Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm tired of my damned life..

I've had enough of waiting for interviewees who do not have the decency to even text na hindi sila pwedeng interviewhin. Sa mga pending articles ko, sa mga groupmates (yung iba lang naman) na hindi gumagawa ng projects and all that. And especially sakin na alam naman na 2 weeks nalang ang pasok, hindi pa rin kumikilos ng maayos for thesis, broadjourn, taxation, litcritic, sportsjourn and yeah, specialized writing pa pala.


Yun lang, nagrereklamo na naman ako sa pinasok ko diba? Pero for sure na sa sembreak, masaya na talaga buhay ko..nga ba?

Anyway, I'm really hating some people right now. Preferrably yung mga tao sa school ni MAma. Tatanungin ka kung may boyfriend ka na. Tapos pag sinabi mong wala, hindi naman maniniwala. Argh! HELLO! Big deal pa ba magka-boyfriend ngayon? Haven't you guys heard of GIRL POWER and being Miss Independent? Marami na kong problema noh! Wag na munang dagdagan.

Tapos pag sinabi mo naman na "Hanapan mo naman ako", ang isasagot nila, "Hindi hinahanap yun, kusang dumadating". At kelan ba may dumating naman. Pag may nakita kang potential hottie, titingnan ka lang. Sana man lang mag-hi or magpakilala diba?

Maybe I would die alone..nyarnyar

I dreamt of HIM last night. As in siya na naman. I thought na dahil nasa malayong place na sha, makakalimutan ko na siya, pero hindi, sa panaginip ko, bumalik sya for me. Not that it would really happen pero I hate having dreams like that. Makes you wanna think na magkatotoo then end up being disappointed, and worse, being stupid.

Have to go meet thesismates/ greatest friends ever. Kayo nalang ang reason why everytime I wake up, the whole world rocks!


beat me!


wala lang, nagpapacute lang..hehe

I've been scared this whole week. Am actually terrified of walking through our stairs because I'm always getting this creepy feeling that I would see the kid whose been possessed in the Exorcist Movie. We haven't finished watching it so I asked Malyn to go to our house tomorrow and both be scared. Just unwinding til everything gets so bloody at school.

So, kamusta naman ang mga projects diba? Have tons of pending paperworks and dinagdagan pa ni Maam Tuble. And she was hoping I would pass the paper on Monday, well I'm hoping with her too. Hope she'd move the deadline or something.

Thesis is halfway through,thank you very much. After this week would be the editing of segments in BroadJourn and I really must finish all the articles so we could layout the mag and send it to the printers on time. Its amazing how one week should be viewed as a one month's work for me.

And as a multi-tasker myself, I really should do everything on a daily basis. No afternoon naps on Saturday, only one movie a day, one telephone call, 1 set of meals.

And remember that when you're already facing the computer monitor, proceed immediately to Word or Pagemaker instead of clicking the accessories menu and heading to playing Solitaire or Freecell.

I'm beginning to be so dead...and tired.. and stuffed.


Saturday, September 24, 2005


I brought my laptop only to find out that Brent's not going to be using it.. oh well, life sucks..

Our class watched the VOLLEYBALL game of our profs this morning. I used my entire energy to cheer for them that I feel wasted right now. I can't even breathe anymore. Then went to SMSL with Mela. I was actually hoping to see my friends working there but didn't guess afternoon sked nila. And I was hoping they would carry my things. nyahaha..

I have tons to do this following weeks that I couldn't afford to stall anymore. Have to think of possibilities on how to write Sport-y articles and all. My only highest grade is on that Pacquiao column and it wouldn't do me a miracle to actually snag a higher grade. Must pray, must plead actually.

ooh, and for those who went to the seminar yesterday, I found the SUPERNATURAL website. DO click at the name.

gotta go to Ethics class, which I'm too sleepy to even be there. belch now.


oh, and if my lola haven't died yet, this day could've been her birthday. It still is actually.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Maam Marie brought Mr. Leo Katigbak, head of Studio 23, to have a talk this morning.

