes, I could see that I have taken a big deal of his heart and I hurted him too much since I have backed out at him twice. But if he's really over us, well, he didn't really have a nice way of showing it. bad. :P


After Subic, had to go to Rob Manila because Doctor Cousin wants to meet us since he will be back in Iloilo this Tuesday. had dinner at Max's again but feel as if I couldn't eat well since cousin is very peculiar. You know the feeling that he's counting the calories that you've been eating? I don't know. Or maybe I'm just paranoid again. :D

Now I'm uber tired. And i have to be early tomorrow again. Good thing we'll only have four days of work this week. And praying that the sun will shine until Sunday so we could have a really good vacation at Friday. Anyhow, Jen said that Sir Ronnie might even join us. I'd like that too because he's really fun to be with.

About the Galera trip, Jeni is so excited. She packed her stuff already. Hon did too. As for myself, I think Ill do it on Wednesday. I don't know. hahaha

Gotta go. Bye. :D

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Only Reminds Me of You...

I couldn't help singing the song because Jeni sang it earlier when I told her that one of the staff in the other department looks like, well, someone I've known. Someone I thought I had feelings with, but then, faded because of sheer absence. Though I am not anymore wishing that we could still be friends, because the feeling would be awkward. Now as Ive seen the newbie here in the company, and him approaching me this afternoon to borrow something, is even weird. I don't know why I should still be reminded

But push comes to shove, I know I'm fine. I'm just a little crazed by the scenario here.


Kamustahin naman natin ang beloved school ko.. haha..


This statistics is a result of the study conducted by the Professional
Regulations Commission (PRC) and the
Commission on Higher Education (CHED),
based on the average passing in the
all universities and colleges in the Philippines . This study is concluded
every 10 years.

Eleven schools come from Luzon, two
from the Visayas and seven from
Mindanao .

1. University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus / Luzon )

2. University of the Philippines (Los Banos Campus/ Luzon )

3. University of the Philippines (Manila Campus / Luzon )

4. Silliman University ( Dumaguete City / Visayas)

5. Ateneo deDavao University ( Davao / Mindanao )

6. Ateneo de Manila University ( Manila / Luzon )

7. University of Sto . Tomas ( Manila /Luzon )

8. Mindanao State University (Iligan Institute of Tech/ Mindanao )

9. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (Manila/Luzon)

10. Saint Louis University ( Baguio City / Luzon )

11. University of San Carlos ( Cebu City / Visayas)

12. Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro / Mindanao )

13. Mindanao State University (Main / Mindanao )

14. Urios College ( Butuan City / Mindanao )

15. Polytechnic University of the Philippines ( Manila / Luzon )

16. De La Salle University ( Manila / Luzon )

17. Mapua Institute of Technology ( Manila / Luzon )

18. Adamson University ( Manila / Luzon )

19. Central Mindanao University (Bukidnon/Mindanao)

20. University of Southern Philippines ( Davao /Mindanao)

I am so proud. Though I could've wished that Alma Mater would be at the Upper 4th. Gawd!


Were planning to go to Galera. Yeah, I know its weird that were going there at rainy season, but next Friday is a holiday. If everything else fail, maybe Baguio would be nice. :D

In whatever order, I would just like to unwind instead of being home alone during the holiday. Hope it'll push thru, or else, I would surely go even more crazy.

Gotta go plan the getaway. Oh Please Mr. Sun, shine for me again.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Desperate Housewives Desperate for a Storyline?

Word got out (and videos to prove it) that in one of the episodes of Desperate Housewives, they have mocked the Philippine Med Schools, questioning their credibility. As a Filipino, I must say that I am very much disappointed with the script because I used to watch Desperate Housewives at Studio 23. Nonetheless, it was Teri Hatcher who said the line, which by the way is one of my favorites at the show.

BTW, got the information from Ghing and Ive signed a petition here.

I love doing such a worthy cause. And I mean, they shouldve just respected the Filipino viewers. And I hope they wouldn't forget that most of their nurses came from the Philippines. And they say that these nurses give enough care than their own practitioners. What if one day, some Pinoys got back at them because of that right? I know I am babbling already, but hey, I love my country and everything that comes with it. And no egghead scriptwriter should get away with it. They're lucky they haven't been charged for libel.


Hon started his first day at school (again). After leaving for a year, he is back on the game. :D Im so proud that he'd manage to balance his work and school. And Im even proud that he also did this because I asked him to. And I know he also wanted to. I mean finish his degree.


I feel like getting behind my batch mates in High School. Mickey, a former classmate messaged me this morning. I was so surprised when she did because were not really what you could call friends. Though we were classmates once. She said that she's been tracking down our batch mates. I asked how she was, and told me that she has two kids already. Nice. Weird though, but nice. Im so wishing her the best. :D

Last night, Ruby and I met for the earrings she bought from our Online Shop. We finally saw each other after years. Hopefully, we'd also have a longer time to chat some other time.

And lastly, I am behind calling the people Ive promised to give a ring. Its just that these past few days, I'd rather sleep than dial the phone. Im sorry. I solemnly swear to call you once my sked's all free. hehehe.


Maam Kit asked me the other time if I do freelance writing. Im not sure how the article should be, or who would I write for, but I am definitely grabbing the opportunity, if given the chance. Maybe I could use it as a sideline (another I meant).

The best part is, I feel ecstatic because people recognizes my work. I mean, I am not left unappreciated. At the end of the day, after loads of work, you could never feel less because you feel respected by your workmates and even your boss. I so love this office. :D

Got mail that Powerbooks Warehouse will be having a sale this October 5-14. Problem is, I don't actually know how to get there. Maybe one of these days, I would scour for it. Hope I could find it before the deadline. hahaha.

Muah! I am running behind in everything because of this post. I just don't want my blog to feel like Im in a hiatus or something. Whatever Ria.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cause of Heavy Rain pour, Hearthrobs and Stuffages...

She made the rain possible. >>>

Haay Hannah, we might get sued because of you. hehehe. Kidding, this is one of my babies, Hannah. Apparently, the typhoon through the weekend has the same name as hers.

Anyhow, had Dad's Party last night at Nova. Went to SM Fairview first then told my mom that he wanted a flat screen boob tube for his birthday. Unfair, because my mother agreed. Well, hopefully, we'd benefit from it too. hahaha.


When we got home from Nova, saw Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual's "Heartthrobs" concert at Channel 2. Hence, when I woke up this morning, I knew that I dreamt of Sam again. I don't know why he keeps on popping in my dreams. Its the second time already..but I'm not really complaining. *winks*

Anyhow, its 85 days before Christmas. Ninya and Iye have already been doing a countdown, that is why I am counting too. Now my only problem is how could I have the time and the effort to shop for Christmas gifts? And for the heck of it, Hon and I would start early since we don't really want to mingle with the Christmas rushers and experience the stressful moments like we had last year.

I have to go now. I'm so sleepy. muah!


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