Monday, December 19, 2005


Paskuhan is a day away, and I'm having colds..I hate it when I'm sick. My throat is frreaking scratchy and I can't breathe. Ok, exaggeration aside, I'm so happy to finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince last Saturday.

Teary-eyed and all, I wrapped it all at 3am in the morning. Maybe pathetic to someone, but I gladly tried so hard to finish it no matter what! And to think that I was having difficulty due to the birthday party at our neighbor's house! wahahaha!

So anyway,that's another story. After going to Roblace with Mela and Brent, I got home with voices blaring next door. I asked our neighbor what the hell was happening. And he said there's this party going on. And mind you, it's a videoke party.

....not to mention that it's the same house na hindi nagpatulog sa amin noon.

So making the long story short, after wishing for a divine providence and interruption, they stopped singing because they're already fighting. At hindi lang ordinary because gays have invaded Tondo and they were all wailing and all.

I didn't exactly planned it, but it was my lucky night. Kaya natapos ko basahin yung Harry Potter!!

....victory is indeed mine..

excited for Paskuhan tomorrow. And this year, there'll be fireworks again!

this is my lucky lucky month! =D

Sunday, December 18, 2005

game plan

I have this Harry Potter Game at the side Bar of my blog. Just use the arrow keys to prevent Harry by being smashed by the Whomping Willow..It's cool, actually! (~__~)

In a few days, matatapos na ang 2005, on Monday, it would be our last regular class for the year, as a student. Galing galing! (^___^,) I'm so excited na talaga sa PAskuhan!

We held the Christmas Party last Thursday. Thanks to Sir Trillana, wala akong class that day! whoee!But we were absent during Mam Perena's class dahil sobrang late na talaga kami.

Ang saya ng Party! Lalo na nung exchange gift, kasi literal na kami lang ni KC yung nagka-exchange ng gifts.. hehehe..

Dami pang food, Salamat sa mga nagdala, Salamat kay Ruby din na nagluto and all! Mahal ko 4Journ1! the best talaga kayo!

I would upload the pics ASAP. Sorry na-delay ako ng konti, wala kasing time mag-Internet sa labas. hehe..

Love you ol!


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Linz wins!

I'm gonna be a spoiler here. Because Studio 23 has the via satellite broadcast of TAR Family Edition this morning, I found out that The Linz Family won, The Bransens second, and last are the Weavers.

The last task is the maze thingie in Canada. It was a close fight with Nick Linz and Wally Bransen. I just felt bad becasue the Bransens didn't win, on the other hand, I like them better than the Weavers.



Happy Birthday Jam! May you have more to come!

Today is another thesis day. I just hope Sir Jeff would understand the whole mix-up thing. But its over na naman. Mela already sent it.

Gotta go buy my gift for our exchange gift..

bye y'all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

christmas break

I can't wait for Christmas break. I just feel that this one's ought to be so cold and lonely. Of course, I would always have my family with me, but it isn't really really enough, I guess.

We'll have the Christmas Party on Thursday. I'm excited on this one, since it would be the last college party we'll have. And there would be lots of food. I hope Sir Trillana would cancel the class because it would be tiring to have the class and rush over to Meri's house. And to add that we'll have until 8pm for the Poldy stuff.

I have this burn on my face right now, and few have been symphatizing over it. Badet scared me last night that I would have a scar and the mark would be there for the rest of my life. At kamusta naman ang walang katapusang pang-aasar kay Mam Jannis at sa akin?

Tonight is thesis night again. But were not complaining. It's actually fun, by the way. Shempre kasama ang bestest friends ever. =)

I guess I have to go now have Marriage and Family. Though I still have 20 minutes to do Internet stuff, I still feel it isn't enough.

Till next post! =)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the big night

I've been rushing to go home last Saturday to watch the Big Night. Well, it went on just as I had planned it. Nene won first place. Not that its a surprise, but I wished I could've bet something for it. hehe, I'm just kidding.

Clark Expo was so jampacked from what the television aired, it was so good seeing one life change just like that. But of course, she deserves everything she won.

