Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reunion and new celebrations

So I miss blogging...hahahaha

Started my second job and my technically "first corporate job" last Monday. Now I'm a Communications Assistant at Fortune Care. The whole job is great but I'm afraid I'm always stuck at traffic whereas I couldn't do anything but mumble about how long would it take me to actually be there. So I made a resolution to get up as early as possible. And that's something I haven't done for a very long time.

Anyhoo, my first project is to update the company's website. Kamusta naman yun diba? Mam Kit said I should treat it like a project in school, not that I'm afraid to tell her that we usually have a team in school. But I'm not complaining, because this will prove my position and probably and early regularization or something to lift my probationary status. Dream on Ria.

Last Friday night, we went back to relive our elementary days. Met up with friends Ninya, Sason, Iye, Camille and Michael. It was fun considering we havent seen each other for years. Well, so much has changed. Si Sason may family na and all. Though I'm not seeing myself having one yet, I'm happy with what the wind has brought us.

SO much for my comeback post. I promise to update when I have the chance. nytnyt! muah!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Best Birthday Ever

I know this is long overdue. Just that when it rains, our connection sucks.

So anyway, spent my birthday at the Mall of Asia last Monday with Hon. Shempre its my first time to go there and was so psyched to celebrate it with him since it would be the first time in a long time that we were together. We have a new baby, she's named hannah. Okay, she's a teddy bear. and yun, she was so cute and all. At goodluck naman sa Toy Kingdom because they sang me a happy birthday! =)

To Hon, I know this is a start of more birthdays together. Thanks for everything. I have been the luckiest person in the world because I have you. *hugs*

Started my first day at my new work. Stressful ang biyahe, and hopefully hindi ang job. Now I'm a communications assistant at Fortune Medicare. Pasig. Kamusta talaga!

Met new friends din like Det, Gerome, Jewel, Gelo and Chay. Been with Chay the whole day and was really fun because I feel as if I belong there. Hopefully, I would be able to do meaningful things there.

Have to go already. Early pa tomorrow. mwah!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

counting down

im turning twenty-one in less than 24 hours. well, this must be the biggest step ive ever made in my whole life.

i quit my job last week, hence, i have been bumming around, filling up application forms and facing an interview in another company. and i will start my training on the seventh. hopefully, this job could bring out the best in me, in my life and definitely my persona. im really crossing my fingers for this.

relationship is at its best. i have been very happy with it. i could say that i could never ask for more than being with him.the past months have been filled with gladness, adventure,chaos (kidding) and whole lotta love.=) its those moments that you just want to be with him even for a split second. or talk to him and imagine waking one morning that you see him by your side. so my wish for this is to make it last a lifetime.

As for myself, I wish to be successful in my path. like i dont have to worry about my work if it sucked or something. i just wanna be appreciated. i guess thats why i searched for a new job. that no matter how hard i tried for adam's, mb just couldn't see the best that i could offer. or like mam amor said, maybe I?m fit somewhere else. Somewhere I could unleash my talents. Actually, when joedy told me I was really good, I cried because I never thought that the people I least expect would be impressed at me.

Hon keeps on asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I honestly don?t know if I should answer. It?s just that I?m not used to expecting a lot of material things for my birthday. I?m very much satisfied if I would receive something or not.

I remembered one person who said he gives flowers to his friends on their birthday, well, I know I?m never going to receive one from him, but then, he could really come across my mind when it comes to this part of the year. I don?t know, I just wish we could?ve stayed friends. I?m not sure. But when I think of it, I know I could get hurt. Maybe because for the months that we?ve kept in touch, I felt really special, but after that, when I felt you were invisible, I led myself to move on.

?.and frankly, I am very much happy with my life with hon. I had everything when I won you back.=)

Saw YOU ARE THE ONE with Tita Chat, Ate Pinky, Joedy and Gerdah this afternoon. It?s nice to be with them again, And Sam, oh Sam! You are simply dreamy! Haha!

Have to go fix myself up to meet family. Gtg.


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