Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And I Thought Thesis Was The End of Me...

And I Thought Thesis Was The End of Me...

I always thought that doing our thesis was the most exhilirating stuff we did. Well, it did force me to have pressure attacks but then, doing it was basically fun at the same time considering that our research is about blogs and we are pro-blogs. But then, this week happened.

The State of Emergency isn't over yet. We had 4 days of hiatus. I was forced to feel that rest but then I wanted to continue it. Now I'm not interested to do my paperwork because I'm not driven to the things that i have to do anymore. I tried reading Memoirs of a Geisha and stuck my nose to the computer to download stuffs needed for a project. But then, I haven't started the project since I don't have some materials with me and my mind has difficulties functioning.

Good thing I haven't had a nervous breakdown yet.

My Xzeno friends are planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom before graduation. I kinda said yes although I haven't consulted with my mom yet. But I'm hesitant since they're planning to do it before our graduation. And believe me when I say I am that superstitious. Or let's just put it in a context that I'm really trying to be safe so my years of slaving in school wouldn't go down the drain. You know, i wanna graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, etcetera etcetera. i just don't wanna gamble on something that's a 50-50 percent thing. (although I know that my ultimate crushie would probably be there.)

One week and then were off to go. Time flies that fast. I just wish that by April or June, I could already snag a job, then and there. I just wanna apply my craft to a job that suits my course. And not be a telephone/customer service assistant. I wanna make a difference in writing and especially doing that passion to create bigger things. You know what I mean.

Gotta go make better things happen. Yay! Peace Out!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

E-book galore!

E-book galore!

I have loads to do, but haven't (yet) started. I feel as if I'm only accustomed to counting the things I do, but when time comes that I have to face them all, I get lazy or sleepy doing them. My friends already told me not to slack off since this isn't the best time to do so.

Been trying to finish "Memoirs of a Geisha"though I haven't done reading "By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept". The e-book just excites me since were planning to watch Zhang Ziyi play the role of Chiyo. And I'm already on the 200th page. YAY!

I'm not political but since pur country's on the STATE OF EMERGENCY, might as well say my mind's view.

---I always liked President Arroyo, until this morning. Napaka-chaotic, I woke up feeling sorry for everything that's been happening. If it's really necessary for her to step down, why can't she just give up her position? But anyway, there's no one suitable for it either. And that sucks even more.

...mapatiwakal na lang kaya tayo lahat? yay!


Jowk lang. everyone knows I'm up for peace and order. I just wish this country has more of that.

My mom and dad, together with some friends went to Baguio tonght to witness the Panagbenga Festival. Ang daya talaga! I've been wishing to return and watch it too, but since time doesn't permit me to have a vacation, I really can't be bitter about it.


Have to go. blah

Thursday, February 23, 2006



I didn't think it was possible to feel alone even when you're online.

Well, everyone on my YM is unavailable. One is opened but she's having an internship. Out of boredom, I tried looking at Lovehappens and now my tummy hurts of laughing to some guy's poses. Well, its better than dwell on useless stuffages I'm encountered to meet at this time of the day. (read: looking at ex's friendster)

Had a non-productive day. Called Philippine Basketball Association office today but said they didn't have contacts with Mr. Ed Cordero anymore. Where on earth could we ever find him?!? Last resort is to barge into Ms. Cabral's office at the Alumni Affairs and ask even for his address. At least we could pass something before Tuesday.

It's my brother's birthday this 23. And a friend's too. I just wish them both a Happy Natal Day and be great in their lives.

I wonder if my mom knows i'm snucking out just to access the Internet this late. I feel as if I'm always never caught. Not that i wanna be, but she saw me a while ago reading in the dark. And she told me to stop doing it because I should've done it earlier.

Anyway, I'm excited with Meri and Elizel's plan of doing a 4jrn1 website. At least, there'll be a little something when we leave the Ivy halls of our Alma Mater.
Now I could feel more pressure as our professors are dawning it into our systems. They gave more pending works that make us worry whether we're gonna be stuck in UST forever or line up to march at PICC on March 29. It sucks to think that we have barely two weeks in class and consider that this week is the last regular class week. Time is indeed short. (uy brent, I'm finally getting kinda nostalgic. hope you won't roll your eyes too.) (^___^)

catchya again later!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beat me up!

Beat me up!

