Sunday, March 27, 2005


my new bezzie is my cam..and being vain doesnt stop here..








back again..

I'm finally back in the cyberworld.. Im so excited to start OJT..i just hope I'd get accepted in Summit far,ive passed four resume.. Jops and I went to People's Journal, Manila Times,Summit Media and Mega Publications last Tuesday.. I wish!!!

Aside from being a bum this week,I have plans to go to Baclaran on Wednesday to pray for my second sem grade results.. I could only wish that again,I would be lucky pass all my subjects especially my Political Dynamics class...

I wanna go to a beach this summer.. At least before I could start my internship.. I'm tired of sleeping 12 hours a day..I guess nasanay ako sa puyatan nung finals..Tapos si deejay,nagpapakasarap ngayon sa Baguio.. At nang-inggit pa..

I just wish I could find a summer love this time..
Happy vacation peeps! =)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

finals over

after a very loooooooong week of finals and photojourn layouting...after all the sleepless nights..(and i really mean sleepless!) and for the whole "reyna ng sablay thing", im really glad that this sem's over.. no more senora ferrer, no more plates and seeking for subjects and models, no more trillana readings (hope i wont fail..i need your prayers that badly!), and i dont have to force myself to wake up early every morning!

life is sooo good!

schuy and i finished printing the calendar this morning..all 3jrn1 groups got a whopping 100% for ALL the plates!but im really nervous about Political Dynamics..i dont wanna fail his subject because---

1. i now hate politics because of the officials sit on their chairs, making their asses hot.
2. i hate having summer classes due to the OJT and other extra curricular activities during the break.
3. i dont wanna read another freaking "thousand pages" of lessons.
4. i wanna live my life enjoying my 4th year and doing other stuffs.
5. i hate back subjects.
6. i dont wanna see sir trillana anymore.
7. my mom would kill me..

goodbye world!

well, brent, mela and i are here at SM MAnila and taking a night out..night na anyway, we watched SHAOLIN vs. EVIL DEAD.. it was so matrix-like and the movie was superb..(mama..mama..)

i really hope that there's a sequel coz i really feel bitin.

finally! class has ended..have to watch my weight and other stuff from now on..


Thursday, March 10, 2005

drama queen

"Porke't ba pinili ka, ibig sabihin ikaw na ang mahal? Eh paano kung iba ang naririnig ko sa tibok ng puso niya, at iba ang nakikita ko sa mga mata niya?Kailangan pa rin ba kong maniwala sa pinanghahawakan kong ako ang pinili?"

ok.. this is kinda edited, but I got it from HIRAM, the other night. I kinda felt sad after hearing this because I believe it is true. I have been a sucker for romance. And I actually believe in happy endings, I'm no princess, but I strive to be in my own little way.

I guess Im still hooked on my relationship with STARFISH.. I think of him once in a while but the pain isn't there anymore. If I were to make it literally, there are bruises all over me, but they're just there to remind me that I once loved and got loved. Sometimes, I would contemplate if he really loved me. If all he said was true. The fact that we had a great connection wouldn't prove how great his love for me is. Like the line above, I am the present woman, but I didn't really feel that way. I guess there's something that holds him back towards loving me.I was swayed by the fantasy that he put me in that I didn't recognize that it was all a game.But that made me stronger, I guess. Whatever my position is, Im just glad I had a chance to love him.. So thanks for everything, although you hurted me so much..

And if I could heal one's heart, I would probably heal Carmela's.She held her past relationship too tightly.. That she never saw her own shadow finally leaving her.. I know I'm not her sister but I care for her so much.. She would often overreact, and please don't get mad, but sometimes I get tired of it.. But whenever I put myself on her position, and the position Im in right now, I know it really hurts.. Although you tell yourself that life goes on, it would be incomplete.. Sometimes, I wish my friends would be just like Barbie's.. If one part is broken, you could still put it back and never saw that it was once ripped.. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to ease whatever pain she is right now, but I want to believe that it would also fade away..Im hoping for the best..And I hope she realizes that Jayson isn't good enough for her..I just wish Starfish hurted me so much for me to hate him and dump him for good..Im actually wishing to hear news that he and Ms. Mahal got back together.. maybe then, it would just be easy to really forget him.. But I'm not placed here to see the situation.. Im here to actually fix my life and stand up again..Though Mr. Right isn't here yet, I would still try to wait for him.. As for Carmela, I know he'd come to you soon..You just have to believe that he will seek for you..=)

Oh well, soap opera time's over..But it's so ironic that even in real life, soap opera stories still do exist..

blogging on

havent blogged for a while na..its just so freaking busy nowadays..i even dont have time for myself anymore..

anyway, these are our new babies..i just took a pic of them..dunno why i did..


i havent any OJT yet..i just passed my resume at SUMMIT media coz i really wanted to work at candymag..i just hope id get accpeted because if anyone deserves it, it would be me..hehehe..i just believe that im the ultimate candy girl..

last night, our photoshoot for the photojourn class is already through..we just have to organize the pics and try to layout them..i loved the one with the rabbits and carmela's pic..OMG, ang cool na pala ng blog ni mela..check out:


well, have to go back to the real world, where thesis and poldy reading exists..tata!

Friday, March 04, 2005

chaos in 3jrn1

francis_sandy ----->>>>ang bagong addiction!!!

in fairness, sobrang dami talaga ng nangyayari sa 3jrn1..good thing natapos lahat-lahat..

i feel too tamad to move..although i already finished my "story" for lit last night, there's more work to do:

1.reading 22 for poldy..the heck with it..2 rounds of recitati0n later.hope i could pass, i couldnt take deficiencies anymore.if i would, then i'll just have to die.

2. photojourn calendar- yup, finals na naman.gastos na naman. i chose to be in the layout dept. since im not that good in taking pictures..i'll just leave it with those who have the lucky hand.i'll just try to unleashe my "artistic" side.

3.talumpati for filipino.LOVE: FEELING O OBLIGASYON. i myself am surprised why i ever picked this not good at relationships, im not good at love either.and that's why i named myself "LOSER OF THE MONTH". no one ever notices me or men dont care if i sing well. all they see is a 4'11 kid, and does nothing but blabber everyday. i feel sucky right now.

4.spanish, spanish,spanish. the subject that pisses me and makes me stressed at the same time.well, its not the subject per se.its the prof actually.


i decided to check my mail..yep, 177 messages..flooded ba? gawa yan ng yahoogroups sa buhay namin lahat. eh kung kay brent titingnan natin?----huwaat? 3 million unread messages?
ok im overreacting..hehe..peace tau brent..nawa'y wala ng palpitations of that sort..

carmela also brought this news that ER's already in Oklahoma. sad sad sad for her. we just bought rabbits in Arranque market and named the pair "ER and Angela". cute huh?

also i wanna greet my elementary bezzie JONNAH LOU BERNAL a very happy birthday today..hope you could read this post! love yah!

sobrang na-excite din ako coz AMAZING RACE 7 started rooting for mother and son --susan and patrick..walang violent reactions.i just want them to win..FYI: that PAtrick is gay noh!=)

watched LOVERS IN PARIS before going to class. =) 'nuff said. u see, im really that addicted!
its just 9am but am already tired. pls wish me luck on my POLDY grade. i feel bad about it..i really do. :(



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