It was actuall great, having to be bibbo and all about the powerpoint presentation, the series that they're airing studio 23 and having to ask different questions about Big Brother, Gilmore Girls, Amazing Race, etc.

Then he also brought a series called "SUPERNATURAL" and it would start airing a studio 23 next year. It was good actually. Sobrang pilot episode paang, ibang level na talaga. And I enjoyed it because Jared Padalecki stars in it.

Image hosted by


I enjoyed Big Brother last night because finally! Chx was reprimanded to go near Sam.
Believe me, I was really psyched just seeing SAM to be with anyone than CHX.

At ibang level ang Rico, artista na. Was in Yes Yes Show last Night.

Im confused right now. ewan. May nakita kasi akong kakaiba eh. but anyway, I dont wanna think of possibilities whatsoever. I just needed to lie down for a while.

Thesis makes me berserk. ARGH!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I hate CHX and I would forever hate her!

Due to the consistent flirting of that b*tch to SAM, she was instructed to get off his back. I mean look at this guy!

Image hosted by

Napaka-heavenly kaya nya tingnan tapos mapupunta lang sya kay Chx? Hello? Mas maganda pa kaya si Nene sa kanya..

for more chuvaness, click here Pinoy Big Brother..

We finished the editing of our commercials last night, but there were problems for OUR segment so we really need to re-take or get another interviewee. I just hope my friend Malyn could help me find an interviewee. Ang hirap pala maging segment prod..

And for Sportsjourn, yeah! no interview yet. Still, nag-bu-bum pa rin kami ni Nina.. goodluck naman sa deadlines namin noh?

At mas goodluck pa si Sir Candido, may final project for Filipino na hindi pa niya iniinstruct, and its a magazine, for heaven's sake. Saang gold mine na naman ako maghahanap ng money for that project? I have nada account for everything you know?

I hate seeing myself reminiscing everytime I hear "Cool", so ito na nga ang theme song for the school year, and you know what? Ive never been happy like this in my entire life just hearing the song.

laging bigo
laging sawi sa pag-ibig
may balat nga ba ako sa pwet?
mabuti pa ang tindera sa aming kanto
tl..ang sweet nila ng kanyang nobyo
gusto ko lang maranasang umibig
tamaan ni kupido
gusto ko lang maranasan ang langit
tumibok muli ang puso ko

Tumatakbo ang oras naiiwan na akong panahon
Di na nagbago bawat araw
pare-parehoparang kahapon
May birthday cake ka nga
ngunit wala namang kandila
may christmas tree na malupet
wala naman dekorasyong pansabit
sadyang ganyan ang aking buhay
walang kasing tamlay
ayoko sanang tumandang nag-iisa

tatanggapin na lang ba
ang malupit na tadhana
o kaya'y tatanggapin na lang
na ako'y sadyang hindi pinagpala
tigilan na ang drama
punasan na ang luha

if some people are feeling this way, be my guest, but I have this new perspective na hindi naman talaga ko magiging old maid. Ha! you know why? dahil nakita ko na sya. I just have to see kung sya talaga. Hindi blind item to, basta. Tapos na pagiging drama queen. I just feel lucky to be alone now.

gotta go compute the thesis. Saya matatapos na hell week..



Monday, September 19, 2005

fluffy fluff!

silver-white dresses and blue satin sashes...

I watched two great classics yesterday, one a three-hour movie, the other a four-hour marathon. Just kidding!

1. The Sound of Music

shempre, there's a reason why I did watch the movie, first, we had the copy in DVD format and because I was again, feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't sing the way they did. And actually, it really did some encouragements for me, not to mention I was really singing the "I am sixteen, going on seventeen" song of Liesl.

And I researched some of them just now. Because I really adore little Gretl.

from here..
Image hosted by

to here..
Image hosted by

and some of them are old na pala talaga. I thought they look young pa or something kasi Julie Andrews, who played Maria, still looked fantastic pa.

2. Gone with the Wind
Image hosted by
ito talaga ang super classic. I haven't watched it before and includes an entrance song, interlude and all kaya sobrang 4-hour sya.