I feel restless, yet I haven't accomplished a thing.

Pending works:

*re-arranging thesis, adding a second appendix
*think, eat and drink CREATIVITY for PR Finals
*e-trail for investigative journ
*Business Feature article for Business Journ
*Player #11 for Press Ethics
*quizzes and more quizzes

Know what? I can't breathe anymore. I am eating stress but holding hard just to achieve graduation. I can't believe that in 2 weeks, all these should already be done. Well, some have started, but some are realy pending ones. Haven't even started yet. Instead of having time to do all these, we waste our precious times listening to some professors that has already stated the obvious in writing. I mean, why on earth couldn't they just allot some time for us to do their required projects than sitting and staring blankly on the whiteboard while they talk nonsense up front?

And BTW, I also hate professors who require us to report and then turn our reports into one lousy reader. Or doesn't teach at all. Imagine having to complain that they have these up-to-what preparations when all she does is correct our mistakes during our reports. Well well well, now where's that degree you've been blabbing about?huh?!? I'm sorry, I'm just fed up. Actually, the whole class is expecting to evaluate one professor this afternoon, but since she is, I think, already tenured, we haven't been given a chance to crush her durng faculty evaluation. That my friends, makes me sad for obvious matters.

My eyes are already closing. I just hope I have enough energy to function the whole day. Or else, I'm toast and will have to break schedules again.Gotta go. Promise to make it worthwhile in the next post, but for now, I have to catch a trip back to sanity.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

ria's day out

ria's day out

I had my break today. Well, an almost break. Had to go to Warner Bros. office to meet our interviewee, Sir Jay Gonzales for our PR class. Went well, I guess. I was in awe when I entered the office and has movie posters of such. Tsaka na kwento sa life nya, basta si Sir Jay, imagine nyo nalang, Columbia Pictures at Warner Brothers Pictures, pinag-aagawan sya. Lufet to the nth level. Mela and I planned to take pictures of his office, work and stuff. Unfortunately, we were so flattered that we went speechless when we met his for his calling card. What a lame situation. And the plan blew up. Argh. Anyway, I just have to be creative while doing the finals with it. He's so kewl!

I wanna be an Ortigas or Ayala officegirl in the near future. Kamusta naman diba? But really, I was amazed of the buildings that it made me wonder how it is to work there. At mas kamustahin natin ang dami ng cuties wearing their office attire and being neat and all. OMG, my feet is already on air.

So anyway, since we have the whole time for ourselves and a little pampering, Mela and I went to the girl's bestfriend. Yup, MALL where else? Walked from Wynsum Plaza to Galleria since its just a corner away. And actually spent 3 hours there. Saw Kelly Misa at Topshop and Jackie Lou Blanco. Kadiri pa kasi when we saw Jackie Lou, I was like, "ay Mela, si Jackie Lou Blanco". Imagine my semi-loud voice naman! But she smiled naman, being a celebrity and all.

But the greatest achievement goes to the both of us because we haven't been lost! Sorry naman, its just an accomplishment because we usually forget roads and all. Well, one time lang naman sa elevator ng Wynsum. Is it our fault that they have 30 or 40 floors, and separate elevators at the back, where it wouldn't be visible for first-timers? Fortunately, the guys told us that we were in the wrong elevator. Pasensya, nangangain pala ng tanga yung building na yun.


Wala lang, guess the movie.. sorry, A Walk to Remember hung-over.

gotta go, try to do business journ article.

and im out.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm still cool with it..

I'm still cool with it..

I thought I missed Valentine's Day.

Well, since I felt it was that dreadful, I planned on staying stuck on my bed, but then, I have classes so I can't really avoid it. Tried to smile most of the time during the jeepney rides, but then there were women that are holding flowers, estimating to maybe 350 pesos per bouquet that made me kinda sad because I haven't received those big bulks before.. ever..

Just when I thought it was kinda safer at school, I saw these high school students who were also holding these humongous bouquets. Thank you very much, my face is absolutely rubbed in.

But I'm not giving up on the concept of love, yumayaman lang ang mga nagtitinda sa Dangwa at mga motels tuwing Heart's Day! Anyway, I once said to my former boyfriend that I don't need flowers. I prefer teddy bears and stuff. Haha!


