Monday, January 31, 2005

farewell lovers

farewell lovers
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ang ganda ni vivian! ang lupet!


Sunday, January 30, 2005

going back to home going to nova today

'nuff said

i have so many things to do..but seems like it isnt really enough brain's not functioning well. i have difficulties writing a haiku. And my xzeno friends are affected by all these changes.

yeah, i really miss my high school friends because i couldn't find enough time for them. good thing shang dragged me yesterday to go to sm and bolt out in the KTV..

i had fun actually, but what pissed me was when the people from the other rooms tried copying our list of songs. hello? there are like thousands out there..geez, this is the only "me" time these days but i ended up being angry. what the ****!

but i cant really blame them, our songs were good, and for the finale, TELL HIM by Celine Dion and Mrs. Focker herself- Barbara Streisand..and im proud to say na hindi na nila kinaya yun, they looked for another songs na!wahahaha!

all's well that ends well

have to go catch up my next class..and go to nova with ate obry...soon, she'll be back to iloilo again..= (

Saturday, January 29, 2005

carlo cutie

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lovers in paris ended yesterday..huhuhu..but got hold of this carlo pic too!its soooo cute, isnt it?


Friday, January 28, 2005

the sassy sassy me

my sassy girl
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finished our photojourn in a snap..haay, im so relieved..all we have to do is that stupid film review, our TMAs and eventually try to go to nova this life is so hectic, but im happy that we got high scores on our thesis draft and not rewrite it over again..

i also got a sun cellular sim already..giselle's been bugging me to buy one and i was so excited to use it..and even forced brent to buy one too coz its 2 simpacks per person..good thing that his honey's already a sun subscriber..

and anyway, lovers in paris ended i dont have to shut my mouth anymore by giving them spoilers..c mama kasi ung nag-spill sa kin ng ending noh!

i miss someone right now..i just wish he'd realize that im the girl for him..haay, lovelife sucks talaga..

bye bye!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

cutie pic

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im so ecstatic that i saw this vivian avatar..hehe...

rory's idol

because of sir javier's docu-film, i saw how Christiane amanpour looks like..

its not that i always suck at names but you have to understand that in my planet, there isnt any CNN in it, so its my first time to look at her...on TV

all ive heard is that she's a journalist, which Rory Gilmore- my ultimate Gilmore girls character- idolizes and looks up to since she was a kid..and because of her, she took journalism classes in yale.. but anyway, Ms.Amanpour thought that being a journalists involves too much fun, adventure, chances to travel around the world and all that glamorous stuffs but afterwards, she discovered that it wasnt glamorous at all,and it isnt fun to begin with..well, sir cuartero also told that before to our class.. and i guess, now that were still the "lowly" students, it really isnt that fun..

but im still happy to be here in journ..i really am!!=)

*yesterday, we went to see "Meet The Fockers" coz its nina's birthday..well, BArbara Streisand doesnt feel like her at all there..instead of a singer, she was a sex therapist..and i loved little jack..he was so cute!


and we have another plate for sir javier's photojourn class where we'll look for themes with the 7 capital sins..and still have to review for POL DY prelims, hopefully meet jonnah lou tomorrow (desperate times call for desperate measures!) and go to nova with ate obry after her board exams..hope she'll pass

and hopefully, i could get over this week!ciao!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

happy times

im so happy that i could finally get the top that i won in candymag!!!!

and im so happy that chapter 2 of our thesis is over...

and im much happier that i finally got the guts to say gudbye to starfish...

and im hoping that mr. right would come now...

but anyway, i still have to review for my going to candymag office now!!!im soooo ecstatic...=)

Sunday, January 16, 2005


sometimes...i feel like i dont know myself..

ive been relying to my friends' reaction about me..but im not being to submissive yet..i just feel frustrated of the tons of work to do..and it isnt work yet..just an intro to the mind-boggling world of THESIS MAKING...

and i found out this afternoon in candymag that i just won a shirt from a contest i entered last november..too bad i couldn't take it coz the deadline of claiming is today..which by the way, really sucks coz its the first time that ive won something from my favorite mag...

and ive been missing someone lately..i wish he'd call...and im glad that its not starfish anymore.. ;)

and i know i shouldnt turn him into "MY WORLD" too..coz if he doesnt feel the same way, i'd be too crushed..

Monday, January 10, 2005

sensya na..vain talaga ko...AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!....ang cute kc ng photoshop! Posted by Hello

took a pic last nyt..may stars na sory!hehehe.. isnt t cute? Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

ayaw na ng spanish


siguro before, it was cool but the second was purely torture..our "Senora" wanted us to translate every article she sees about spanish..and hello? 2005 na, who would still speak spanish, eh matagal ng wala ung spanish colony sa philippines..well, i'm not against it or anything but im tired siguro dahil sa prof namin na tuwing mag-sspanish na lang eh minamigraine ako..loads...i mean loads pa ang assignments na binibigay niya sa'min..grrh..

pero its actually cool to learn a new language..lalo na kung maiintindihan ko ung movies ni diego luna..heehee...

or maybe im just frustrated coz i have to study POLDY for later..hello? journ kaya course ko..i feel tired..but i have to move on..=)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


finally i was able to post again...

had a nice first day of the new year last saturday... my lola thought na kaming dalawa lang ang magnu-new year coz my parents arent home yet, but dumating na rin finally.. well, medyo naguluhan ako sa text ni starfish---na hanggang ngayon eh "stuck" pa rin ako..but anyway, i wanted to let go of him na so we can both go on with our lives..wag lang syang mapunta kay ms.mahal...or kung sila na nga, ok rin lang.. so yun, 1pm palang, there were inconsiderate people na naghahagis na ng fireworks kung di naman ako if you cant beat them, join them... inopen ko ung dvd, ung amplifier,ung tv tsaka my handy dandy videoke CDs.. and yes, lahat sila biningi ko kakakanta ng its all coming back,to love you more, take my breath away, etc...but still the fireworks didnt much for my great plan!

and all over the vacation, super movie marathon ako...
the terminal, stepford wives,how to lose a guy in 10 days, chiangking express, lavender, down with love, raising helen, scary movie 3 and ended last night with Woman on top... and by the way, i'm all smiles =)

and we watched SO HAPPY TOGETHER na pala..cutie...shempre nandun c cogie ko..=)

----ang sarap ng xmas vacation..parang lahat happy..well, some were happy..but im happy and thankful dahil na-enjoy ko xia with my family and friends than to stress out on a boyfriend...though im still hoping...

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Monday, January 03, 2005

lovers in paris Posted by Hello

lovers in paris mania

pretty pretty vivian..can you believe this? ang ganda nya talaga dito.. Posted by Hello


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