Vivien Leigh was so pretty, also, the fluffy dresses that she wore are so pretty. At ang ibang level, kahit naghihirap na sila sa movie, she could still afford to look sossy and all.

Image hosted by

ayan, so much for the not-so-long post and massive amount of pictures posted.
so, ayan, obvious na Bum day na naman yesterday, and I've got to be back on the real world again..


Sunday, September 18, 2005

salinggawi rules!!

Though I haven't been able to cheer for UST SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUPE today, I'm so freaking happy for all of them!

4-peat na kami!!!

And kahit na hindi kami nakapunta ni Nina, we faced a lot of adventures today.

First things first, dapat kasi we'd go to the UST Gym to get an ambush interview of the Baseball players, but to no avail, we just declared a BUM DAY. This time it's diff, kasi kahit bum day, we still planned it. (But we haven't followed them.)

Dapat 2pm, nasa Ab na kami, then after cheering, we'd go to SM San Lazaro for the Docufest.

At quarter to one, we sat at the AB lobby to watch the cheering but them hordes of students blocked our view so Nina decided to go out and look for a TV set, one in some carinderia's outside the campus.

Luckily, the eatery that we often go to has a TV set and were the only ones there.

We picked good ones, but still, Salinggawi's the best. Eh sobrang nahiya na kami dun sa owners kaya we just went back to AB after La Salle's performance. At shempre para kung manalo nga ang USTe, todong school spirit with all the people being united chuva.

So yun, 3rd place FEU, 2nd UP, and for the fourth time, UST won!

....I so love my school, I really wish that after we graduate, I could also come to live competitions just like the alumni does..

Eh, pa-loser sa tagal yung Cheering Competition so hindi na kami nakapunta sa Docufest. Sayang talaga!

but SNAP CLAPS for all of them!!!

Image hosted by

Saturday, September 17, 2005

2nd post for the day

wahehe, I just got a free internet connection today again.

Just went from the serials' section of the library when I asked Brent to help me get my next report for my Commtheory Class. After that, we noticed that there were 2 empty seats here at the Relion section so lo and behold, were now power tripping here.

Anyway, I got tired waiting for Mela to upload the pictures so I guess I'll just see them later. Well, those were the ones I took during the ABS-CBN Studio tour and 2 of them were the Big Brother House. I really insisted on taking a look at the house because I'm adore the house, the show and the works..

eto na lang pic na to ipopost ko..


Tenchu kay Atoy! ( snap claps for him!) for scanning the long-awaited pic. Ooh, I can't believe that in a few months, we'll be marching at the PICC na. But anyway, we still have to PASS Maam Rivera's class of course. Because right now, isa sya sa maraming problemang dumadating sa kasagabalan ng Senior Year namin. Yup! Senior na ko.. Anyone dare to comment on that?

While were still dreading for the Literary Criticism, (which by the way, mukhang yung mga papers na naman namin ang magkakaroon ng criticisms from Maam Rivera), weve been so busy with the MAJORS-- Broadjourn and Sportjourn.. And guess what? Baseball magazine doesn't seem to fit me in their taste. I really can't write anything sport-y.. Let alone writing anything sports column-y. I just wish I didn't blow my commentary on the Manny Pacquiao column or he would definitely punch my ass up to the air.

jesse bradford

Watched Bring It On last night. Jesse Bradford is such a hottie. I mean, that movie was shown year 2000 and he still looked hot.

Back to being senti, I guess Im npot like this anymore..

Image hosted by

Got this from Postsecrets and I was just like this person few months ago. I guess I've been really determined to move on but I'm scared to be alone as well.

I saw my diaries last night and read them all. From being shallow to being twenty, I guess I pretty grown well. That I was able to keep myself from dangerous people, I befriended the greatests friends that I would really treasure for a lifetime. And with relationships, I'm pretty sure that I met the best people in this world. And although I haven't seen the person who would sweep me off my feet, I'm still glad to be here, still standing and hoping.