Went to Congress yesterday with Jam and Ruby. It's unbelievable how heart's day could change one's attitude, especially in a government establishment. Nope, no bouquets anymore, but guards and police are kinda behaving more courteous than ever. Well I guess I have to be thankful na rin. It's just that when Jam and I went to DOH for the second time, the guard kinda harrassed us. That we should've brought a letter daw, samantalang, its for the public to know about what's happening, etc. And besides, our parents are paying taxes for us to acquire sources from them right?

But anyway, Congress. It's cool because we didn't bring any letter or such to research, well, were required to bring one to access their library, but since we were asked to go to the Bills and Index Section, we found the not-so-approved bills for our study. And they were accomodating. No letters whatsover anymore.

So yun, no plans of burning one house there. Haha! Only one person knows what I mean. And were not exactly on speaking terms anymore since he doesn't know me well and shouldn't interfere in my life ever again. Don't ask anymore. Oh, it's your birthday today. nyarnyar.

My printer's never gonna work smoothly again, I think. And I'm positive my mom's not gonna buy me one again. OMG! I so have a life! hehehe!

Gotta go finish other work, and friend's stuff. Lord, please let me breathe! catch ya'll later!=)

Monday, February 13, 2006

chocolates and dances

chocolates and dances

I'm intrigued by some guy who's two years younger than my age.

Sang at my tita's churchmate's debut. Was cool. I sucked a bit but I guess they haven't noticed. And felt good because there are a number of cute guys. Problem is, I'm already their ate.

So there, at first, it felt so awkward but after the party and the program, of course, there is a dance. Was nice because I was a hit with all those guys. But this one person keeps on staring and (I guess) would wanna dance with me too. But he's just too shy. And Kapoof! that's it, no closure whatsoever. He was cute, but younger, he likes music, just like me. It's just so sad that I wasted my time dancing with other guys but he didn't even tried asking me. Maybe we would've hit off. Well, it's just a possibility. I'm just quite happy that some people are actually interested. Unlike, well, some.. whatever.

But I'm perfectly fine. And I missed Lovapalooza's coverage. And that's good since I feel sucked up with the feeling of love right now. At least I had an excuse instead of having to see couples kiss. And I had fun while sulking about the possibility that I would spend Valentine's Day (again) with my friends.


Downfall was, I never got to watch Gilmore Girls and haven't known what really happened between Logan and Rory. aww..

Can't sleep right now.

Maybe because I don't know where I stand. I feel as if I'm in this big crowd where people are saying so many things that I should do but I can't just hear nor understand them. Where I can't help but be dictated since I can't find my own voice. I don't know. It's weird right? It's more like a dream and I am more than willing to wake up.

Or maybe I'm just feeling down but youre not exactly picking me up in the right place. And I'm really scared because I might fall hard again. And wouldn't raise myself anymore. Sadly, no amount of chocolates could help me with that dilemma. argh.

guess I have to go. pending skulwork. crap.

Saturday, February 11, 2006



I know I should focus on my PR Prelims, but I am really affected by this one.

I saw a familiar face yesterday afternoon and the day before. I thought it was a case of mistaken identity, but I was so wrong. You see, USTe held this 3-day job fair for Thomasians to take part, submit their resumes and have a bright future after graduation. See, this familiar face isn't from the school. So I have to question the validity of him being there. Or let's just say that he's there for something else, but then, I really hope I didn't see him.

In case you wanna ask who this person is?

1. he's an ex's friend. Ha! met him once, and I do find him nice. But since the "breakup", I really can't describe one's group as nice. Hope you got my point taken.

2. he's the current boyfriend of my ex's ex-girlfriend. You see, this girl is probably my most loathed one, even though I haven't met her yet. Why? simple. Because I've been competing with her in my ex's eyes. When heck, there's nothing worth competing for.

I just see him as an extension of my ex and this girl. I'm just bothered because I'm seeing how small of a world I'm living in. I'm just not used to seeing the past. Or let's just say the people that are part of my past shouldn't be visible anymore. I think I'm gonna throw up.
Anyway, so many stuff has happened these past days. Still hectic, but still sane thank God. have been in text marathons with Deejay but seems that I'm neglecting him everytime I text him then not realizing that I'm already falling asleep. And well, I hate it when I do that to other people too.