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Yesterday, I went to house in Novaliches to have the welcome party for my dad, and I realized that conversations during jeepney rides are fun, especially with total strangers.

So anyway, masyadong matagal from Bayan to our subdivision kaya nakinig ako sa usapan ng mga tao. This woman beside me and the elder woman was talking anout lives and stuff. Although parang nakikiepal na din ako dahil tinulungan nila ko sa tagal magbigay ng change yung driver, this elder woman told the woman beside me that she has SIXTEEN children. As in sobrang nagulantang kaming tatlong kinakausap niya.

Sabi nung guy beside her,
"Masipag si mister!"

Then the other woman asked kung kailan pa sya married, the latter said,

"Mga trese ako".

Kamusta naman! The three of us were dumbfounded. Then the woman beside me finally said

"Eh nag-chi-chinese garter pa yata ako nung ganung edad ah."

Then she asked me, "ikaw may boyfriend ka na?"

I said none of course, at dahil hanggang ngayon eh hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga narinig ko, eto nagpo-ponder ako kung sakaling sa akin nangyari yun. Pero sobra naman right? talagang hindi na pinakawalan yung mister niya. 16 children? ano yun? aso?

I think I would never be like her. I refuse to. Gusto ko maging mom someday, but not to sixteen rascals.

...Have to plan my future now. gotta go!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

the BIG night

I slept in front of my lappie last night.

Because of the weary eyes that led me to slumber, I spent the night reading Harry Potter 6 but didn't finish it. I was actually hoping I could get a 15 minute nap to watch PBB Uplate since it would be their last episode. Since I turned the tv off due to the disgusting "urine therapy" docu in Kontrobersyal, I wasn't able to wake up again.

So early morning came and saw that the computer screen's still on, the lights too, and I was sleeping on the folding bed without having a blanket or anything. And let us please remember that it was freezing cold last night.

And by then, I wasn't able to see Mariel Rodriguez doing her clumsy acts and portrayals. Argh!

As I was surfing for pictures of my favorite housemate, I saw a website of Bob, Bob and Nene, etc. Sosyal! may website na hindi pa man din nakakalabas. hehe.
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*because she was born at September (like moi!)
*she has full of potentials
*she is so strong-willed
*she isn't afraid to show her feelings
*sobra energy niya!
*i see that she's a great friend.
*a modern flipina who knows how to rock!

Pero sa totoo lang, I like her because I often see myself in her actions and all. I'm not that toughie, but pareho kami ng energy level tsaka yung values sa friends and all. Galing!..=)

..oh, I added her to my friend's list a while ago, and I really hope she'll be the last one to get out of the house.. =)

My dad arrived yesterday pala. So off I go now, have to go somewhere..=)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

TAR again

And again, I'm a TV junkie.

I now realized that I shouldn't really play favorites during a reality show. I might get too much affected by them but at least one of my favorite teams in TAR 8 got the chance to make it to the final three.

The Bransen Family..=)


It's the feast of Immaculate Conception today, my lola, jay-em and daisy's birthday. And fortunately for us, our classes have been spared. After all, were studying in the Pontifical, Catholic University of the Philippines--UST, so Catholic holidays are great. And were really not complaining..

Mela, Brent and I went back to finish part 6 of the thesis. It felt relieving to finish it at some point, though, we know that there are alterations that are needed to be done. We spent the afternoon talking of nonsense and not-so-nonsense stuffs. The things that I'm going to miss while I'm still in college.

Mom and I went to Divi yesterday to buy gifts and other stuff. Hala naman at pati ang mga glowing churvas eh pinatulan ko. Mom felt disappointed at one point though, kasi niloko sya nung vendor nung pens na binili niya, sa other side pala, mas mura ng 10 pesos. But its already over and there's no use crying over spilled joke..

Still no classes tomorrow and I've already planned a rendezvous for tomorrow with Harry Potter 6 e-book. So excited na! Oh well, I have to go now sort other priorities.