....But I really wish I wouldn't wait that long.

....And I really wish he's not seeing anyone yet.
.....And do pray that my mom would let him be my boyfriend one day. =)

We'll go cheering for the Salinggawi cheering squad tomorrow for the CheerDAnce Competition. Yay! so excited!
eto result muna ng quizzie.

Your Ideal Relationship is Friends Only
Honestly, you're not really ready for a relationship right now.And you prefer to keep things platonic, for now.That's not to say that one of your friends could be dating material.You're just taking a break for now.

Hahaaha! Pang-friends lang muna ko. I guess have to sort the other priorities muna.

BTW, 2 days na kaming walang afternoon class. Im so psyched not having Filipino and Ethics. It's just that I keep on stressing myself everyday. Plus there are other things that I really wanted to do. (Besides sleeping and watching PiNoy Big Brother!)

Mela would upload our pics later. Am actually waiting for it right now so I could also post them.. (^-^)

gotta go check on the essentials =)

Friday, September 16, 2005

recovering from past incidents

ohuhey.. I finally had the chance to blog.. Ive been so busy that I havent had time to go online the whole week. so here goes...

Though I still believe I deserve to enter the finals round of the kABog, I finally managed to slowly get over it. I mean, its just one contest and besides, I don't want to mourn for it again. Guess it would lead me to even more opportunities. Sasali talaga ko ng Star in a Million pagka-graduate ko! harharhar!

ANYWAY, we finally did the commercial and the interview shoot for our Broadjourn finals last Saturday and Tuesday. It was loads of fun. I can't wait to see the final products of our labor..hehe.. It's also nice seeing Brent be "bakya" for once.. Kidding!

Yesterday, I fulfilled my lifelong dream.. hehe, just kidding. You see, I have my own version of dreamland, and its not a place where there are lots of candies or anything of that sort. Actually, my dreamland is the ABS-CBN studio.. I guess its so petty or something but I have this hopes of working there in a few years.

So anyway, we went first to the Big Brother House.. Not part of the tour or anything but I just wanna see it because I've been really hooked to the program. So I really made sure to see it before the actual tour starts.

Pinoy Big Brother Cast

At 3:30 or during that hour, we finally went inside the studio, taking pictures of the sets of Game Ka na Ba?, TV pAtrol World and Insider, ANC and Wowowee.. Then saw different celebs like YA Chang, John Pratts, Mel Feliciano, Ces Drilon, Joseph Bitangcol, Edgar Mortiz and the twins from SCQ2..

We also went to the Technical Operations and all that. Just felt bad that we weren't able to watch the tapings and stuff. Or we didn't see Piolo Pascual anywhere..hehe

HAve to run my other commitments.. Gotcha!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

post birthday ramblings

My birthday was both a blast and a not-so-good blast this year, but at the end of the day, everything was all worthwhile.

Last Saturady, I was blaring to the whole class that they should have gotten another candidate for the AB Songfest because I think I screwed it up. Another thing, I felt sad when my mom didn't even tell me to go to our house in Nova to celebrate. In other words, I felt so useless, alone, and incapable of doing anything right, a number one freak and a pain in everyone's ass.

So the eve of my birthday comes and Ive been watching feel good movies of Ben Stiller so I could laugh the whole night and forget that I don't have a family to spend my birthday with. Instead of being giddy, Ive drowned myself to self-pity and frustrations in life, singing a happy birthday song in my head.

I'm just glad that some of my friends greeted me when midnight struck.
Then came morning, I have been receiving text messages from people already. Still no text message from my mother, and I could only afford to reply to people that has Sun Sims because I haven't got any money due to the shopping spree to Quiapo with Mela to celebrate my last day of being a teen after the Saturday class.

Finally, my brother texted me to go there at Nova because my Tita Sol's been expecting me since yesterday. So then, I went and found my mom lying on the couch, no celebration for me whatsoever. And Im seriously starting to weep at that instance.

Still, no other family came, I saw my other tita on the way there but turned out that my cousin's sick so they couldn’t come to our house. Good thing my Tita Sol never failed me. I'm just relieved to see her.