Lovapalooza is hours away but I excused myself for not going. Have plans. No date whatsoever, but I have a very important engagement so to speak. My tita dragged me to sing at someone's debut, whereas i could say no good words about her since I haven't met her yet. And imagine my tita saying I should prepare a number of songs since she knows I'm good at that. No flaunting intended, I was just invited.

Well, that was a good excuse to get out of Roxaz Blvd. traffic, kissing couples and a whole lotta headache caused by love. OMG, I think Ruby has infected me of being the Valentine Grinch. But then again, I still love the idea of being in a relationship and the magic that it possesses.

And by the way, I'm on mIRC ban. Promised myself and crossed a pinkie with Deejay that I wouldn't resort to it again. And wouldn't give my number to strangers, NO MATTER HOW INTERESTING THEY MIGHT BE!

Job fair was....fair. I guess. There are companies who doesn't need us, and that makes it disappointing. But since ABS CBN and GMA are there, and other companies who are in need of PR Persons, Copywriters, etc, I think we would all do fine. =)

Gotta go focus on my Press Releases. Lord Please let me make justice out of it! XD

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

yeah, i signed up.. so what?

yeah, i signed up.. so what?

Salamat sa Central Library at napakabilis ng connection nyo.

I've been interested in this site LOVEHAPPENS that I signed up for it.

I wasn't expecting that some close-minded people would overreact over my actions. Saying that I'm "turning to be that desperate to find someone and going to an online love matchmaking site goes way beyond to what you have done before"

And now I'm fuming to reply to those things.

First of all, I AM NOT DESPERATE! Kahit single ako for 10 months now, I am not resorting to these things to find a guy. It's just that I decided to sign up just to see things from them. Parang friendster, myspace, hi5, and etc., weren't you interested too? If you're not, then I see you're lying already.

Second, YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Kahit sabihin pa ng iba kong friends na naging ex kita at kinakapatid kita at dapat ay marami ka ngang alam sakin, YOU STILL DON'T KNOW ME!
You gave up that chance when you left me. And I'm not bitter, I'm living my own life, so I don't think you have the right to judge me or my perceptions in life.

Frankly my dear, everything is big deal to you. I think you must ponder them first before talking nonsense to me. And yeah, not everything is about you. And I don't consider you as one of the intellectual guys I've met. And I feel like crap talking to you. And I don't care about how you think. This is me and I know what I really want, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM YOU!

I hope I'm overreacting, but I don't think I do. I just don't want other people talking as if they really know me. One month isn't that long. And yeah, I'm mean! So what?

No, I'm not turning into this one big monster yet. I'm just so fed up with all his convictions about me. About being this know-it-all just so because he thinks were this close to each other. I just don't believe in wishes anymore. I've turned my back into loving him again and letting him control my life or my mind. You see, I've already stopped my reasons for believing him since the day he left me and when I thought he played and led me on to some kind on non-existent relationship of such. Just be happy on your life and exclude me if you please. I don't really care.

I feel sorry for our other classmates who were trashed by a higher official in our college. Kaya nyo yan guys. Magdedefend kayo ng thesis no matter what happens. Do or die na talaga maging graduating student. Pero GO GO GO! ibang level tayo eh.

Think I have to go now. Have investigative journ class. BORE!

Monday, February 06, 2006

PBB celebrity Edition

PBB Celebrity Edition

In this universe, si Sedfrey ang isa sa mga spoiler na tao. Sabihin ba naman ang contestants before the show! Shempre nabasa ko before i-air, naku Sedpoy! Kahit kailan talaga.

Well, here's the line-up:

Keanna Reeves
Aleck Bovick
Bianca Gonzalez
Roxanne Barcelo
Gretchen Malalad
Mich Dulce
Angela Calina

Rustom Padilla
John Prats
Christian Vasquez
Zanjoe Marudo
Rico Robles
Budoy Marabilles
Rudy Fernandez

Lufak! Ang hot ni Christian and Zanjoe. hunky-hunks talaga. I wish ako na lang pumalit kay Bianca Gonzalez..ehehe..