Happy holidays! wear a jacket when going outside, its bbrrrr cold out there!


due to the bitin feeling that Harry Potter Book 5 gave me, I decided to take the next of reading via the computer. I know it might be bloody, but no one has a copy of Book 6 and i really really need it. I mean, read it. Nahiya na kasi ako manghiram ulit kay ate She. Basta I promise myself that when I finally got a job, I'd buy all the books I could afford. Especially yung mga paperbacks na mga tipong romance comdy slash fiction.

..Pathetic isn't it?

I'm really excited for Paskuhan. I just wish there'll be fireworks and all that kind of stuff. It's not magical but it's getting there..

Our last Christmas Party on Thursday. I mean, its the first and the last. I have to rush from Sir Trillana's class though, but Maam Sese gave me this slight hope that there'll be no classes on Thursday due to their Christmas Party, Faculty Party, I mean.. Pero I'm still confused because we haven't has any recitations or quizzes on his class yet.

...And still I'm hoping for a no class Thursday because it's a Catholic Holiday tomorrow. I so love Immaculate Conception..


Internet connection here's so bad. But since I'm blogging muna, I guess I have to stick with this.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas cheers

I'm excited when I think of Christmas.. =)

This afternoon, I told Nina that Metro Manila looks like Baguio now. The thought came from the very cloudy surroundings and the cold weather. And it looks like rain's going to pour any minute now.

I guess this year would be so much different. After my grandma's loss, I thought that this year was somehow unlucky for me, but I guess going through it all and hoping that everything would be alright would make you feel a lot better. After all, life should always be a mystery to everyone. And the simple things around you should do the trick to cheer you up. [like friends! =)]

My dad's coming home in a few days, and that means we're not in the dumps this holiday. I'm expecting more celebrations and more trips to any part of the Philippines. I'm actually hoping to go to Iloilo again and see my cousins and relatives. It's just so great there, feeling the sand at my feet. Oooh, I can feel the waters now. hihi..

I wonder what my dad will bring me this year. I'm hoping an iPod but I won't let my hopes up. Ok na actually kahit sa graduation na lang. =)

I'm feeling sorry for our thesis, no, not in a bad way, but I felt sorry for not doing my part yet. It's just that when I get home, I would resort to the boob tube in front of me, watch PBB then doze off. I hate it when I do that. But I promise to do the work as soon as possible. After all, we have a three-day spare to relax, retire, and do thesis work. And hopefully go to Divi for some serious Christmas shopping for friends, families and inaanaks.
The sky looks calm last night. Actually, our whole place looks calm last night,parang wala ako sa Tondo. Nakakagulat lang because the other night, ang daming kids na naglalaro ng fireworks sa tabi namin. And that makes me get so furious at them kasi parang konti na lang, magiging deaf na mga tao sa amin. I just hope they'd just wait for New Year's Eve to come. Makikicelebrate pa ko sa kanila. Argh!
Oh well, seems I've done a lot of posting already. I'm asking abby to change my layout na. Super excited na ko..yay!


Monday, December 05, 2005

monday dazzle

I feel depressed.

After heart-to-heart talks with friends, I still feel depressed. Maybe because of the fact that Christmas is already near and the fact that I'm lonely during the holidays. I mean lonely because I don't have that someone to cuddle with and all that. But besides that, I know I could be happy with my friends around. Still, it's not really the same.

Kudos to the RP Team for winning the 23rd SEAGames. I just wish we could've been there to cheer and all. Sadly, there were no vacations whatsoever, so we could'nt witness the fun (if there's any) and the triumphs with the athletes.
Yay! its Paskuhan in a few days. I'm quite excited, oh I just wish I could have someone to watch the fireworks with (if there's any ...again), Were actually planning a post-Paskuhan gimmick and all. And were not going to Starcity for the nth time. It's just full of hassle. We wouldnt waste our money on 3 rides anymore. But I just hope we could think of a gimmick soon.

And my friend, I hope you could lend me or maybe help me have a copy of Harry Potters 1,2 and 3 movies. I saw movie 1 last night at GMA and I missed the little Harry, Ron and Hermione..

May big FOUR na! I hope Nene or Jayson wins!
have to go to class. Am guilty for not wanting to go,but I have to..argh!


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