After getting ready to go back to our house here in Tondo, I received a GLORIOUS (I really mean it) text message from an unknown number and says:

CONGRATS! u r part of kABog circle of 25! We wil be having a miting on Monday. Pls. Be at ABSC office ng 11 or 3 pm. Tnx.

And I'm telling you, instead of being sad and stupid at the previous times, that text message made it all worth it!

At first, I went like "oh my God, most have really sucked!" Ok, I'm being mean already. But you see, personally, I think I really did suck too.. I never thought that my knees would go shake again. I mean like, I have been doing interviews with few established names – Mariz Umali, Mayor Libunao, accompanied Nina to the Senate and saw (face to face) the senators but I wasn't tense at those times. And I have sung at 2 debuts (and Nina's debut was in World Trade pa! And I didn't know half of the people who were listening pa, and sang recently at a wedding (where duh! I didn't gaffe and some people even complimented that I should keep it up because I have an excellent voice). I feel as if I was betrayed by my previous problem, which is yeah, STAGE FRIGHT. I mean, when I told my MOM that I felt that way, she analyzed the problem and said:

"Ano ba yan, siguro kasi may judges, pero hello! Kumakanta ka sa debut, sa kasal pero yan lang natakot ka na? Hindi ka pang-contest, pang-guestings ka lang. Hindi ka na pala namin isasali sa contests kung dyan nga lang sa school niyo kinakabahan ka na. Dapat kasi nag-Center for Pop ka muna"

so I replied:

" Hindi pwede! May vow pa ko na after graduation ko, sasali ako ng singing contests. Gusto ko manalo ng house and lot, one million at kotse. Basta!"

but at the back of my mind:

"You cant let me feel worse! Kaya kong sumikat. Ipapakita ko sayo! Argh!"

but of course, that was before I got the text message. So I PROMISE to do well on the semifinals. So knee-shaking anymore! No no no no no!

Thanks to the following people:

Erin- for the earliest birthday greeting via email!

Mela- for the greatest gift ever! And for going with me to Quiapo. I really had a great time though it was raining. And I loved the earrings that we bought. Ang cool, balik tayo ulit dun! At ibang level ang countdown mo!

Nina- for being there sa elimination and sa September Candymag. You're really a great friend a girl could ever have. Better than Candymag! Luvyah girl! Hehehe.

Bubut- for calling me nung gabi pa lang. Lab talaga kita. Hugs and kisses kay Baby Googoo!

Twin Kaiz- Halatang happy ang bertday mo. May papa pang kasama..hehe.

Princess Michi, Daisy- for greeting me through text nung midnight pa lang.

Yan- Birthday mo ngayon! Happy birthday!
Trixie- Thanks talaga girl!
Jama and Adeth- you're both great! Gosh, I feel as if it's a heavy duty for me to be an important person to you guys. Hehe, joke.
Ruby- sa magandang morning quote at greeting!
Jopsie- Ibang level, ako ang youngest 20? Mukha nga.hehe
Ate Lorie- Mis na kita. Thanks!
Anne Quizon- isa pa, miss na din kita. Hope mag-bonding ulit tayo just like we were still kids.
Patrick- Thanks. Akala ko hindi ka na mag-gi-greet. I know, I referred you sa isang nightmare na pabalik-balik in my sleep but I'm just kidding. Please thank your mom for me.
Bes Jonnah- Hindi daw nya nakalimutan! Kung hindi lang ako nagtext sayo baka hindi mo rin naalala. Joke.
Iye- honored to be the birthday girl.hehe
Ninya- Salamat sa pagkanta ng happy birthday sa text. Sana’y sa susunod, may manghaharana na sakin ng happy birthday from you..hehe
Maro- Akala ko hindi mo na maaalala. Thanks gurl!
Ghie- textmate! Thanks. Songfest coming up!
Jackie- ang anak ko na nagwish na magkaroon na sya ng matinong tatay! Mahal kita!
Tita Lucy and Ate Lory- Thanks a lot!
Arthur- Ibang level ka din. Last greeting of the day! Sana'y maging masaya ka din sa lovelife. Hehehe