But seriously, I think its better for them just to cast stars for the show. Kasi after naman ng contest, nagiging artista din naman sila lahat. Plus there are lots of ABS-CBN Talents who are just there for a period in time then goes kapoof when the viewers don't buy their antics anymore. And I'm expecting cooler stars than them. Hello? Rustom Padilla? I mean, I have nothing against the guy. It's just that he was the finale. And he isn't even that popular anymore. And yeah, I think he's really gay. What'll happen to my Christian! ngark! At least I still have Sam.. XD

My bezzie went here with her baby this afternoon. And I forced them both to church even though they were already converted to another religion. Her mother-in-law also found out about it. hehe. I just hope they wouldn't get into trouble because of me.

Watched "While You Were Sleeping" last night. It was so sweet. I actually could also identify with Sandra Bullock's character in the movie. Like she has dreamt of having a nice guy and making her dream happen all of a sudden. But heck, I'm still on the dream part. No nice guys whatsoever yet. But I think he's gonna come soon. After all, I'm months away to being a career woman.


Wow, I never imagined that I would say that. Ha! I think I'd better get used to it. But still, I have to find a job first. A job fair would be held on Wednesday at school. I just hope I'd be hired on one of the publishing or media companies instead of the 'communications' firms (read: Call Centers)

And by brother's positive about me getting a job. He said that if I decide to buy a new phone after saving up my salary,I should give my e398 to him. And he made my blood rise when he showed a picture of my fone, with much better features and a large memory. Crazy brother!

Oh well, I think i have to go to sleep now. Whoever you are, I love you. I just want you to know. Just go figure out who you really are. Nyahaha..

..And I'm out! XD

Sunday, February 05, 2006



First of all, I want to send my heartfelt condolences for all those who died in the ULTRA tragedy this morning.

I woke up this morning to know that 61 persons were already dead. Now it is already counting to 79. And this makes me feel so sad for their families. And this is not because I prefer ABS-CBN over the other stations, but I feel that everyone has their own responsibilities over the matter. And we shouldn't blame the network for the incident.

I also agonize with the staff of Wowowee. I mean, its their show's first anniversary. And instead of celebrating for the day, they have to put up with the tragedy in their hands. And mostly for the host, Mr. Revillame, it is so sad that this happened. Unfortunately, this is reality and we have to face this day.

Just spent the whole day bumming and watching updates about the tragedy. i didn't wanna have so much fun today while some people are mourning for their love ones. I guess, this is my way of respect.

Peace out!

Saturday, February 04, 2006



First of all, I wanna congratulate our thesis and my thesismates for doing a great job in our defense. Now we could really say that were up for graduation... well, almost.

But at least, one load is already off our backs. And we got flat one for it. And that day would be forever remembered. It's an accomplishment of my lifetime. I'm so proud of our group. =)

...And now I have more time to devote some for my love life!

We actually got worried for nothing. We defied what Sir Jere told us about having food for our panelists. Yeah, were feeling generous so we bought foods for our panel members. It was actually a private and cozy defense since there are only the four of us plus the panelist in the room. And we had two different schedules so that adds up to the tension.

After the first defense, we went to SMSL to eat and look for our panelist's token. Ayun, we wanna go shopping but since we don't want to run out of laptops in the AVR and since Lappie's not in mint condition with the powerpoint, we have to resort to what the school could offer us.

Fortunately, we worked things up during the second defense. And it went so well. Mam Gwen didn't even bother to ask questions since our thesis is "precise and well-written"

OMG, I'm still having goosebumps whenever I recall the things she just said. =)

She also told us to consider teaching in UST. I dunno, Masters? Maybe, maybe not. I think I wanna look for a job first. That's the first goal to aim.

After the defense, Mela, Brent and I had our "open forum". It was nice having to see your own faults through friends. Now I know that after we leave USTe, our friendship would never really end. And now, we have a stronger basis since our foundation cannot be shaken by anyone or anything, ANYMORE!

And since its our time to celebrate because its all over, Brent and I decided to proceed near the Grandstand to watch, rather, hear the LIVRE 2 Concert. See, we actually wanted to go to the grandstand, but we haven't prepared books with us so we have to just listen from afar. But anyway, I'm not disappointed. We saw and heard Itchyworms, Paraluman,Ishlavou?!?(whatever their name is) and Parokya ni Edgar. But then I had to leave since I'm having this painful migraine which caused me to whine and asked Brent to leave immediately. And since I still have Lappie with me, I can't possibly go home late.

And yeah, I'm trying to win you even more. Coz now youre still on my mind.

I just couldn't help it.

I love thesis holiday! =)


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