Tampo sa Xzeno. Si Yan lang ang bumati. Mabuhay ka YAn yan! Mahal kita..happy birthday din seo! hehehe..Kayo! Iti-treat niyo ko kala nyu! (^___^)

Sa mga 4journ1 nung Saturday! Mahal ko kayo! Mahal ko din si Sir Chua! (^________^)

Sa mga hindi ko napasalamatan, Tenchu din! AYABYU ALL!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Counting my blessings

In a few hours, I'll be turning TWENTY already. I'm a bit excited and all but I'm neither frightened of anything nor conscious of my age, unlike Brent whom at his last birthday made a fuss on how he's going to turn 20 already or something like that.

So anyway, I still feel that its a big deal to finally count what Ive earned, lessons that Ive encountered for the past 19 years. Let's just see how much I could afford to scribble.


*Ive been blessed with an almost perfect family. Since the day I was born, I was never ever deprived of my childhood. My dad would buy me gifts and although he couldn't always be there for me, I finally learned that he did all that for us. And sometimes, I would get mad at my mom for being strict but then she still show us how she cares for us.

*I made a whole lot of friends during elementary, high school and especially now that I'm in college. And luckily, the ones from my childhood are still there for me.

*I've been able to experience the feeling of love and be loved. I had good and not-so-good boyfriends, I had dates (although shempre patago!) and never did I pay once for a date. I dont know if I'm just lucky or something but at least I didn't look like desperate for a date or something.

*Everytime something bad would happen, my instincts would tell me the right things to do. And I never underestimate my power towards that feeling.

*I've been to a lot of places already, attended plays, visited lots of museums, watched movies, and made music a big part of my life.

*I've been blessed with a voice that is fair enough for me to call a talent. And it amazed a lot of people already.

*My parents let me take the course and school I'm attending now. They have been supportive although we all know that writing is a tough profession to be in.

*Although there are tough times, I was still able to make up for it.

*I've been able to read a lot of books since I was young. And my mom encourages me to do so. From fairy tales to Sweet Valley, Archie comics and now, novels

*The feeling that I could always count on my friends and would stay with me in good or bad times.

*That even though I had this addiction on Candymags, my mom never burned a single copy of it.

*When I refuse or wanted to cry but feel as if I cannot, the sky would always cry for me.

*Even if there are a lot of pressures in this world, I could be able to relax watching movies with friends or with my family.

*That I finally believed in the phrase "TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS"

*I've been able to meet popular personalities, people who are not famous but has a lot to offer, and ordinary people who would forever change my life and my perspective.

*Although I have been turned down by a lot of people or have been accused of things that I'm not really capable of doing, I would always stay strong and believe in myself.

*God gave me lots of confidence to be what I really want.

*I was never hated by anyone unless its necessary. Anyway, I don't have anything to hide or they couldn't expose something from me naman.

*I was never forced to do anything I oppose to.

*And lastly, for the years that Ive been loved, though of, cared. Because that made me the person I am now.

To my childhood friends -- Alydee, Vangie, Madel, Abi, Pen, Myla, Raymond, Mel, Jack, Jovie, Mitos, Anne, Joy, Juvi, Shasha, Margaret

To my elementary friends--Ninya, Iye, Tessa, Sason, Kim, Vanessa, Rica, Mike, Reyland, JP, Dyan, Pauline, Stefan (happy birthday din!), Eldie, Karina, Edrei, etc.

To my high school friends --Sis, Malyn, April, Jackie, Andrea, Lovely Joy, Maro, Jeptha, Pre, Rona, Bevs, Ina, Michelle,

Ang mga love na love kong Xzenophillia Quixotics -- Shang, Eden, Jen, Wy, Jhile, Jheng, Bien, Yan, Riza, Kaye, Ann, Chet, Vaneng, Tats, Tin, Jeisen, Jayson, Julborn, JN,etc.

Shempre, the people that I'm with right now -- Karmela, Jops, Brent, Nina, Schuy, Jam, Badet, Erin, Princess Michi, Twin Kaiz (Happy Birthday!), Daisy, Earlie,and the rest of 4JOURN1 and other college friends, NSTP Friends, etc. We rock!!!

Sa mga nagpaiyak sakin na mga hinayupak na lalaki, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

My elementary Bes Jonnah

My bezzie BUBUT
And to all the people that have been a part of my life.

Oh diba? Thank you to the max ito. Birthday ko naman, pagbigyan na ko.

I still cant believe I'm turning 20. Sorry, hindi naman po kasi halata eh.

BTW, I sang for KABOG- AB SONGFEST today. I can't believe I sucked. I mean, Im used to debuts and weddings but I never saw this coming. Not for at least a few months. My knees went shaking the whole time I was singing. I let my 4Journ1 down. And now I feel as if im not born for it anymore..=(

But I'll be okay i guess..

Gracias y'all! =)

Friday, September 02, 2005

que horrible!

I just got my gradpic today. I mean the copy of the pictures and I certainly looked awful. And I hate it that much, I wanna copy JAM's reaction when she got her gradpic!


Nakakainis talaga kasi (I believe) I've always been photogenic of some sort. I mean, kahit papaano naman, tuwing nagpapapicture ako, hindi ako nagugulat sa mga lumalabas, instead, I would always be astounded because either cute (daw) ako or sobrang naging pretty ako na minsan hindi ko alam na ako pala yung pinicture-an. Pero this time, argh talaga! Di na ko papakuha ng picture sa Red Images. Kahit pa mababait sila.

I feel as if Studio 23 is my bestfriend. You see, before my birthday comes, like on Saturday, Gilmore Girls season5 will start. And Im psyched to see it.

And BTW, Elimination Round for AB songfest will be on Saturday too. Im nervous coz its my first time to join a singing contest. Alone, I mean.

So yun, countdown ulit? nya, no way. basta Im gonna post something before I turn twenty on Sunday.. hehehe..

gotta go!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

and then there was light

Finally, it is over. And the funny thing is, Ive suspected someone who isnt even capable of doing it. And Ive already said sorry to her. That's the least thing I could do for saying nasty things to her.

So anyway, I was late again for our meeting. It's very unbecoming of me. When I was in high school, I would always loathe anyone late is our class. That Im used to waiting that being waited at. Now, circumstances have changed and my friends would be mad at me for being the person to be waited at. And Im hating myself right now.

And yeah, it's all my fault because I havent done anything yesterday. I just watched movies. You know why?

Last Sunday, my dad went abroad again. And because we had all the time after the plane took off, My Mom, Lester and I went to Baclaran. After going to Church, we strolled upon the dozen tiangges and footwear shops around. And after that, I saw this DVD Heaven Shop but costs too much that the ones in Quiapo. So I just begged my Mom to go to Avenida the following day.

So Monday comes, and there are no classes due to a holiday, we went to some places then after, went straight to Avenida. Ok, piracy movieland is in front of my eyes so I splurged already.

Then I saw this one stall that says:

"DVD 3 for 100"

I went then and there, saw the most priceless movies I havent watched yet.

1. The Phantom of the Opera
2. The Phantom of the Opera 80's version
3. Gone with the Wind
4. The Sound of Music
5. Legally Blonde
6. Legally Blonde 2
7. Miss Congeniality
8. Miss Congeniality: Armed and fabulous
9. Bridget Jones
10. Bridget Jones Edge of Reason
11. The Forgotten
12. Hotel Rwanda

Ang dami diba? Actually, 3 for 100 na, yung isang DVD would have at least 4 or 6 movies in one copy. Next, I would buy the horror thingie. HAHA! Possible Movie Marathon coming up.
And I guess it would be an early present for me since my birthday's coming up in a few days. I'll be turning 20!

No need to buy me anything fancy, its the thought that counts..nyahaha..Im kidding..=)

And Im counting the days already.. 4 days nalang actually..=)


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